Eihi Shiina

Eihi Shiina

One of the best Japanese movies I ever saw was Audition (Γ”dishon). A romantic-horror-cult film from director Takashi Miike. I really liked Eihi Shiina who played the disturbed girl Asami. All I could find about her was that she was born 3 February 1976 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She did star in 5 other movies after her debut in 1999, but again, not a lot of info. A Google image search only gets you a few different images (mostly the movie poster), and they are all in the image above.

Does anyone know a bit more about this Japanese beauty? (And then I don’t mean the fact that she recently had dinner with this guy πŸ˜‰ scroll a few pics down)

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  1. seriously – watch it on empty stomach. it’s NOT a movie you want to see again. on the other hand, you remember it for rest of your life.

  2. Hi Folks,
    I am new to this site, now a member…what prompted me to join is the absolute lack of any information on Eihi Shiina, who I saw in audition. I do not watch this movie, I study it. I am a hard core movie buff…I think that this Audition is the creepiest horror film of em’all….But who is this ‘Eihi Shiina’…..Her performance is nothing short of brilliant, faboulous….this is quite a great production…a real masterpiece. NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>I read that there is no info about her………….I have about 20 photos of Eihi as a mannequin!!!!!!! I believe they are of her. Tese pictures are also creepy, and I look at them deeply. If it is allowed, i will post them or send them to other members……let me know……….And oh yeah…..I am not dead yet……there are somefantastic looking women on this site….long live female beauty.

  3. Hi Robin,
    thanks for the info. i will try to post these photos ASAP…I have been going thru the internet about this subject,Audition & ES more than any item. I too have found nearly nothing. I found a idol/worship site….strange…I can post it…ES likes tarot cards & walks…quit modeling suddenly…Question…do you know why she quit acting? and do you know what the piano song played by the old man/ballet teacher is…I’ve heard it a million times, but can’t recall the name. I will work on the mannequin pictures…I hope that they are of her. Very intense & strange & beautiful…………..

  4. Don’t know any more then I posted here… You can post the link here if you want. Maybe you should e-mail the guy she had dinner with… Last link in the posting.

  5. The pictures of Eihi Shiina in mannequin form are posted on the Yahoo site above. I believe these pictures are genuine, but not positive…I have a total of 24 pictures, will be happy to E-Mail them all to any one

  6. Like I said, lots of Google searching, and I stumbled upon a girl in Canada who said that they were of Eihi Shiina, and that these were scarce……I am not in touch with her, but I think they are genuine….does anyone know what pictures are in the book by ES ‘Ho Filter, Only Eyes’ I believe that in these pictures the front of her head is shaved…other pictures show piercings along her lip….it seems to fit her style as an artist…..Yeah, I want to know more about her………………………….

  7. To those interested, I have poated the remaining mannequin pictures of Eihi Shiina on the Yahoo site above. I would like to find out something about her, but there just seems to be nothing. She wrote a book, No Filter, Only Eyes, There is nothing even on E-Bay. THis search is simply the eerie, haunting, shocking performance she gives in ‘Audition’. It just makes me very interested to look around, but almost nothing! That in it’s self is spooky, perhaps…

  8. Hi Homeless Bum, me too i adore Eihi. There is almost nothing to find about her on google. Are the pics still posted, the link doesn’t work anymore?

  9. So now it’s over 2 years later. I saw Audition for the first time last week and I’ve begin my own fruitless search for Eihi Shiina pics/information.

    I swear, an Eihi Shiina obsession is like having a pirate map with an X on it, where hundreds of people have searched for the X and none have found it. That makes Eihi even cooler.

    What’s the deal? She’s been in 9 movies, was a well-known model, has written a book (which I also can’t find), and I -think- has directed a movie. Yet there’s almost nothing about her online except for info about Audition and a little about Tokyo Gore Police. She’s almost as mysterious as Asami was (Who I’d have also dated in 2 seconds, crazy or not πŸ™‚ )

    I can’t wait to see Tokyo Gore Police. Never thought I’d write a line like that, but there you go.

    If anyone has anything about Eihi Shiina, please share!!!

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