Yen Yinling – Revisited

Yen Yinling

I happened upon beautiful Yen Yinling recently and thought I’d be bringing a new face to Asian Sirens. But while researching her, I discovered that our own Marco featured her already back in 2001. Here is an excerpt from Marco’s original Yinling writeup.

Yen Yinling – Model, vocalist, actress, and writer – was born on February 15, 1976 in Taipei (Taiwan) and became known as “Yinling of Joytoy”. She made her debut in November 1996 when she appeared in Playboy Weekly. About one year later she started her own comic series called “Joytoy: Pleasure Toy”. Yinling appeared in many magazines and movies but became really popular in January 1999 with her comic series “Gun Dragon”.

You can enjoy a few more sexy pics of Yinling if you click on

Yen Yinling

Yen Yinling

Yen Yinling

Yen Yinling

Yen Yinling

Links for Yen Yinling

Yinling’s JoyToy Page
Yinling’s 2001 Asian-Sirens Writeup

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0 thoughts on “Yen Yinling – Revisited”

  1. Thanks NorthMan! I agree a lot of her photos are quite sexy, and I also think she’s very cute. I also like the fact that she’s not afraid to express her political opinions e.g. “die crazy Bush die!” ;-).

  2. I have always been a fan of Yinling since I first found out about her through Marco’s Asian Sirens writeup about her. She was on my list of models to feature as well back when I was blogging for Asian Sirens but I never got around to it before I decided to leave so it is good to see NorthMan featuring her.

    Yinling certainly has a variety of different looks. For instance, I wouldn’t have recognized her in the first photo in the more section. I have a sizable collection of her photos but I may not have a few of the ones that NorthMan posted so that was a nice surprise especially if I can get ahold of the larger size versions (hint hint).

    I believe she is currently a popular race queen in Japan but also still produces new DVD videos. I have a huge video clip of I believe of her first video and it is like you probably imagine quite strange but it likely appeals to its intended audience. It is not something I would watch over and over (I fast forwarded through a lot of it during my first viewing). Before anyone asks, it is a bit too big to post online at 236MB.

    As a consolation, I have posted a smaller 1 minute long video clip of Yinling at my launch notification Yahoo Group in the Files section HERE (direct link for those who are already members).

  3. Badboy, thanks for you input on her….um, well, you know what I mean! 🙂

    I’ll send you the larger size images.

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