Arty (and arrogant?) Met-Art

They say they are the most famous and most imitated nude art site in the world. They say they offer the largest, freshest, classiest collection of teen nude art and fine photography in the world. They claim to offer beautiful, natural, nude girls captured in sensuous, professional, dazzling photos of the highest aesthetic quality by the world’s best photographers…

And I must admit; judging by their free tour they could be right 😉 And hey, they did feature a lot of Asian girls over the years…Does anyone have any experience with them? Feel free to elaborate in the Comments section…

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  1. I never joined their site, but I have seen quite a bit of their images over the years on various websites and the alt.binaries groups.

    Here is a Google image search for MetArt.

  2. I have aslo seen pic’s from their site,very good,and the art work,especailly the lighting is tops….Expensive to join as the price is multiplied by seven for the exchange rate here, well worth it if you can afford it

  3. To be honest I’m not especially impressed with the ‘artistic’ aspects of their photography, as there isn’t really anything original here – one of the most important aspects of true art is original ideas. I do agree that the technical quality of their material is quite impressive, however.

  4. indeed, their pix are are of very good quality & models are, judging by my knowledge of asian & north-eastern european female bodies, remarkably free of obvious “alterations”. 🙂

    too bad, myfavourite MetArt link went 404-it was an interesting & novel set of pix of a beautiful japanese girls bathing in an enormous champagne glass.

    OK, hopefully i won’t get banned for posting pix of a white girl, but that’s what Met Art has to offer to its members…

    (bottom, on extreme left is rina sawaguchi – the most beautiful woman i ever met)

  5. Thanks Nik2! She may not be Asian, but she is quite exotic. Shame about that link you mention though – that sounds like real art! I quite like Rina too.

  6. Yes, it seems based on the google image search link that Northman posted that most of MetArt’s models are caucasian or at least the ones whose photos are freely available.

    That geocities link that Nik2 posted probably won’t last long since I don’t think they allow nudity on their free hosting service.

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