Yao Yao


Yao Yao is a Chinese body model. I found a few galleries but they crashed. Lots of Chinese nude model websites seem to crash. Sad face.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China




Gallery 1
Gallery 2

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  1. Too skinny and “No tits” at all…. No real Model figure or wathever… to much photoshop.. pictures good be 70s or 1980s… but i think they taken now… score for me is a “4”.

  2. Definitely not a fan of the visible rib cage look. She’s cute but her breasts (or lack thereof) leave much to be desired – and this coming from someone who is usually not infatuated with “tits”.

  3. i probably couldn’t say no if she came up to me begging for a game of nude twister…. but she’d pretty much blend into the background of any street in asia. I have bigger breasts than she does, but at least hers are not hairy.

  4. The eye make-up, straight hair, and natural breasts do invoke the 1970s…

    I like her.

    Obviously, McDonalds has yet to open in her hometown…

  5. I think she’s pretty sexy. The visible rib cage to me, is a sign of a lack of McDonalds like French said, and that’s a very good thing in my opinion. She’s far from being emaciated or skeletal. Just look at them legs and hips.

  6. I’m on the fence here to be honest. I can sort of see the feminine beauty that could be but part of me thinks its an illusion and the bad photography does not help one bit.

  7. I actually really like her. She has pleasant, delicate, natural lines. Maybe I’m weird, but my first thought was that she was fairy-like 🙂

  8. I would probably find her very attractive in person. But most of the pictures aren’t doing it for me.

    The last picture is very nice, though.

  9. There’s something about her I find quite attractive. I don’t think she’s unhealthily skinny – indeed, she has a kind of lithe vitality to her, like a gymnast or a ballerina. And I think her face is quite pretty.

  10. Hi, Long time reader of AS. One of the few sites that don’t crash in China!

    Yes, I am an Aussie guy in China, living and working here for some time.
    What prompted me to register was the fact that Yao Yao has a tattoo at the top of her thumb.
    And it’s rare (I think) to see that kind of tattoo on models. I believe it means the wearer has either spent time in prison or is involved in prostitution (or both?) Or maybe it’s just a fashion statement by Yao Yao.
    Wondered if what I’d heard was right..about the tattoo (usually it’s a small flying bird)..Oh and Yao Yao looks like the ‘girl next door’ for me. Tasty! Especially the last pic.

  11. This girl is gorgeous! I love her lips!Couldn’t agree more with Doc.

    She looks fit and healthy, but still has some nice curves through her tummy, hips and backside.

    And I honestly don’t understand the negativity about small brested women.

    Think about the advantage that women with small brested women have in public; they never have to wear a bra and as a result they can be much more playful and sexy with their outfits.

    They can wear tight fitting tops and we go crazy for thier nipples popping straight out through their shirts, and they can wear loose fitting, low cut tops and we’re constantly trying to sneak a peak down their tops to have a glimpse!

  12. INMHO, a typical Chinese figure, with slightly wider hips than some of the other Asians. Attractive in my book. Slightest complaint is in pic 4, where her hair is pulled back from the top. I like the parted look, which de-emphasizes her long forehead (another typical Chinese trait, I think.) Regardless, she does rate a rather loud “eeyow.”

    @longtack – nice to see more Aussies (I am not one.) Just a question – are there any other phrases in Australia than “throw a shrimp on the barbie?” Every commercial for an Australian product or type of product uses that phrase & I am tempted to shoot the radio or TV each time.

  13. dbldipper: Elvis shot his TV, look what happened to him…but yeah, we need another Aussie line other than the shrimp thing or the Crocodile Dundee dude (That’s not a knife…now THIS is a knife!)

    Those are nice breasts.

  14. As another aussie in China…. I can think we can add “Crikey, ‘ave a look at those tits, they are little BEAUTIES!” to the list of aussie expressions.

    (which makes we wonder if dear departed Steve on his travels through asia ever stopped jumping on poor innocent lizards and actually had a look around at some of the female human marvels strutting around. “Im gonna jump on that one and see if she bites me!”)

  15. Thanks for the welcome!
    Seems I didn’t have to answer; a few of you have done that – and provided the ‘Aussie’ lines I would have suggested.
    At the risk of taking this thread off topic though, could you imagine Steve Irwin doing a show on the stunning women in Asia? And saying ‘Crikey!’ at almost everyone he films?
    Coincidentally, I did a double take in a supermarket last night: I swore I saw Yao Yao’s twin sister.
    Oh and @ kroos and other China residents: can you answer my question re the hand tattoo?
    “no wuckin’ furries’ mate!”

  16. @dbldipper: actually, Aussies never say “throw a shrimp an the barbie” – that phrase was just from an old tourism campaign by Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee), which seems to have been recycled in relation to Aussies in the US ever since.

  17. “At the risk of taking this thread off topic though, could you imagine Steve Irwin doing a show on the stunning women in Asia? And saying ‘Crikey!’ at almost everyone he films?”

    I think his eyeballs would pop. Speaking of Steve, now would be a good time to remind readers to always wear sunscreen when swimming. It protects people from harmful rays.

    As for the hand tats… no idea. I’ve never heard of the prison or prostitute hand tattoo. I will ask around. I’ve never actually been in a chinese prison or broth…. oh hang on…ummmm…i’ve never been in a chinese prison.

  18. Not bad at all, natural body, nice smile. Maybe not the most beatiful woman facially, but pretty enough.

  19. it’s funny but the more i look at her (and i have been looking at her a lot today because i should be marking student papers) the more appealing she becomes.

    For whatever reason, she just didn’t invoke that immediate ‘Crikey’ feeling. But now… yeah i reckon mum would approve.

  20. longtack….re: my comment about “KTV”…if you’ve ever been ….some of the girls MAY have a tattoo like this…but don’t take it as gospel that anyone who has one is crime/prostitution
    related.. ..

    …tattoos are still not as exceptable as they are back home…given the association thy have with Black society/triad, but they are becoming more apparent as a fashion/personal statement of the younger generation…I’ve dated girls here with tattoos, and even a few of the young designers in my team have them and they are nice respectable women

  21. Yeah badnews I’ve been to a few KTVs and brothels and I agree not all of the girls had tats like that.
    But one of my girl students did! And she was hardly likely to be a ‘bad’ girl. So maybe it is a fashion statement peculiar to Chinese women as you say.
    But, you do seem to agree that there is a link between having a tat there and crime. It’s like a ‘badge’ letting others know their history.
    So, I wouldn’t like to disparage Yao Yao by assuming on the basis of her hand tat that she had a criminal background.

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