Jean Santos


Jean Santos was in Philippines Playboy and was a finalist in Philippines Next Top Model. Why she is being featured by me instead of Mike is a shocker to both of us. Her portfolio has some photos but you’ll have to search around the web for others.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Philippines








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0 thoughts on “Jean Santos”

  1. Like her face and Eyes and haircut and long legs. After all good pictures and nice looking Model give a “8” for her!…

  2. Oh my…
    Yup, this is at least the fifth time i’ve checked all those nicely done pics. Look like i’ve a crush on you Miss Santos…

  3. wow she,s yummy, nice long legs, nice ass, beautiful face, she is a ten out of ten, i will look out for her next time im in the philippines

  4. 5’8 sounds nice but this chick needs to go to KFC and have a couple dozen Double Downs.

  5. Oy. Worth at least one crikey.

    Ms. Santos exhibits a certain amount of exoticity in these photos…sweet, perhaps, fun-loving….but maybe abit out of reach. Not a woman that grabs you by the short hairs and pull you down, but instead lures you in by following the smell of her sweet perfume (pheremone, not Chanel.)

    Tall is nice. Don’t need to bend so far. On the other hand, the 5-footers don’t need to bend too far either.

  6. Far too slim for my tastes but if she gains a good 10-20lbs she could have some delectable curves to go with that height.

  7. Ok let’s nip the meaning of ‘crikey’ in the bud before it gets used inappropriately.
    And I guess it was my fault for leading people like dbldipper astray.
    When Irwin used it was as a word of dismay. It’s something more likely to be said at something ‘bad’. Now Jean Santos is not ‘bad’.
    So she is not worth a ‘crikey’ IMO.
    But, having said that, ‘crikey’ is in the same boat as ‘mate’ and the ‘f’ word – it’s how you say it that gives the meaning.
    So, even though I’m an Aussie, and prefer good old Oz words to imported Americanisms, I’d go more for ‘Wow’ when I see a delicious looking ‘arse’ like Jean’s (first pic).
    Crikey is still a great word though, and full marks to Irwin for keeping it alive. In fact, he might have said “crikey, that stingray barb hurt a bit!”.

  8. Apologies to longtack, the Doc and any other Aussies reading this fine site. I think that the meaning was always clear – perhaps just trying to stretch too much from the previous set of comments, which, I admit, had me killing myself laughing (figuratively, of course.)

    I’ve read where many countries (France, Germany, China) have become tired of English phrases (e.g., the McDrive) creeping into their sacred textology. I am also aware that in parts of the UK it is virtually impossible to believe they speak the same language as their cross-ocean brethren.

    Bottom line? Even English, with its collection of 1,000,000 + words sometimes fails to adequately describe the beauties that Travis and his colleagues regularly present in this fine forum.

  9. dbldipper, I think I can speak for my compatriots in saying no need to apologise. I’m glad we can discuss language issues without getting hot under the collar.
    I monitored myself today as I saw my usual parade of honeys (hardly the same one twice) and I didn’t even think of ‘crikey’, nor ‘wow’ but ‘mmmmmm’ – the length of the mm being my level of appreciation. And yes, come to think of it, it’s ‘mmmm’ I usually say. Perhaps, as you say, with all those words at our disposal we ought to use more of them. Nevertheless, mmmmmm really doesn’t leave any room for doubt over a woman’s beauty.
    And yes, I agree Travis’ efforts to bring us delectable treats our way ought to be recognised and appreciated.

  10. Crikey is simply a corruption of Christ almighty, same as Streuth is a corruption of God’s truth and cor blimey is God blind me.

  11. Strout, nothing at all wrong with looking like Michelle Malkin, it’s just those opinions:-)

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