Xuan – The Tattooed Asian Girl Made Famous on Tumblr


Anyone that pays attention to the Tumblr circuit, which I don’t, is probably familiar with the above photo. It’s been through nearly every Tumblr account that follows Asian women and tattooed women, because if you like both, the model is pretty much perfect.

But no one had a name, and no one credited the place it was taken from. It’s from a gallery by a photographer named Roger Chua. You can find the gallery here, and see some of his other models here. Unfortunately I don’t have a last name and try as I might I couldn’t find any photos from any other photographers, but at least part of the mystery is solved.Stats:








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0 thoughts on “Xuan – The Tattooed Asian Girl Made Famous on Tumblr”

  1. This is one of those instances where I have to set aside my prejudice against tattoos and say *DAMN* she is hot. I’ve been watching the girls come and go on AS for years (mostly as a lurker) but Xuan or whatever her name turns out to be is probably within my Top 5 or maybe even 3 Hottest Asian Sirens ever. Of course that is just my humble opinion!

    Disappointing that it seems she never did anything else. I believe the pictures were taken 3-4 years ago.

  2. She’s hot. For some reason the tat makes her stand out in my mind. Without it she’d be just OK. She appears tougher but still very sexy now. I’ll take two please.

  3. I’m with you Lard in pretty much all you say. I’d not mind waking up with her and seeing those amazing tasteful tats in the places she has them.
    Gorgeous figure, beautiful face, hot!

  4. Love her. Some tats on the ladies take me to another level. She would take me to a couple other levels me thinks. Very hot lady.

  5. I hate ink on women and these don’t bother me.

    Excellent shoulder to waist ratio for a woman that is amputated at mid thigh in every photo.

  6. Even though there’s quite a lot of ink, it fits her. Personally love girls who look like this, very hot.

  7. Thats some seriously good inkwork. She looks like a nice wife or LTR. Something about doing somebody wrong with that kind of ink on them makes reckless dalliances seem hopelessly foreboding.

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