Vanilla Mood

Instrumental quartet Vanilla Mood first came together in 2003 and quickly achieved success because they have talent to match their looks. They’re known for covering songs from many different genres with their own unique arrangements. They particularly do justice to some classic American pop songs, that comprise a good part of their repertoire.

Above is the original line-up doing their version of “Tequila.” They are; Emilee (violin), Yui (violin), Mariko (cello), and Keiko (piano). In early 2005, Emilee left the group and was replaced by flutist Waka, rather than another violinist. (See a later performance with Waka after the jump.) Waka left the group in late 2010 and it now appears the remaining three ladies are continuing on as a trio.

Covering Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” with flutist Waka replacing violinist Emilee.

Official Website

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  1. Oh i do love a woman who can play music. Of course, any woman who plays a wind instrument gets bonus points for the dirty thoughts she inspires…

    At the risk of sounding disrespectful to music in general…ummmm…. do any of them play nude??

    (actually, i appreciate the post of something thats a little bit different. Thanks CEC)

  2. hot and the fact that they can play music that well makes them even hotter.

    Seeing a cute girl playing the flute always makes me think of “one time at band camp…”

  3. Very talented ladies indeed. They’re cute, and even though they wear more clothes than I’d like, they get bonus points for being talented musicians. If I ever find a hot asian violinist, it will be over for me!

  4. I’m a classically-trained musician. Were they fat and ugly, there would be no careers. While they have some talent, none of them would ever make it into the extraordinarily competitive world of major symphony orchestras.
    And yes, of course I’d date any of them!

  5. Maybe now I can listen to “Tequila” and think of Vanilla Mood instead of Pee Wee Herman:-)

    I still think I prefer the 5, 6, 7, 8’s.

  6. In fairness luvjgirls, this material doesn’t really allow us to judge their classical chops – the imprecision in the violinist’s playing may be stylistically deliberate. I find these sorts of girl groups a little embarrassing to watch though: the way they bob around just doesn’t sit right with most (bulky) classical instruments. Still, Vanessa-Mae can pull it off – and I truly think she is an exceptional player too – so violin can be done at least.

  7. Well, lucky for those who can view the vids (sigh)..any still pics available? Although, maybe I can Google to Ogle them, as apparently they are clothed.
    Kroos, you comment has got me er..excited now wondering what you saw..

  8. ahhh OK, just noticed the Official Website. It has PICS!
    Keiko (the keyboardist) likes to show off her legs, and with good reason. Some nice shots of her on her blog (at lower right of the website). Can’t open the blogs of the other two girls (blogs are usually blocked here).
    Very attractive trio indeed. Like a 1/4 of the Twelve Girls Band from China.

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