Willy Ho


Like Abbie Chan, Willy Ho is also from Met-Art, also has only one gallery, and also has no easily locatable biography. I was going to wait to feature Willy until I could find more photos, but instead, I didn’t.Stats:









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  1. There’s something about her I like, but I’m not sure what it is. I guess she kind of looks “in control” or something like that.

  2. Can’t you begrudge an old-fashioned guy being able to to view a rare natural muff?
    You won’t be satisfied until all 4 billion kitties in the world are nearly bald?
    There aren’t enough of those for ya? Geez…
    I like everything about her.
    Including the furry reminder that she’s a grown woman not a little girl.
    Great natural little body, cute face.
    Perfect as is.

  3. I have to agree with the above……. at the ripe old age of 30 i too mourn the loss of respect kids folk these days have for natural wilderness…………… Although it is possible that a whole tribe of pygmies could live down there on this model (lucky things…)

  4. “I like everything about her.
    Including the furry reminder that she’s a grown woman not a little girl.
    Great natural little body, cute face.
    Perfect as is. ”

    Well said, luvjgirls. Thanks.

  5. Maybe LawBoy would prefer
    Mariko, who is completely shaved.
    MetArt is definitely the place for pussy (Dr. Lee, you don’t need to tell us that you don’t see the beauty of it, with or without the hair).

  6. That pic is too much information! This sort of shot really puts the lie to MET “Art”‘s arty pretensions. 🙂 It’s really MET porn – actually, even the MET part (“most erotic teens”) isn’t accurate any more.

    Having said that, I do quite like Mariko overall, and have been meaning to do a post on her for quite a while now. Maybe Travis can cover her?

  7. Willy Haiku:

    Stoic Look Sexy
    A Surprise For You Downstairs
    Rumble Jungle Good

    Willy is what beauty is all about. Natural and confident. She does not have over inflated breasts…these do the job just fine.

    After writing my haiku for Stephanie Sweet…I realized I wrote too much and broke the haiku rules. Guess I was too excited.

  8. WHOA! Willy Ho out the garden baby! That is bordering on the she’s too hairy for me line. But she does have a nice backyard, the rest is kind metza metza.

  9. Mariko was actually supposed to be this post, but I didn’t do it because there were sooooooooo many crotch shots that I was having problems actually finding photos without excess labia.

    I’ll feature her if AS is willing to overlook the “pink” rules that are in place. Like I said, she was actually going to be this post, and I changed it at the last minute.

  10. What’s with the hair? I blame the managers and or the photographers who arrange these pics. They should take the girls aside before the shoot and say, ‘go and wax or shave because that’s not acceptable and I’m not going to take your picture unless you get rid of that hair’. If she had at the very least trimmed, those photos would be hot.
    People who manage these girls have got to start doing their job and start speaking up!

  11. Also the first pic where she has a little smile is great. But the rest of her poses and facial expressions look like she’s a SVU victim or something.

  12. Mariko is so much more attractive than Willie! Girls with Willy’s looks are a dime a dozen in Tokyo….and are more likely to smile. I’m wondering if she isn’t smiling because she has bad teeth? I’m lovin’ Mariko!

  13. @Travis: the photo you cite is fine for the article, but not for the front page – perhaps that is the source of your confusion?

    For the record, I really wish the photgrapher would get over his obsession with Mariko’s pussy – it is the only part of her I find unattractive.

  14. Oh, and let’s get back to discussing Willy in this thread, shall we? I have to say I really like her naturalness and the sense of confidence she conveys. She looks very comfortable in her own skin and being naked.

  15. I tend to think things might be as Errol Flynn said: she may not smile because of a teeth issue. I’m a huge sucker for the smile, but this one is attractive even without. I just wish she’d trim some; I like a happy medium between “jungle” and “pre-pubescent.”

    Something she can’t help is her name. With both given and surnames that can be double-entendre, she may want to take up a shoot alias. This is, of course, if she’s looking to make a name (excuse the pun) for herself among an English-speaking audience.

  16. I agree with you, Doc. I also think she would photograph better in better lighting. I don’t think, with her skin tone, that the darker lighting is as flattering.

  17. Aside from her name, Willy Ho is entirely forgettable. Particularly after seeing the lovely Mariko.

  18. Funny how this discussion about Willy being so “hairy” wouldn’t have taken place about a similar girl, 25 years ago.

    As far as featuring Met Art model Mariko goes; I know we’ve had some requests to feature her here, but if we can’t come up with any photos or information on her that isn’t already at Met Art, then what’s the point of lifting her Met Art photos for an entry here with no further info on her??

  19. Once again guys: let’s refrain from the “which girl is better” comparions, okay? We can talk about Mariko in her forthcoming thread.

  20. Randy!! can you please give me and doc a warning shot before we click on that link of mariko? that looks almost alien :))…i am almost scared straight to Bush 🙂

  21. very sexy, I am with sflonglegs well worth a rumble in the jungle. Love the bush 🙂
    On the ‘pink’ shots I have always enjoyed close ups, I find them strangely beautiful. However it would seem to be a minority opinion here.

  22. I find them beautiful too, go figure. 🙂

    Willy is hot, I agree with doc, she seems she’s in control, strong. Sexy body and posing attitude.

  23. she’s ok…her bush doesn’t bother me at all! not bad. I’d love to play with her furry patch.

  24. LMAO! Still on this hair thing?? Guys, she’s not that hairy! It’s just that these days, with most girls trimming and shaving, seeing one uncropped makes her seem hairy by comparison with today’s standards.
    You want to see hairy? Just get ahold of a 1970’s issue of Penthouse or any other magazing that showed unairbrushed full-frontal back then. Willy’s bush may even be considered sparse by comparison to even other Asian models of that era.

  25. Larry, kindly you can write her name using letters which we can read it. Eventhough you put her real name, unfortunatelly we can not read nor know it.

  26. Ahh, of course; “Wei Li.” That’s where they got “Willy” from. I doubt that she actually uses Willy as an English name, though.

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