Stephani Sweet


French/Vietnamese model Stephani Sweet gained most of her popularity not from her photos but from her attitude. There are many YouTube and other videos of her online where she is smiling, goofing around, and doing other things that are tremendously cute when you are also pretty and half naked.Stats:

Age: 24?
Height: 5’0
Weight: 95lbs
Ethnicity: French/Vietnamese
Located: SoCal (duh)














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  1. I’m surprised by the positive response to this one – she looks like a totally average import model to me. Still, at least her body’s fine (unlike many import models today).

  2. Like it a lot. Lovin’ the dark skin.Wonder if she got any extra work in Fast N’ Furious? Call me when she goes hardcore.Better yet…cast ME as her scene partner.

  3. Have to agree Dr.Lee.I’m surprised at my own response.Her face is quirky…she could probably use a hamburger or two…and she could stand to have that Tinkerbell & ankle tatt removed.She’s just looks like she could totally curl your toes however.

  4. The first pic is great. The others are just OK. Other than the tats, I love her bod. She looks like she could be immensely fun to mess around with.

  5. The Chris Carlo shots are some of the worst Photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen – it looks like her head, shoulders and arms have been grafted on to somebody else’s body! As Punsher22 says, the skin tones are completely different.

  6. I’ve actually seen her in person in vegas. I had the pleasure of having her serve me some drinks. These pictures do her no justice. I blame the photographer.

  7. Some people are crazy about her for the same reason that some people are crazy about McDonalds. Low standards I guess.

  8. Still don’t understand what some of you have against import models and tats:) I know i’m beating a dead horse, but import models are hot. Have those of you who don’t find them attractive ever actually seen one in person? If you ever go to a car show, see them all in living color and still don’t think they’re hot I’d really have to question some things. All of them look even better in person.

  9. Please don’t take this as a judgment call on anyone, as everyone is entitled to their own taste.

    However, after reading a lot of comments for several months on this site, I get the feeling that many people perception of who’s hot or not is not based on physical features, but character traits conveyed by those features.

    For example, if someone puts up an asian model from asia, with light-skinned features, slimmer eyes (or surgically enhanced eyes – there are ways to tell), no tats, dressed in “cute” clothes (ie, adolescent clothing), doing some innocent pose or dance or gesture; the person is deemed pretty or attractive or hot, or GF material.

    Then you get the opposite reaction every time TravisStroup throws up an “import model.”

    The standard is lessen for asians from asia, but raised substantially higher for anyone resembling an import model.

    Honestly, some of the *hottest* girls on this site look like import models. On a pure physical scale, there’s no comparison.

    So that leads me to believe that judgment on beauty is not necessary a standard set wholly on physical looks, but the persona that look is trying to convey. In other words, seems everyone thinks models from asia are GF material, but import models are not.

    As I hope that is truly not the case, and simply a matter of taste, I just wanted to point that out that I can sense that sometimes.

    Finally, to tell you the truth, when it comes down to quality, I will say that as an Asian guy, I have been with enough of both types, and for the most part, the import models are a lot more loyal, friendly, generous, than their asian counterparts from Asia. I suspect it is due to the fact that here, because everyone has freedom to express themselves with tattoos, piercings, etc., what you see tends to be what you get. The girls who cheated on many of my friends were from Asia who moved midway through their lifetime.

    Just something to think about.

    Thanks for keeping this site up, I thoroughly enjoy it. And finally, this girl is hot.

  10. Stephanie Haiku:

    Ring My Bell Any Day
    Sweet To See In Every Way
    So Hot What More Can I Say

    I like oh so much. I do not see anything to fault with her.

  11. The only thing that makes many import models “hot” these days is the fact that they don’t wear much clothes – dress a normal, pretty Asian girl the same way and she’ll look a lot hotter (although she won’t have the “I’m the sexiest girl alive” attitude that many people seem to like about import models). Take away the masive touch-ups and heavy make-up, and this girl will have a very average face, although her body’s alright. There isn’t anything obviously wrong with her, but there isn’t anything special about her either.

  12. I agree with idealxcynic. I am a big fan of this site, but the same people ALWAYS say the same things.

  13. First, everyone has their own taste and noone is wrong. Still have to disagree that a “normal” asian girl dressed like an import model would be hotter. Specifically not commenting on this particular girl btw, just import models in general. Living in an area of the US with a lot of asians (San Gabriel Valley) we have all kinds from fobs to 3rd and 4th generation (many of them from each truly beautiful) to all those import models. Of course the clothes and additions make them more exaggeratedly hot, but again I disagree that it’s all touch up and make up. Go to any Hot Import Night, no one’s touching up their photo’s there and lots of them don’t wear all that much make up and they are ALL better looking in person than in their photos.

    Jenny Chu, Nina Mascunana, Kim Lee, Thai Cupcake Nguyen, Maria Nguyen, Lynzie Love, Angie Romansata, Beckie Joon, Lisa Kaye, Paginia Lo, Melissa Reign and Natasha Yi to name a few are all uniquely beautiful. None of them looks anything like the others. Again, individual taste is individual but in person they are all staggeringly beautiful and sexy and the little short skirts and stilettos just put an exclamation on them.

    Idealxcynic, your post was interesting and thought provoking. Guess I’m not here to find the gf type, I’ve already got a wife:)

  14. Most of the models you cite here are names I’m not familiar with, and the ones I am familiar with are certainly some of the better import models. But there’s an awful lot of them these days who are average at best, and unworthy of the title “model”.

  15. Looks like a nerve was touched with regards to import models, however, I’m going to have to side with Dr. Lee on this one.

    There’s a certain plasticity and attitude that is conveyed by import models. Plasticity in look – they tend to be drenched in makeup, and the photos contain surreal lighting, have obviously been doctored (pun intended) and edited after the fact. The attitude I speak of is the faux “b*tch”, never-crack-a-smile style. Whether these women are approachable in real life or not, the message conveyed from the photos sure seem to suggest they are not.

    As far as the “import models” are more loyal than their asian counterparts comment – I call shenanigans. I somehow doubt that North American import models are any more faithful or loyal than ANY other model group throughout the world. Using vague inferences that friends of yours have been mistreated by asian models is a lazy way of arguing that holds zero credibility.

    Having said that, I will agree that many here on this site do tend to carry with us a certain negativity when a SoCal/import model is posted. I can only attribute this with the adage that the look and style seems to always be the same. It’s not something the models can control – it’s just a specific package that the import industry has cookie-cuttered into a style.

    Personally, I’m much more intrigued with models that bring a special quality to a shoot. I’m also immediately disappointed by models who never smile – and that’s not something import models have cornered the market on.

    Lastly, it’s an interested debate and definitely some nice discussion we’re having here (which is refreshing compared to most boards on the net). In the end, there’s always exceptions to the rule – I just tend to be on the opposite side of the fence. ^_^

  16. Glad the boards are coming alive with better discussion. My post was meant to point out something I have observed lately, and it gives us a chance to reassess ourselves and how we make judgment on beauty itself.

    Sevendeuce: I agree that anecdotal evidence has little weight in terms of actual proof, but it has a lot of weight in terms of disproving a long held thought – you only need one instance of something that disproves a theory to make that theory invalid. But yes, I concede that import models aren’t better, but they at least deserved to be judged on the same level as other models.

    Once again, this site is great. A lot better than other sites that do the same thing, as the variety here is much much greater.

  17. Un-hot Asian chicks are still pretty hot, relatively.

    As for persona compensating for looks, it certainly helps… to a point. An annoying pretty girl will still hold more sexual power than a cool and confident fugly chick. But if she’s not completely fugly, then yes she can cheat on her looks slightly by having other good qualities.

  18. doc >Somebody please explain what’s so special about this girl!

    she has orifices :)) j/k sorry if this too much..
    too many tats but dark skin is plus 🙂

  19. idealxcynic: As I stated, there are always exceptions to the rule – but that doesn’t mean the rule doesn’t exist. 😉 Just because there’s an exception doesn’t mean that established generalization is completely untrue and no longer has legs to stand on.

    That said, I would agree with you wholeheartedly that import models should be judged using the same criterion that we use for any other “style” model.


    PS: I do dig her tats. And if anything, tattoos seem to be even more reviled here than import models. ^^;;

  20. I think one of the the things that maybe differentiates what each person wants from this site is this. A lot of people come looking for real “asian” asian models. I just like seeing cute, pretty, hot all types of asian women, just as when I’m traveling around town. Don’t really care if they are truly model quality I just enjoy seeing all types of asian women.

    I can see where some of the women posted here are maybe not top tier quality models but most of them are pretty cute in their own way. This girl for instance, I love import models but I agree that to me she’s just okay. I would guess she’s quite pretty in real life but she only alright for me in the pictures. Still dig the fact I can see her here though.

    I actually enjoy the commentary here, even when I wildly disagree with it or find it offensive, it’s always entertaining.

  21. In real life and not on some message board, it is much easier to bridge the cultural gap to an “import model’ than to those traditional asian girls. I dont know if all you guys are asian or what, but those asian-asian girls have some of the worst facades to break trough in all of the world.

    Nah, give me some westernised import asian any day.

  22. HarryP: sounds like you’ve been trying to date traditional Vietnamese girls! Try Chinese or Japanese – they’re a lot easier to reach.

  23. I have to point out that my head and arms are a different shade (darker) than the rest of my body when it is sunny out. And I haven’t been badly photoshopped. You guys are amazing.

  24. I wish I could play with TinkerBell. 😛 I would have the time of my life and you can call me Peter Pan.

  25. Dear stephani u are the hottest asian girl I have ever seen. Also I like asian girls beacuse they are so pretty

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