Why do we love Asian women?

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Some thoughts on my fascination with Asian women

Although I’ve loved the looks of Asian women all my life (I allready had a Korean girlfriend in junior-high school), I think my interest in the models really started with Marco’s Sung Hi Lee site (which I found in 1998). You can say Sung Hi Lee is the reason we now are working together on this site seven years later!I find that a lot of friends find my fascination with Asian women a bit strange. They even joke about it. I always correct them, and say I like the ‘exotic type’, with a preference Asian women. Some people think it’s narrow-minded and silly to just like one type. But hey, what about all the guys out there who just like blond babes with big boobs?! I don’t hear anybody about that. The only problem I can think of is that I do make life harder for myself, since exotic women are still a minority here in the country I live in. That’s why I thought Vietnam was heaven on earth. Female beauty was everywhere I looked!

But fortunately thanks to this site, I now know I am not the only one with this special interest, so I was wondering why you guys (&girls ;-)) think Asian women are so special? Personally I always find it hard to explain why I have this preference. Maybe together we can shed some light on this ‘obsession’, as one of my friends called it.

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  1. My Asian obsession started when I was workling for Australia Post, who employ a lot of Vietnamese. I was stunned by how beautiful so many of them were – actually I’m still stunned by the very high percentage of beautiful women amongst Vietnamese. Even more importantly though, I really got along with them. My experience with Australian women had been almost entirely negative, but I could really relate to these women. Later on I found I also really got along with Chinese and Japanese. So for me it’s even more about the fact that I relate to them than it is about how they look.

  2. Like Robin I was always interested in ‘exotic type’ women. I had a half-Indonesian girlfriend and shortly dated a Chinese girl during college.

    I must say this interest grew when I got to know Robin (and Asian Sirens off course) 🙂

  3. i love asian woman especilally from east or south east asia. They are beautiful and their skin is just like silk. Well thanks for this site, i can enjoy many of them. Thanks a lot to all of you guy. especially the founder and the owner of it.

  4. i’m dating a thai now & still cannot get over differences bet. asian & white (american) women. only now, i realise that i wasted so many years of my life dating the latter…angry, aggressive harpies

  5. my clear preference for asian women started about 10 years ago when i was working with a korean woman (though i dated a japanese gal prior to that too). we shared the same office and i was most comfortable with her even though we were both married at the time. we finally did get together for a few months a couple of years ago when we were both single. my borderline obsession really ticked off my mexican girlfriend for a few years (although she too found some asian women quite alluring). there is also a stunning chinese woman here at work that helped extend my desire to find a suitable asian woman as a mate. im now married to a beautiful chinese woman that is the mother of our beautiful son. we even met through the internet (very modern). i never excluded other races from my search for a mate but i found the asian women more receptive to me and i definitely liked their appearance.

  6. Well … i am from Asian but i am studying aboard, that why this site helps me much … i love Asian girls just because they all have asian face!

  7. I love oriental beauty over them whites…i dnt know asian women have this certain look of sophistication and mystery

  8. The last two guys I dated had an all out obsession with asian women – to the point where other personal characteristics were much less important. I thought this was a bit strange, a bit racist when they would belittle me for being hispanic – but then a few years after the fact we had a good talk and I know why!

    They both are sexually curious about men, and found many asian women’s body type to be appealing a similar way! Also, they weren’t labeled “gay” and in Asia/with asian women, their masculinity was not at issue because they were not strapping, manly young lads!

    Of course, this was strange when the two boys, surprised with each other’s revelations, expressed a friendly interest in each other! What do you do when your ex-boyfriends become friends, and then drunkenly make-out?

  9. Hmmm, I wonder of this is the explanation for all the guys who say they don’t like big breasts? 😉

    For me personally, one of the reasons I like Asian women is that I find them to be more feminine than other races. However, I think this only really applies to the true orientals that I prefer (i.e. the light-skinned, delicate-featured Asians). It don’t think it applies to, say, the dark-skinned Thai girls that a lot of our readers prefer. Interestingly, I’ve noticed a fair bit of correlation between these readers and those who say they don’t like large breasts.

  10. hehe, there’s no making sense of individual proclivities…

    I agree with you that many women here are “more feminine,” however I think this has become a cultural thing as much as physical. In China, at least, I’ve found the woman to be more girlie, which isn’t to say more womanly (womanly=hot). Personally, being the sexually-frustrated lesbian that I am, I prefer the womanly to the girlie. It’s weird for me to feel like I’m flirting with a kid.

    What’s sexier to me than specific skin colors or features is the context – that it is natural. I don’t get the appeal of skin whitening, tanning salons, extreme hair dye (which is usually…blonde! yuck! why???), and surgical procedures.

    Really… confidence makes it or breaks it for me. A nominally pretty girl who is confident about herself, comfortable with her body and sex, suddenly becomes SUPER HOT.

    Perhaps you can understand why being in the back country of Hunan is not any fun for me???? There are no fun, pretty ladies here to play with 🙁

  11. Hmmm, your perspective is certainly interesting! If you follow my writings you will see I tend to prefer the more ‘womanly’ looking models myself – if they’re too young and ‘girlie’ looking I don’t find them especially attractive. For me a woman has to have a certain level of maturity and experience to truly be sexy.

  12. off topic…

    what magazine cover is at the top of this post?
    “The largest online exotic …”

    Thanks and NICE SITE!

  13. I love Asian for many of the reasons given here — their natural, exotic beauty (exotic to me as a white man), their willingness to please and in a lot of cases their submissiveness. Not submissive in a weak way, but more tied into being strong women who like pleasing men. Those are generalizations, there certainly are individual differences. White and black women in the U.S. have tended to become too manly (again a generalization). as with all women, I prefer natural women. I have known some Asian women with fake boobs, but am less attracted to them as I am less attracted to white women with implants.

  14. I’m lucky to live where there is every type of ethnic woman available, and I love various types of women, nevertheless with my experiences and tastes the Asian woman just always comes out on top, I’m sorry for the other types of females, but that’s just the honest truth.

    What other type of woman maintains such a high spirit, trim body, chill attitude, and strong work ethic? None. A good Asian woman is just so well rounded, it’s fantastic. I’m so effin glad I live in an era and place where interracial relations isn’t taboo.

    Having such feelings for Asian women in my father’s generation could of been unrealistic. I lucked out.

  15. Oh, I forgot. Asian women like cooking too 🙂 Which is always a plus. I say they are on par with Hispanic women on that charm.

  16. i have had white girlfriends and asian
    i get along with asians so much better
    i don’t know exactly why but i trust asian girls and get along so much more easier with them

    i dated a chinese girl and a vietnamese girl
    they were both a blast and are still good friends. Vietnamese accents can kill.

    my current girlfriend is korean, and she is the best so far. get along great and just understand each other

    my fellow fever has gotten stronger and i truly just feel more comfortable with an asian. i don’t know why i also find them more attractive, but i feel like it has to do with eyes, because eyes are one of the most important part. And asian eyes are beautiful. also the skin and facial structure.

    Of course now this doesn’t mean i am only attracted to asians or think all asians are beautiful cause that would be ridiculous. There are definitly way more unattractive asians than attractive ones, but when comparing a beautiful asian woman to a beautiful woman of another race, the asian is almost always the winner. It isn’t racist its just personal preference.

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