Vietnamese popstar: Ngô Thanh Vân

Ngo Thanh Van (Photography: Le Thanh Hai)

You will not find Norwegian-Vietnamese popstar Ngô Thanh Vân on, but you can read a review about her album ‘My Way’ at Be warned; it’s NOT very positive, but fun to read 😉 There is also a song there, so you can choose to listen for yourself. Her official websites seems to be down and so is another site that is supposed to be about her.

But here you can see a discography and I think you can also listen to her music somewhere, but since everything is in Vietnamese, I am not really sure… What I am sure of is, is that she is a beauty!

She started out as a fashion model, and still does modeling as I found her showing some new stuff in the Vietnam Airlines inflight magazine: Heritage Fashion edition, Aug-Sep 2005.This story at Vietnam News (March, 2004) speaks of her starring in Rouge, a 13-part MTV TV series that should have aired on MTV at the end of 2004. (Anyone knows if this happened?)

A Google image search will get you just a handfull of pictures, one kind of sexy, but poor quality.

If there are any fans out there, I will be happy to scan the remaining images from the magazine. Just say the word…

Ngo Thanh Van cd

Ngo Thanh Van (Photography: Le Thanh Hai)

Ngo Thanh Van (Photography: Le Thanh Hai)

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0 thoughts on “Vietnamese popstar: Ngô Thanh Vân”

  1. She looks really good, but I think Ho Ngoc Ha needs to get another stage name if she wants to make it abroad. It sounds like you’re choking when you try to pronounce it.

  2. Yeah, Ngoc gets my vote for the most difficult Vietnamese name – if you pronounce it with a rising inflection, it means stupid! As Vietnamese is a monosyllabic tone language with many vowel sounds but very few consenants, the inflection is VERY important, and very difficult for a westerner to master (I speak from personal experience!).

  3. Yeah … they should be given english name to go aboard!

    Ngô Thanh Vân – could be Vian Ngo
    Ho Ngoc Ha – could be Ha Ho

    … just kidding!

  4. Having finally had a chance to go through this recent flood of posts by Robin (thanks Robin!), I feel this is yet another case of a Vietnamese star having too much surgery (especially the nose job), but she still looks quite good anyway.

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