What’s up with Sung Hi Lee?

Sung Hi Lee posing for PlayStation Print Ad

I haven’t been in touch with Sung Hi for years now so I have no idea what she is doing these days. I just scanned her news page but all I could find is a photo shoot she did last year for a print ad of PlayStation in Stuff, FHM and Spin and a few minor roles in some movies.

Does anyone know what she is doing lately? She is over 35 years now so I guess her modelling career is over. Her movie career is limited to a handfull of b-movies and as far as I know she is still has no children.

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  1. she went Hollywood and is a regular on a day time TV soap – Days of our Lives – I think is the show. it was strange, my wife was watching it on Tivo and I’m thinking damn that looks like sung hi lee. turns out it was. she’s only credited with a few appearances, but from what I’ve seen she’s been on most days for a about a month. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0498308/

  2. Marco,
    you missed this from her website

    “And with that, I had some disappointing news. DAYS OF OUR LIVES has decided to end my storyline. I knew that it was a possibility because my character was originally written for only 6-8 episodes. I ended up shooting about 12 or so. But still, I was hoping to stay with the show. I was just getting my feet wet and getting used to the crazy pace. And most of all, I loved my character. I think she was so fun! I thoroughly enjoyed being Sophie. So…I’m back on the circuit…jobless and unemployed again. hahahaha. AHHHH…the life of an actor. :)”

  3. Thanks for the update tblacksmith! Is ‘Days of our Lives’ a popular tv-show in the US?

    And talking about TiVo, how popular is that in the US? We now see the first DVR’s here in the Netherlands but not a lot of people have it yet.

    Zam, I must have been blind. Thanks for the update as well! So she is jobless and unemployed now? Fortunately, she made a shitload of photo’s in her career so she still can update her website for the next 10 years 😉

  4. I don’t watch TV either. But I think most people know about this, just like ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. You don’t have to watch it to know about it 😉

  5. I saw her once in a TV show called Birds of Prey. It was quite a sexy role, although I thought she was starting to show her age (according to IMDB, she appeared as “Lady Shiva” in an episode of the same name).

  6. Looks like Sung Hi’s acting career is going about as well as I expected. 😉 What is it about models that makes them think they should (or can) be actresses? Being a successful actor requires something called ‘acting ability’, which quite frankly Sung Hi has very little of. Looks are secondary.

  7. One more thing: is it just me, or do you think being a Playboy model has a lot more credibility than appearing in Days of Our Lives and B-movies?

  8. many women consider playboy spread as a portal to a career in entertainment industry. most of the time, being a flavor of the month is the pinnacle & basically the end of their “careers”.

    very few playmates became B-movie actresses, some ended up in porn, some strip, others became circus performers 😉 like anna nicole smith.

  9. Is there any playmate who has become a successful actress? I don’t know of any, yet whenever you read the write-ups for their spreads, they always say their ambition is “to be an actress”. Frankly, I find this pretty sad and pathetic.

  10. i think hef’s wife, shannon tweed was the only woman, who managed to make several silly, straight to cable/video movies. 10 years ago, or so…

    yeah, they all want to be “actresses” & like guys with sense of humour. so how come, i’m not dating them?

  11. Kelly Monaco appears to have something going – she was in Playboy and now is a regular on another soap, tho I don’t know which one.

  12. Marco,
    just to get back to ur questions:
    Days of our lives is probably in the top 3 of day time soaps in the US (does that mean the world?)

    TiVo is the sheeeet. I don’t watch a lot of TV myself, but digital recording on the fly is very cool. Pause live TV, skip commercials, sports – TiVo also has a good UI. I can keep about 80 hours on the $50 box i got thru my sat tv. pay a $5/month service. worth it.

    Dr. Lee,
    “Is there any playmate who has become a successful actress?” you’re forgetting the original: Marilyn Monroe. Jenny Mcarthy also may some what qualify. Dunno about the acting part, but I’m assuming she made some $$ off of her gig on MTV.

    Don’t know if the goal is to be an “actress” or just make a lot of cash. There is considerable salary dif between Playboy and TV soaps.

  13. Nik2, lol, i don’t understand either why they’re not dating you 😉

    tblacksmith, thanks for the update. I’m thinking of buying a DVR myself. Exactly for the reasons you mention. I want to watch on TV what I want, when I want and I want to skip those anoying commercials.

  14. Just noticed on her news page that she will be playing Lady Anne in a new adaptation of Richard III. This is obviously a pretty serious role! Although I’m always happy to see a gorgeous Asian babe on film, she seems like a ridiculous choice, given that there weren’t any Asians in Britain at that time (let alone Lady Anne!).

  15. I don’t care if there weren’t any asian girls in britain at the time.

    Just as long as I get to see Sung-hi dressed up in that old school English dress.

  16. hows about “pamela anderson” – babe watch, home improvement, that video w/ her and tommy lee…oops. But next to Knight Rider, Baywatch was one of the most successful programs on tv. I dont think she ever won an emmy, but she’s still collecting royalty checks.

    If you’re on the west coast (U.S.) you mght also catch Lisa Dergan or Leeann Tweeden (mmmm Leeann) on Fox Sports. They both are sports newscasters. Leeann is also on BlueTorch alot.

    I agree looking fwd to seeing Sung-hi in the old school outfit.

  17. Once again, wasn’t Pamela an actress first? Correct me if I’m wrong. Also, the other two you mention are not actresses but (as you say) newscasters.

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  19. Pamela Anderson was a model for one of the Canadian Beers (Labatts or Molson?) and was ‘discovered’ at a Canadian Football League – not long afterward she was in LA having pics done for Hef and Playboy – and the rest is history.
    Almost every model wants to be an actress – and it’s not because they think they can – it’s because they crave the attention and admiration that actresses get. Believe it or not, Sung Hi is probably insecure deep down – she thinks a lot of people (men) only think of her for her beauty – she wants to be known for something else. I’m surprised she hasn’t married a producer or director yet…

  20. Yeah I read it a few weeks ago and should’ve said something here. I think I’m still recovering from my broken heart…..oh my Sungy….;-(

  21. Happy 39th Birthday to Sung Hi!! Her birthday was back on April 1st. If you’ve seen any of her new photo sets, she’s still gettin’ it done!:)

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