Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

I had never heard of beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons until Friday night when she was featured on the ABC new magazine 20/20. Thirty year old Kimora is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Black and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. At 183cm (6’0″), she is surely not your typical petite Asian girl!

Kimora is the founder of the Baby Phat clothing line, featuring sexy urban fashions for women. Her business has made her a millionaire many times over. She has had a few minor TV and movie appearances as you can see on her IMDB page. For a few more pics of Kimora click on

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

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Kimora Lee Official Website
Kimora Lee on IMDB
Kimora’s Baby Phat website
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  1. Thanks….Yeah, she’s very pretty. For me, I prefer women my height or shorter. I like petite! But I can still appreciate a beautiful woman of any height. 🙂

    I liked her interview on TV. She’s very smart, sassy, confident and for sure has lots of business savvy!

  2. Hey Folks….any other hot female models or celebs that are mixed Asian/Black? I can think of quite a few Black/White like Tyra Banks and Halle Berry. But how about Asian/Black? Anyone?

  3. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is half Black and half Chinese according to what was written up on her when she was featured in Playboy. I was looking for an online reference but the biographies I found were pretty skimpy as far as her family background goes.

    It is funny because I listed Kimora Lee Simmons as one of the black celebrities I find most beautiful when the subject was brought up in a Yahoo Group we both frequent.

  4. Badboy….all I can say is “ooops!”
    I guess I read so many postings in Khwan’s group that your mention of her didn’t register with me. Did you see Kimora on 20/20?

  5. beautiful woman indeed.

    besides that, she the ultimate stuck-up, obnoxious trophy- wife of a rich, short guy 😉 sorry, we live in neighbouring towns, (so her antics make into local newspapers) & my gf works for MTV, so i know enough dirt to judge her, hehe.

    her husband, russel simmons is a cool guy. very down to earth & approachable.

    recently she was busted for driving w/o valid license & for speeding. she made news buying out all lladro porcelain figurines in NJ, decorating her home in anticipation it would be featured on MTV’s “cribs”. when it wasn’t shown as promptly as she wanted, she had a fit.

    the hottest “blackasian” is R/B singer amerie. great legs ( this time doc will agree with me, i’m sure). i cannot find any good pix of her,worthy of independent entry though.

  6. I still prefer them slimmer, but her legs are a lot better than Lena’s! Perhaps a good subject for your own first post Nik2?

    I have to say that these ‘blasian’ girls aren’t quite to my taste. I agree with NorthMan in that I like ’em petite too, but I also find their look a little, well, that ‘p’ word that some people were offended by my use of previously (I’m still looking for a less offensive word to express what I mean!). I say this as somebody who finds a lot of black women quite attractive (Naomi Campbell and especially Tyra Banks are my favourite supermodels).

  7. as i said, i cannot find enough of good stuff on amerie. that woman can sing & dance, looks fantastic BUT there’s nothing remarkable about her on the net. i think she had a nose job between 2002 & 2005.

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