Whatever Happened to Chieko Shiratori?

Chieko Shiratori

After mentioning Chieko Shiratori was a personal favorite of all who’ve stepped into the role of Special Undercover Agent Rei, the heroine from the Zero Woman series (featured here), there were a few who commented to reveal they also shared those feelings, which made it clear that she deserved of an entry of her own.

Not having heard or seen anything from Chieko since her mid-to-late 90s heyday, I did a bit of research to see what the now-35-year-old actress/model, who was billed early in her career as Tieko Shiroto, is up to these days.Chieko is currently listed with a Japanese talent agency, with a photo that looks like it was taken within the last few years, but her inclusion on their roster is most likely just to boost their status. According to her Japanese Wikipedia entry and one other source, the 5’6″ 34-23-35 former “V Cinema” queen retired from show biz in early 2000 and is now living a domestic life with a husband and son.

Sounds likely but until that’s reliably confirmed or unless she one day (hopefully) makes a comeback, I’m afraid Chieko will continue to reside in the “Whatever Happened to..” file and in our memories. So, here’s a little trip down memory lane:

Chieko Shiratori
Her first acting role as Megumi Amano in an episode of a Super Sentai TV production. The name of this series was Gosei Sentai Dairanger and it ran from February 1993 to February 1994. There was also a creature in this episode known as “Lipstick Diva.”

Chieko Shiratori
Appearing as the campaign girl for Suntory Super Hop’s beer was one of Chieko’s earliest modeling gigs.

Chieko Shiratori
Still from her best-known film, Tokyo Blue: Case 1. This film co-starred Tomomi Kuribayashi, who also has quite a fanbase.

Chieko Shiratori Photo Books
The covers of two of Chieko’s most popular photo books; Don’t Panic (1998) and Sirene (released in 2002). Both are available outside of Japan, but not cheaply.

Chieko Shiratori
One of Chieko’s most striking features was her unique aquiline profile.

Chieko Shiratori
It’s clear to see why she was one of Japan’s most popular nude models during the 1990s.

Weekly Playboy #32 - Chieko Shiratori
Gracing the cover of the August 6, 2002 issue of Weekly Playboy. The shot is from the Sirene photo shoot and was probably taken in 1999 or 2000, near the end of her career.

1998 appearance Cheiko made on a TV show that featured V Cinema actresses. The first time I watched this was the first time I heard her real voice, which is quite unlike the deeper-pitched timbres of the voice-over actresses who were chosen to speak her lines for the English-dubbed versions of her movies.

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0 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Chieko Shiratori?”

  1. Stunningly beautiful! She gets better and better the older she gets.
    Loved the tease of the first shot!

    kroos, can’t you tell she just pulled the jockey shorts off the (lucky) guy on the bed, (she’s looking at him) to dry herself off?
    But Joe could’ve told you that too. hehe.

    Hated it when they cut away from her in the video. And she might’ve walked around a bit more too. ;-(

  2. Longtack… I guess that does make a bit of sense.

    Ahhhh… a woman who gets so excited just looking at me that she needs to wipe down before coitus. Less work for me. Perfect.

    Mind you, why does she have to use MY undies? I only have a couple of pairs and wearing crinkly crunchy duds at work all day is not comfortable.

  3. The video clip is typical Japanese TV nonsense, with the guy in the traditional Japanese clothing looking at her body and analysing her character from it. For example he says that she is very stubborn (which she agrees with) and, later, looking at her nose, says that she is easily fooled by men and likes men who are ‘different’, in other words, unusual types.

    Of course it’s all completely ridiculous and just an excuse to look at a pretty girl in a state of undress.

    In any event, she was definitely one of the most gorgeous Japanese girls of the past couple of decades.

  4. She certainly isn’t the prettiest Japanese model, but damn, that body! “Don’t Panic” has pride of place in my shashinshu collection (I’ll have to try and get my hands on Sirene).

  5. Her big eyes (ABOVE her neck!) are very hypnotic and she’s also very photogenic.

    Chieko gets my Check mark as ‘m very attracted to her “different”look

  6. Tis the day called Thanksgiving, when Americans are grateful
    To have a day off and eat food by the plateful.
    The TV was on; good football was playing
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    The stores are all stocked, for the day-after rush
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    Get a computer for cheap; spend your money with glee
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    I sat on my bed, my computer on my lap
    To take a quick look, before starting a nap.
    My first site, of course, the Sirens on the web
    The eyes becoming heavy, wakefulness beginning to ebb.

    Saw the good post by CEC, first up on the list
    At wonder about Chieko, if she still does exist.
    I’d not heard of her before; not familiar to me
    Still I scrolled through the pix; my wandering eyes filled with glee.

    I marveled at this woman, this stunning young Asian
    Who apparently was nude, without much persuasion.
    Then Wingsfan offered more; additional pix to peruse
    My excitement heightened; that knowing ache I could not defuse.

    This woman is stunning – no one here can deny
    Even Doc Lee, on whom we can usually rely.
    Not a bimbo pumped up; not an airbrush in sight
    Her face is just gorgeous; in her body not a slight.

    Now Doc; now Foddy; now Longtack and Kroos
    On Spartan; on Hidy and whomever doth choose
    To gaze on this Siren, who’s retired into life
    Tell my you would; to have this one your wife.

    [With due apologies to Clement Moore]

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