Liliana is an Indonesian model currently living in Sydney. All of her photos are unique. She changes her hair and style a lot. She also sells bows. Who here doesn’t want a bow? LIAR! You know you do.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Indonesian
Located: Sydney






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  1. Travis set it up, but don’t say it.

    I know you want to.

    I know you are dying to.

    I almost said it myself.

    But don’t.

  2. I was a bit undecided when I first saw Liliana’s pics here.
    Then I checked out her iStudio portfolio, and what a port it is!
    Visually stunning!
    The range of ‘looks’ she (or her photographers) manage to coax out of her are wonderful.
    I have a feeling that she will go far in modeling. From Goth to classical, to fun and goofy, she can do the whole range.
    Wonder what the thing is with the 3 (at last count) names?
    Oh, I didn’t mention she’s kinda cute too.

  3. And the variety continues in the Model Mayhem site.
    Even enjoyed the titles to many of her images.

  4. I’ve been quietly watching and appreciating this webiste from a distance for over a year now. I’ve seen manny beautiful girls during this time, and like it most when you fearture JAV girls, however, I’ve never seen who I consider to be one of the prettiest Asian of all time, Taiwan’s very own: “Xiao S” or 小S. Please, please, please look her up. She’s a bit bitchy, but an absolute doll! While living in Taiwan a few years ago I would lay out of work so that I could watch her daytime TV talk show. She was well worth the pay cut!!

  5. I don’t think she is particularly attractive but she certainly gets the best out of herself and the end results are very good. I don’t mind the tat, it is at least something a bit different.

  6. I might buy a bow or two from her but not if she’s overcharging for ’em 🙂 Definitely love the body type ..

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