What women want…

An interview with photographer Becky Yee. She spent some time photographing Japanese girls who get paid for sex. The main reason these girls do this is to buy name brand bags or apparel.

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  1. Sex sells. Depending on the girl, they can offer something as simple as just a regular date, or go out to a movie theater and get fondled, or just go somewhere and have sex. I do find it a bit silly their reasoning for doing this, but I don’t have a problem with it.

  2. i would reluctantly agree with candyman. in one form or another there is always an exchange for something. it all goes to biology. men wants to spread as much of their seeds as possible and women want providers. please dont flame me πŸ™‚

    i get comments from “good to do girls” all the time, “I would never sell myself for money” But they are willing to pick the most wealthy men or career men to be their spouse, whether love or no love. It all comes down to an exchange: money, power, security for Koochie from some hotties πŸ™‚ it is good to be sugardaddy sometime….:))

  3. I think that is a HUGE generalization!

    You can’t compare a girl going out on a date and getting fondled to deciding to have sex on camera for money, for a living or career.

    The main difference here is girls that do porn have decided that this is how they have decided to make a living because they feel this is the best chance they have to be successful and at the same time check their morals at the door…girls that pick rich guys to be their sugar daddy, are just using someone to get ahead…but it should be remembered that they rich guys they are using for money, are probably also just using them for easy sex…they aren’t stupid and probably have a few…

  4. Actually Punsher22, it is you who are making the generalisations, based on a long and unquestioned series of assumptions going back for millenia. Many women who choose to work in the sex industry are taking control of how they make money from their bodies; women who marry themsleves off to a rich guy are handing over control to him. It’s just more socially acceptable based on religious tradition, which has always tried to suppress women’s sexuality so as to control them. Many modern women are choosing not to be sucked in by this.

  5. i think that, regardlesss of your opinion on it (and i do have an opinion, which i have stated in other threads here), you have to look at the social conditions that create the female mindset: “i need some money. i better go find a guy to have sex with”.

    it manifests itself in different, yet down deeper very similar, ways in japan and here in thailand. i could write a book…

  6. The situation is a bit different in Thailand than in Japan, but the fact remains is that sex sells. Girls in Japan can make good money for the little time that they spend out on a date or having sex with someone, or whatever, which is why they do it.

    We live in a materialistic world and people will do what they can to get what they want. That’s just how it is.

  7. Sounds to me as if Ms. Yee is the one who’s a tad uncomfortable/ambivalent here.I agree with Dr. Lee’s last post.Whatever reason women go into the sex trade for-as long as it is’nt forced-it’s NOT A BAD THING.The bad thing is the mindset of those who fear a womans’ control of her sexuality.A man who exposes himself to permanent physical damage by running up & down a field with a pigskin in his hand is not only well compensated …but considered heroic.A man who works 16 hour days in investment banking making millions-only to feed that money back to his coke dealer,his sex worker(s) and a vacation house in Aspen is considered a genius.Double standard? Yep.No one is above making bad decisions with money.Like any other career field-some will profit handsomely…others will end up broke.Personally I prefer the honesty of dealing with providers as opposed to jumping through the hoops of “traditional male/female relationships.Near as I can tell-so do they.

  8. Right on stripes! We men have always known that women have held the ultimate power over us – our penises – and throughout history we’ve tried to suppress this power, by making women feel ashamed of their sexuality. I am happy to live at a point in history where many women have woken up to this – and even better some men too. If we’re all just honest, open and strightforward about sex, things will go a lot more smoothly for everyone. And the double standards about how men and women make and use money must end.

  9. In my opinion, I see no difference between dating women and having premarital intercourse than having sex with a prostitute accept for the fact that the former is socially acceptable.

    Its like George Carlin said:


    I’ve heard Prostitutes use that argument too – about married women and girfriends being CLOSET HOOKERS who basically have sex for money and lavish items from their men. My problem with that is the fact that prostitution demeens women in the minds of men and it tends to endager children as well as the public health .

    Some countries turned prostitution into a UNIONIZED Organization where health codes actually apply and women are screened periodically for STD’s. Once you take child endangerment and the threat of disease out of Prostitution, I personally have nothing against it. Afterall, I don’t feel I should have the right to tell people what they do with their bodies – EVEN THOUGH the governments of Christian countries FEEL THAT THEY DO.

    I personally feel that in most countries, there is no longer sanctity in marriage. America has a high divorce rate and an even higher percentage of men who’ve cheated on their wives that haven’t been caught.

    Marriage nowadays is about drawing up legal documents for children and assets (money/ wealth) – but, marriage should never ever become a SEX FOR MONEY deal.


    I don’t think making prostitution ILLEGAL is about curtailing a woman’s sexuality. I personally believe Prostitution is morally wrong be it a man or a woman and it poses health risks to the community . Afterall, AIDS isn’t on in uprise in Asia because of anything less than sex tourism and prostitution.

    Imagine if Prostitution were perfectly legal not only in the lawbooks but the minds of citizens?

    Young boys would take their allowance down to the neighborhood whore for a blowjob.

    STD’s would rage through our streets like the air itself. Frankly I’d rather not open Pandora’s box. We have a big enough problem with AIDS as it is.

    If you really want to stop women’s sexuality from being controlled, you gotta go to these damn muslim countries which chop Clitorises off and force women under Burkas hiding their faces.
    I’d rather free them than the Iraqis.

  11. I’d kind of like to know how many American girls prostitute themselves to men so they can afford new cellphones, Jordan sneakers and various other types of clothes.

    I refuse to believe all these young girls, who are unemployed might I add, are getting this stuff legally. Especially not after seeing MAURY POVICH every morning.

  12. i don’t know how some of you here equate a woman who has no educational or other decent job prospects going into the sex trade in order to make enough money to support her family and maybe even a kid and husband (!) with a woman being in control of her body and her sexuality. it’s exactly the opposite. it’s society telling a woman that all she has that is worth anything is her sex. that is the situation here in thailand. some of you should bear that in mind next time you come on vacation here if you meet those girls. very few of them will tell you that they enjoy the work or that they wouldn’t like to do something else if they were able.

    as for japan, schoolgirls f**king for money there is nothing new, but when it’s for petty stuff like buying designer clothes, etc., it again just shows what society and pop-culture is teaching these girls: “if you want something, just open your legs and you can have it.” if women were REALLY in control of their bodies (and their lives), they wouldn’t have to open their legs to get what they want, would they?

  13. Once again, when prostitution is legal – as it is here in Australia – these negatives largely disappear. Sex workers are required by law to use protective contraception and undergo regular health checks, so the helath risks are minimal. And when it’s legal, women are able to choose it as a professional career – it’s only dominated by the criminal element when it’s illegal. There’s nothing immoral about it either, as long as everyone’s a willing participant – that’s just another double-standard brought about by men to suppress women’s sexuality.

    Many girls here work as prostitutes to put themsleves through university to become doctors, lawyers or whatever. Or some just do it as a long term career. After all, it has many advantages. It’s one of very few (if any) industries where there’s virtually zero buraeucracy. You can work for yourself with virtually no startup costs, you don’t have to suck up to anybody to climb the corporate ladder, and you can make good profit right away. You can choose your own schedule, price structure, and the customers you want to deal with. What other profession has all these advantages?

  14. stripes…right on brother!….I too believe that unless it is forced, a woman has the right to do as she pleases with her body for either personal gain or to support her family. It is her body, she can do as she pleases. it is a misconception that the woman is somehow being oppressed because of prostitution. I believe the reverse is true. a woman has the power in most of these situation and it is the man that is the victim here πŸ™‚ (happily to be a victim)

    i have much more respect for a prostitute who works hard to earn money to take care of her family than any doctor or lawyer who works just to provide for himself and not take care of his family. it is not the profession that you are in but how you effect those around you.

    what a double standard..i wish us dudes can go out there and make a living screwing ugly, overweight, cheap ass women:))…i sure need a new cell phone:)


    as for japan, schoolgirls f**king for money there is nothing new, but when it’s for petty stuff like buying designer clothes, etc., it again just shows what society and pop-culture is teaching these girls: “if you want something, just open your legs and you can have it.”…..

    Well said Newworks. I’m not sure what is worse, a woman who lives in such terrible conditions she must sell her body to make enough money to feed her children or to be able to afford food/drug habits/ rent…


    a woman who sells her pss just so she can buy MOTOROLA’S latest cellphone/ the newest Gucci Bag.

    Either way its selling her body – its just that you’d like to think prostitution has some greater good behind it.

    The soceity that sets up economic conditions where things like this must become the norm just to meet the basic needs is more damnable than the woman. After all, no woman should be forced into prostitution because THERE IS NO OTHER WORK AVAILABLE to meet her basic needs.

    Speaking of nasty sex…how about this chick?


  16. CLM, if you read evreybody’s comments carefully, you’ll see that in reality almost all women sell their bodies. It’s just a question of how they choose to go about it. Prostitution is the most direct, controlled and honest way to do it. And once again, if it’s legal, the negatives normally associated with it largely disappear.

    I agree that its sad when it’s a women’s only choice to make good money (as it is in many poor countries), but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be allowed to make that choice of their own volition (as many women do here in Australia). If women can’t make good money doing anything else, that’s the fault of that country’s economy, not prostitution itself.

  17. DR. LEE

    I’ve got to disagree with you.

    If you think Prostitution is NOT IMMORAL and is ok legalized then we might as well do the same thing for Pederasts and Drugs.

    Its all based on philosphy and Theology yes, but I think there is something morally wrong about selling yourself to the highest bidder – whether that bid is $20 or $20,000.

    Shit, if that was the case, I’d sell my cock to horney old rich women so I could buy a Lamborghini Lp640 with a liscence plate that said “GIGGOLO” on the back.

    I’ve actually been propositioned for sex by 40 year old women but the “she’s too old gag factor” was too much for me.

  18. Hey CLM…what was that?…me like:)

    i love japan…need to go there and buy some cellphones for the girls ; )

  19. Once again CLM, almost all women sell themsleves to the highest bidder. It’s just that those who sell themsleves to one man only are considered more respectable. But that’s just BS pedelled by man who are threatened by the power of women’s sexuality.

  20. I agree that its sad when it’s a women’s only choice to make good money (as it is in many poor countries), but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be allowed to make that choice of their own volition (as many women do here in Australia). If women can’t make good money doing anything else, that’s the fault of that country’s economy, not prostitution itself.

    Just because the economy of a country is fucked up doesn’t mean that its OK for women to sell their bodies. Under that logic, narcotic drug dealing and gambling should be legal to.

  21. I would sell myself for a Lambo πŸ™‚

    CLM-we are all whores at one time or another in our lives, may as well get pay for it. I think with the exception of forced sex and sex involving children or animals πŸ˜‰ most vice can be properly controlled which can lead to better condition for those involved.

    Prostitution when it is the woman’s choice to do as she pleases with her body is a victimless crime. the true victims are the men…especially when they have to pay $500 in Vegas!…damn that was expensive:) but i digressed…

    CLM..the women have it good man…there is not much demand for a 6’7″ black dude or a short asian guy in this business so we might as well be the consumers πŸ™‚

  22. Someone has a problem with selling their services to the highest bidder? Welcome to capitalism 101. Happens all the time, every day. Attorneys, politicians, doctors, jobhunters, you name it, they sell themselves to the highest bidder. Apparently some people have a problem with that only when it happens to involve sex. Then its a MORAL issue.

    Quick paths to good money are ok, unless it involves sex. Teenagers from the ghetto strive to play pro sports because they want the quick payoff, and to earn a lot of dough. People buy lottery tickets because they want a quick payoff and to earn a lot of dough. People start up companies and rush to go public for the quick payoff and to earn a lot of dough.

    But when a woman decides that her route to the quick payoff is to strip her clothes, or to have SEX (god forbid), then that is morally wrong. Ok, I think have the picture now.

    And regarding all those predictions about how society would just fall apart if prostitution were legal. Well, I just think about all those countries where it is legal, and you know, they’re functioning ok.

    What really surprised me was that Becky was shocked that those women were so average, so normal. So what the hell did she think they were going to be? Oh, immoral.

  23. Newworks, go ask all those Thai girls why they simply don’t get a job at Robinson’s, or 7-11, or in one of the electronics factories. Turns out that many of them used to work in those places. And they turned to the trade because the money is sooooo much better.

    Also ask those Thai girls who DO have regular jobs that are working the discos on the weekends for a little extra cash. Again, they want more money.

  24. Actually, the crime rate – especially violent crime – is much lower in countries with legalised prostitution. Society actually benefits from legalised prostitution, as it allows men to release their urges in a legal and accessible way – and when it’s legal, prostitution becomes more affordable due to open compettition as well.

  25. Dr. Lee

    I’ve heard the arguments behinds legalized prostitution as well as legalized narcotics, etc,etc.

    Sure the crime rate might go down in those countries when you take the criminal elements out, but, what no one ever talks about is how in Holland they have unwanted children living in CAGES – also being sexually exploited – and how entire communities of these Dutch White people are DRUGGED OUT.

    Certain things SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL and prostitution is one of them. If you show young people they can just spread their legs or open their mouths for quick cash, all you will create is rampant pedophilia and immorality.

    If you think legalised prostitution is ok, do you feel the same way for young boys selling their bodies to old men?

    America’s prison industrial complex will never legalize prostitution or narcotics – not just because of the Christian theocracy, but because of all the money that can be made throwing our brothers and sisters in jail.

  26. Dr Lee,

    I also feel that it is wrong to trivialize marriage by subjecting it to the chaos of illegal crimes such as prostitution. Sure we can make jokes about marriage in relation to prostitution, but ultimately, those criticism are made by people who want to justify in their minds the rationale behind sucking penises for money.

    As I said before, I heard Prostitutes calling married women and girls with boyfriends closet whores. The difference is, most of these people are in a relationship rather than just a 10 minute ejaculation. Most of these women aren’t sucking guys off just to afford food and rent.

    ALL RELATIONSHIPS fall into one of a few categories.

    In the long run, prostitution is similar to PARASITISM. The host is used by the parasite and MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY harmed. I bet you’ll never find a woman selling her body who can’t give you at least 3 horror stories of a guy who was too rough or a guy who physically abused them.

    MARRIAGE and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are about MUTUALISM, COMMENSALISM and in some cases PARASITISM – which usually ends in a divorce.

    MUTUALISM is where both people benefit. COMMENSALISM is where one benefits and the other just goes along for the ride neither bennefitting or suffering.

  27. CLM, you have failed to provide a single reason why prostitution should be illegal, apart from it being supposedly ‘immoral’. I don’t buy religious bullshit, I deal in facts. And the facts say that legalising prostitution benefits society. I don’t know of any single way a society has been worse off after legalising it – but the benefits have been numerous and demonstrable.

  28. And another thing CLM: every worker has their horror stories of arsehole bosses, customers etc. Prostitution is no different from any other job in this respect (and probably a good deal better then many, especially if the girl is good at judging her clients). Women in abusive relationships often have a hard time getting out; prostitutes just move on the next customer.

  29. If you think that women who go into prostitution are taking control of their bodies and choosing this as a way to make money, career and a life…then you are mistaken.

    Having lived in Asia for quite some time and in Sydney where I am from, I do know that most women that are prostitutes really are there as a last possible resort and certainly not doing it by choice. Any of us who actually live in Asia know that the prostitutes here all have serious issues either socially or financially.

    Even in Australia most hookers are f&^%ed and normally have an addiction they need to finance or a financial goal they need to achieve and using their bodies for paid sex is the only way they can make the money.

    Do you really think that a well educated girl that had a chance at a career would choose to be a prostitute over say being a corporate executive, a lawyer, a flight attendant etc etc

    Japan may be an exception, but in Thailand, China, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and even Singapore the prostitutes are not in control of how they make money…it is actually very sad.

    The only exception to this are the very high-class hookers that charge 3 – 5k for a night…now THAT is taking control!

  30. one thing i dont understand. in the us there is more stigma attached to prostitutes but not as much for porn stars. it seems to be very similar but yet if you claim you are doing it for the purpose of making a film for entertainment instead of boinking for money, then somehow you are above the fray.

    CLM – you are entitled to your opinion as to prostitution but the girls features here on this site is doing very similar things, basically selling their beautiful bodies for money. either a Race Queen, or any other types of idols, it basically come down the same thing, sex for money. I think you and I may have somewhat a different mind set then most people from other countries who are more open to these things. In the US, we are still very much shackled by our puritan’s morals.

    Punsher – one thing i learned growing up is that we should not judge others. granted in most cases, women would probably not prefer to f*ck for money, but we are not in their shoes, so it would be hard to assume the whys and hows of their decisions to do what they do. We are all adults and should be free to do as we please as long as it does not hurt anyone else. I would believe that most of the women who get in to prostitutions because they see it as a way to support themselves or their family. not all of us can have the opportunity to be doctors, lawyers ro work at 7/11 πŸ™‚ even if the prostitutes are working to support their addictions or whatever, it is their rights to do so………i guess this argument is in the similar line as Abortion in the US….a woman should have a right to choose to do what she wants with her body without the president to the US, the Congress, the supreme court, their husbands, fathers or any religious leaders telling them what to do….i will off my soapbox now:)….can we get back to looking at prostitutes please:))

  31. Lawboy – i agree, i am certainly not one to judge and so not think that its is wrong…my point is that most women who go into protitution are not doing becuse they want to, its because they have to.

  32. unfortunately this is the case for all women..not just the japanese schoolgirls..look at those playboy models…they all want to get a quick fame by posing nude..which then would lead them to ..what else..EASY MONEY or rich husbands..and I am not just talking Playboy USA…it’s worldwide…that’s why even a poor muslim girl like Tiara lestar from Indonesia would pose nude for them…and she got “the quick fame”…but unfortunately for her, the fame also quickly vanished after she stopped posing nude.

  33. now don’t even mention that playboy is a form of “ART” that’s just a bunch of BS…women want to be seen nude to get what they want, men want to see nude women..to get what they want..now this is also called “prostitution” except in an indirect way…

  34. Punsher22, as a fellow Aussie you really should know better. It’s a statistical fact that many girls who are putting themsleves through university here choose this profession over others, due to the relatively large amount of money they can make in relatively little time. These girls are not fucked up; they know exactly what they want and how to get it, and are often studying to become doctors, lawyers or whatever.

    There are still many drug addicts in this industry, yes, but they are usually drug addicts first – they are attracted to this industry because of the money they can make from it. Prostitution does not make them drug addicts. Also, there is still a lot of the old ‘illegal’ mindset, as it has only been legalised quite recently. This will eventually disappear as it becomes more accepted (and people stop putting prostitutes down on ‘moral’ grounds). If anybody actually has become a drug addict from being a prostitute, it’s probably because of how guilty and immoral everyone tries to make them feel about it.

    And I absolutely agree with lawboy – why the hell do many Americans think it’s okay to do it in front of a camera, but not behind closed doors? This just doesn’t make any sense.

  35. DR LEE

    The reason why Prostitution should stay illegal is because minus the morality and diseases if you allow the government to figure out how to profit off of selling pussy, you’ll basically be opening up a new door to exploitation to which the likes mankind has never seen.

    PEople are wroking DEAD END jobs in Walmarts and BEst Buys trying to get buy…imagine a corporate prostitution center – call it BREAST BUY – a huge building where men come to pay women for sex. The sex workers will be getting fucked all day just to make a TAXED paycheck and the guys will be going home BROKE everyday to their wives – or even worse, since they spend all their money on pussy, they won’t get married or have children until its too late and the world’s population will be in decline.

    Men have sex just to get their nut. If they fuck prostitutes thinking its just good clean business they’ll be too damn tired to come home and screw their wives… that will lead to the wife cheating on her husband with someone else, DIVORCE, and a declining economy.

  36. The governments will use prostitution to finance wars – but most likely, there will be no one to fight cause the men will be recuperating from all the sex they just had.

    Keep in mind, sex releases alot of tension and stress in men – and requires ALOT of recuperation time. I go to sleep for like 3 hours right after busting a nut for example.

    If porn is a multi billion dollar industry, PROSTITUTION Would be a multi-multi- billion dollar industry. Prositution legalized would probably DESTROY the porn industry since I assume men would perfer to get SUCKED off than to JERK OFF.

    Prostitutes would end up getting RICH. That is unless the government taxed them to death. And if the government taxed them say 26%, those women would most likely be better off just busting their asses at a Walmart.

  37. Those reasons are silly. Why is there so much hatred towards prostitution when it’s been around for 5000+ years? Why is it wrong to have sex with someone for money, yet it’s acceptable to watch a girl on film having sex for money, or watch them shake their ass for money, or other forms of adult entertainment?

    Some say it will lead to widespread disease, but not if you practice safe sex. Like the gov’t actually cares about the health of people with all the pollution that’s going on, not allowing people to get cheaper drugs from Canada, allowing cigarettes to still be sold when they are full of carcinogens, etc.

    And it’s not the gov’t cares about morality when porn and other forms of adult ent. are legal. The gov’t can’t talk to me about morality when they’re starting wars based on lies and have politicians that send X-rated emails to teenage boys.

    Prostitution will remain illegal in the U.S. because the gov’t can’t tax it. If it was legal, you would get rid of alot of the human trafficing, child molestation, and rape that’s going on today.

  38. Once again CLM, it has been legal in many countries for years, and none of the things you are so afraid of have happened. Indeed, as prostitution will always happen anyway, making it legal actually improves most of the things you are concerned about, especially the exploitation and health issues. Your arguments are becoming hysterical and absurd – once again, where it has been legalised society has only benefited.

  39. DR LEE


    I don’t want prostitution legalised in America. So long as people continue to vote the way they do here, IT WILL NEVER BE LEGALISED.

    Even though I’ve heard the horror stories about drug use rising among countries with legalized prostitution, I don’t want to see America fall into that hole.

    Simply, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE – let the rest be immoral if they choose.

  40. It is interesting that someone who enjoys watching porn is against prostitution since they are very similar in that they are both sex for pay.

  41. Oh my.. Thank you newworks and CLM!!

    As to the idea that being a wife or a girlfriend is comparable to prostitution – this is so basically written as to be defensible but is about as unsophisticated and ineloquent as any other bullshit soundbite. Prostitution is job, being a life-partner is a role. It’s perfectly fine if your relationships consist of you buying your women dinner and purses in exchange for sucking you off, but to imply that all men are motivated into a relationship for sex and all women are motivated into a relationship for luxery goods is about as provincially redneck as it gets.

    Porn is more widely socially acceptable because those in a committed relationship can watch porn – and it’s not betrayal or cheating or breaking vows. Porn is effectively a Sex Toy – prostitution, however, is not.

    I figure prostitution is around, it may as well be legal to keep the girls clean. It’s not going to prevent those issues of servitude, desperatism, etc, …but maybe it can help some of the cases.

    What’s always going to get people’s rocks clacking about prostituion is it is inherently a sexist industry. It reinforces ideas that women’s value rests in large part upon her physical appearance and her ability to please a man, whereas men are allowed to be fat, ugly, smelly, etc.

    Honestly, this is why I have a fondness for Latin culture – men are expected to be clean, dress nicely, and take care of their bodies – just like women!!!

  42. Badboy,

    watching porn and advocating for legalised prostitution ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

    I never said I was PRO PORNOGRAPHY.
    If there was a good valid reason to make porno illegal – even if that reason was simply morality – I’d be with it.

    Problem is, I’d be under more pressure to hurry up and marry so I’d have a nice stable supply for sex.

    What Dr Lee fails to recognize is the fact that holy books specifically state “NO ADULTERY”, and “PROSTITUTION IS A SIN” ala Mary Magdelane.

    If he is an aetheist, then fine, he can believe what he wants. For anyone to simply call the Holy Books “bullshit” is to basically call God a LIAR.

    You can take your chances with that one but, I’d rather not.

    People who watch porn treat it with stigmata – they watch it underhandedly, will lie about it and know that publicly, they would be scrutinized for it.
    Porn Stars are scrutinized and harassed publicly too.

    The difference is, pornography was able to make the cut at the point where immorailty became acceptible simply because #1, it was a potential Multi Billion Dollar industry which couldn’t be prohibited (prohibition didn’t work with Alcohol either) and #2 Porn is probably the most EFFICIENT sex education tool.

    You can watch free porn in a variety of ways and Anyone can make porn, even a loving, married couple. The demand for visual sexual stimulation is probably infinitely higher than the demand to censor it.

    I think it is ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR for you to keep lumping things on top of Prostitution to compare them…
    How can you dare compare MARRIAGE – PROSTITUTION – PORNOGRAPHY – “every other job where people feel upset every now and then” including FOOTBALL and pro sports?

    That’s fecicious and ridiculous.

    If thats the case, you might as well compare Apples – Oranges – Watermelons with comonalities such as they are all fruits and all contain vitamin C.

    That is why a battle of Philosophies is ultimately a waste of time.

    The basic truth is, right now PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL IN THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD. I believe it should STAY THAT WAY. If the world swings the vote (which it probably won’t) that might change.

    But I feel that there is just something inhuman about selling your privates to get ahead.

  43. Here is a question….

    If you were a male prostitute and women didn’t want you… would you sell yourself to Bill Gates if he wanted to sodomize you overnight for 3 million dollars? WHY or WHY NOT?

  44. ranacubana

    Thanks for the support. LEgalizing prostitution to me is some Far Left – ultra liberal shit. I personally am a Liberal Republican but there are some things I simply think are just stupid.

    For example, alot of these self proclaimed “educated” Republicans believe LIFE STARTS AT CONCEPTION.

    With a background in science I know that’s ridiculous.

    #1 – Out of the hundreds of millions of sperm in a cumshot, all but one of them are going to die since only one can fertilize the egg.

    #2 – A Baby isn’t “alive” until it can feel “PAIN” which doesn’t happen until the Cerebrum is activated. Until then, a growing fetus is nothing but a collage of blood vessels – not much different than uncooked chicken breasts.

    The problem is that these “educated” Republicans are in office and make policies dictating the lifestyles of everyone else who thinks differently. I supposse that DEVIANCE is the only way to show people who push their points of view to laws that the people WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED and WILL NOT ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE DICTATED TO.

    Send a message to these fuckin Neocons this November.


  45. I definitely would!

    Let’s see…..I could slave away at my current J.O.B. for the next thirty years, taking it up the a$$ every single day… or I could get reamed for one unholy night by the anti-christ…I mean ‘Big Willy G’…and still take home more than I would make in my life — and it’s all tax-free to boot!


  46. And what’s with all this “immoral” stuff? I thought the Crusades ended a few years back? Did they start up again when I went out to get that tub of rootbeer gelato?

  47. mmm…. rootbeer gelato!

    Morality is, simply put, the distinction between right and wrong.

    Perhaps in this situation, we can agree the right thing is to treat women with respect – understand that prostitution is one word that denotes a variety of different situations, and that in some of those situations, is unfortunate. It is for those situations in which prostitution is on par to the emotional or physical abuse of another human – it is those situations which make some want to eliminate the habit – and make others turn to governmental recourses.

    Whatever else one believes about prostitution, women need and deserve the oppurtunity to become educated in order to make their own choices of morality. Sadly, this isn’t happening.

  48. Bill can molest me for 3 million πŸ™‚ I guess we can agree to disagree on this issue. I think Dr. Lee and myself and others share one point of view and CLM an Rana have a different view.

    but please dont preach about the morality of prostitution because there are things that modern developed countries do to third world countries that is highly immoral.

    At lease CLM and I agreed on pro-choice.

    CLM please consider this issue again. A woman has the right to do as she pleases with her body. if you have a problem with prostitution you should have a problem with all type of female exploitations…porn, pix, models, girl friends, wives, race queen….those teenage girls who have sex for stuff…any articles and pix on this site. you cant differentiate one type of exploitation to another CLM. as far as i can tell you enjoy naked women as much as i do…

    RANA….not all clients of prostitutes are ugly, fat and smelly…..lets not generalize too much…some people think that the customers are the type of men who can not get laid on their own..but for most of them, it is just a matter of economic or time management. For most of the customers, most have to be professionals businessmen, doctors, lawyers to be able to afford such a hobby. no one likes a stinky person, prostitutes or not:)

  49. CLM, if you are afraid of some imaginary super being in the sky that’s your perogative, but that doesn’t give you the right to impose your ‘moral’ standards on those of us who are unafraid to see reality – especially as there have been more truly immoral things done in the name of God than anything else.

    One of the truly immoral things long done in the name of God is the suppression of women. I respect ranacubana’s opinion (at least her arguments are logical!), but the fact is, when prostitution is legalised, it leads to less exploitation of women, not more. And if a woman wants to use her sexual power to make money, that is her choice, not any other woman’s (regradless of whether she thinks it reinforces sexual stereotypes or not). And don’t forget, there are male prostitutes too!

    Furthermore, prostitution doesn’t have to be ‘cheating’ either: in Japan, women recognise that men have to release their urges, and actually encourage them to pay to do so (they pack condoms in their husbands’ suitcases when they travel!). If you accept that prostitutes are simply providing a service (not a relationship), then it isn’t cheating. Indeed, if men can’t see a prostitute, then they are more likely to have an affair – and that definitely is cheating!

  50. One more thing CLM: it is you who classified prostitution as a type of relationship (review your own comments). It is not a relationship, it is a job, and just like every other job, it has its positives and its negatives.

    However, many men prefer to see prostitutes instead of going to the trouble (and time) of maintaining a relationship, just as some might use porn as a substitute for a relationship (or their career, hobby or whatever). Conducting a successful relationship is hard these days, and many men (and women too!) have simply chosen to opt out. I am lucky to have been in a great relationship for many years now, but not everyone is able to meet the right person – or they simply prefer the freedom of being single. They have the right to make that choice, and legal prostitution helps single men to release the primal urges they simply can’t ignore.

  51. Dr LEE.

    If Prostitution causes emotional or physical damage to a “host” then it is a relationship and it IS PARISITISM.

    Any time any two organisms react to one another you have the very basica definition of a “RELATIONSHIP”.

    Furthermore, You claim prostitution leads to LESS exploitation of women if legalized than if it is illegal.

    Funny thing is, you also claimed
    prostitutes can choose their own clientelle with zero startup costs,etc…

    There is no way in hell Prostitution could be a LEGAL job without TAXES…even the Vatican charges a pussy tax.

    If you have to fuck for money and then pay taxes, you are being exploited just like the typical walmart employee. The only difference, one allows someone to use their body for orgasms and the other simply sells cheap Chinese made items.

    Furthermore, mocking God as a superbeing floating in the sky isn’t funny at all – its tasteless.

  52. Hey Doc, im not saying prostitution makes them drug addicts, no far from it. You are 100% correct, they were addicts before and use this as a way to make money and fund their habbit.

    Also i dont think it is immoral or that it should be illegal, why should it be? If thats what someone wants – either a man that wants some affection, or a women who wants to make money – let them!

    All i was trying to say is that most, not all, dont choose the profession as the ideal choice for a career. It may be a means to an end in Australia, but in Asia its not quite that simple.

  53. Thanks for the response Punsher22. I agree there are serious problems in this industry in Asia, but once again making it legal would be a first step to bringing these problems under control. That’s how it works in countries where it has been legalised, such as here in Australia.

    CLM: tax is not a startup cost – you aren’t charged tax until you start earning money! And you are effectively admiting here that legalising prostitution makes it just like any other job. So what’s the problem? Any job has the potential to cause emotional or physical harm, and most jobs involve interaction with other people, which would make them relationships by your (ridiculously wide) definition.

    You may be offended by me mocking God, but I am deeply offended by people using him as an excuse to suppress women, invade other countries and to commit countless other real sins in his name. If God actually existed, I would tell him to get his act together.

  54. True I agree. Why keep it illegal, especially in Asia?

    The industry will continue to thrive even though it is illegal…any one who has been to Bangkok knows that is true! What’s worse is that being illegal, the industry is controlled by the mafia, underground organizations or corrupt officials.

    At least if it were legal, perhaps the industry would clean up its ways?

  55. Absolutely! You can’t stop it from happening, so when it’s illegal it’s controlled by organised crime, which leads to all the problems normally associated with prostitution. Make it legal, then legal business operators will take over, and it can be governed by the law. And workers will have the same legal protections (and responsibilities) as other workers.

  56. DR LEE
    “Absolutely! You can’t stop it from happening, so when it’s illegal it’s controlled by organised crime, which leads to all the problems normally associated with prostitution. ”

    So basically you want to LEGALIZE CRIMES.

    We all see how ending prohibition of alcohol and ending anti-Sodomy laws worked out.
    Alcohol related deaths skyrocketed.
    AIDS contraction skyrocketed.

    Just because people WANT SOMETHING doesn’t mean it is safe and that they should have it.

    Under your idealogies, we should legalize every crime the organized criminal element controls: prostitution, drugs and god knows what else – just to stop the criminal element.

    I’ve heard this same argument before and I think its ridiculous.

    What I perfer is that we get even tougher on criminal elements. I’m talking about DRAGON SKIN Armored SWAT Teams busting down doors, with assault rifles, flashbanging everyone in the room and either capturing or killing everyone involved in that crime…

    The problem is no one is tough on these crimes and allow them to operate under certain tolerances. I’d be so tough on crime that you wouldn’t even think about committing a criminal act. Afterall most prostitutes continue to do what they do because they know jail’s aren’t tough and they’ll be right back out on the street in a day or two – and most countries don’t prosecute prostitution anyway.

    How about prostitution in Arab Muslim countries that EXECUTE for it?

  57. CLM – thank god you don’t have any influence in this world!

    How could you possibly relate legalising an acceptable industry [at least in Asia and Australia] such as prostitution to legalising every crime in the world?

    How did you make that correlation?

    Actually I agree with you about getting tough on crime, if I am not mistaken you are American and if any country needs to get its act together on crime and tolerance, its the US.

  58. i don’t know about tolerance; americans are very open-minded and tolerant on the whole and, regardless of certain times when the country (or portions of it) has lost its way, the country was founded on very egalitarian principles and those principles show show in present-day u.s. society, the laws that govern the nation, and the values that most of us hold dear.

    but crime… the u.s. has big a problem. more specifically, crimes with guns. there are too many and they are far too easy to get. the news this past week from the u.s. really turns my stomach; amish schoolgirls gunned down and another 13-y.o. boy with a gun at his junior high school? this shit just never stops there. i used to think that japanese people were annoying when they always say “america is not safe”. but they are right. too many guns.

    why? because the constitution says that everyone has the right to bear arms. that’s one egalitarian principle that certainly has its downside, but it actually kinda proves my first point. haha!

    this is the end of the off-topic essay. πŸ™‚

  59. The thing is, it’s all about just being a good ol’ human. πŸ™‚

    Moral, immoral, right, wrong, legal, illegal, agree, argue, etc etc. We are compelled by our DNA to do both — it’s what makes us human. So really, everything commented on above is just the way it should be. That’s why everyone is so happy πŸ™‚

    On the side: considering current world events, it would be a bloody shame to have a war in Korea/Asia and blow up countless numbers of hot babes. I say the war (any war) should be fought in California — get rid of the overstock of blonde bimbos and hopefully tag a few nut-job movie actors/execs along the way! ha!

  60. CLM, your argument is an absurd exercise in circular reasoning – prostitution is only a crime if you call it a crime. As long as everyone’s a willing perticipant, it harms no one. And as has been shown repeatedly by the countries that have legalised it , there are no discernible ill-effects from doing so. Indeed, there are many positive ones, especially as regards the health and safety issues that so concern you.

    Anyway, I’m repeating myself, as are you. I think everyone’s getting pretty bored and frustrated with your absurd non-arguments and ridiculously extreme opinions by now, so I will be deleting any further comments from you on this subject. This has gone more than far enough.

    And while I’m at it CLM, I have received a few complaints regarding the frequent crassness and juvenile boastfulness of many of your comments. As I normally only delete really nasty comments I have not deleted any of your’s, but we would all appreciate it if you could tone things down a bit.

  61. Oh yeah newworks, I absolutely agree with your last comment: shootings are unquestionably a real crime that does serious harm to people, and the US has an absolutely massive problem with it. And the kinds of ‘solutions’ to ‘crime’ that CLM suggests would almost certainly only make this problem worse.

  62. I wanted to clarify what I last wrote about prostitution and porn both involving paid sex. I was writing that from the female performer’s perspective not the person who watches it. For example, if these Japanese girls discussed in the video clip performed in porn instead of prostitution to buy expensive bags, would that be somehow more acceptable? Like I wrote earlier, I just find it a bit strange that someone who enjoys watching porn (thus supporting its existence) would be against prostitution.

    Given the above comment by Lee, I realize you can’t reply here but you are welcome to reply in my Asian Divas Yahoo Group.

  63. newworks

    The constitution’s right to bear arms is OUTDATED and ridiculous. It has been misinterpreted to the benefit of ARMS DEALERS such as GLOCK, SIG and Smith & WESSON just so they can sell their product to people who really aren’t mentally stable to have them.

    Interesting thing about gun control is how its roots are racist against Blacks and other non Whites – desinged to keep guns out of their hands while allowing Whites to stock up. In Black neighborhoods, they have gun collection days where they give you $100 for a gun. They almost NEVER do this in white neighborhoods because for some reason, it seems they want Whites armed.

    If you think Amish schoolgirl executions and a school shooting EVERY SINGLE WEEK is big news, wait till America starts feeling the problems of the Bush administration: unemployment and recession.

    Its gonna get ALOT WORSE.

  64. DR LEE

    so if I’m reading this right…simply because you have some administration abilities – you’r opinion about prostitution is better than mine is? And I don’t have a right to claim you’rs is ridiculous because you have a “delete” button?

    BOASTFUL? what are you talking about?

  65. DR LEE
    Oh yeah newworks, I absolutely agree with your last comment: shootings are unquestionably a real crime that does serious harm to people, and the US has an absolutely massive problem with it. And the kinds of ‘solutions’ to ‘crime’ that CLM suggests would almost certainly only make this problem worse.

    America has never been tough on crime. This country’s economy flows off of the prison industry and the military industry – commonly known facts by American Presidents. My idea of being hard as nails on crime WOULD work, simply because #1 It hasn’t been tried here before and #2 It works in CHINA – a country with 8 times our population and 1/10th the crime rate.
    In China people are executed for prostitution, guns and drugs as well as embezellment and rape. If America did the same thing instead of simply building more prisons, it might actually be safe in our schools and streets.

    Whether or not you’ve ever been to America, that is the simple fact of the matter – which is agreed apon by 10/10 politicians – even the liberals.

    If you want to claim that prostitution should be legalized simply cause it is subject to morality only- that’s just one side of the story. However, everything else considered a crime might as well be subjected to a morality/immorality test (by who?).

    If you wanna delete this post simply because I refuse to accept your wayward opinion, that’s fine. However, you are no better than the hosts on Xbox live who kick people simply because they can’t win against them.

  66. CLM, we all know what you think about this by now, and everybody knows what I think by now. We can’t keep going back and forth forever, so there has to be a point where as moderator I say ‘enough’s enough’. I am letting your last comments stand in the interest of fairness and the fact that you are actually saying something a bit different from your previous posts, but that’s it.

    For the record, I agree with much of your response to newworks’ post, but your suggestion that SWAT teams should be sent in and people should be executed to deal with something like prostitution is just outrageous. And your own comments about who judges morality shows just how grey this concept is. We need to judge crime by the harm it does to the community, not what some book written hundreds of years ago says. Don’t forget, it wasn’t long ago that it was a crime to be black under many circumstances, and the Bible was used as justification for that. Does that mean you should be executed?

  67. Oh yes CLM, regarding your ‘boastfulness’ – I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make this clear, but obvioulsy I have no choice.

    Basically, you are just as welcome to express your opinions on the models featured here as anyone else. But you often seem to use it as an excuse to ‘boast’ about your exploits, sex life, fantasies, bodily parts or whatever. Believe me – they aren’t worth boasting about, and you often do so in a very crass manner. And a lot of our readers are tired of it.

  68. ok, this is like the third time some naked girls got the whole group in raged about certain topics. I guess it is good to discuss social issues but lets not forget why we are here….to enjoy God’s creation. So in the word of Rodney King…”Cant we all just get along” πŸ™‚

    CLM brings some interesting discussion to the group and his participation is wanted, but CLM I would have to agree with Doc that your language can be a little rough for some of our fairer sex members. So lets tone it down brother.

    Now can we get back to boobs please? πŸ™‚

  69. Lawboy

    I started simply by mentioning Enjo Kosai. The entire morality thing of prostitution is what threw the conversation way off track. Of course that’s a battle of philosphy no matter which way it goes.

  70. KOBE…lets not get rid of cali…they have hot asian there too. cant we pick a country or state that doesnt have not asians ? πŸ™‚ umm lets see…how about iran or greenland or some place where there are not any hot babes πŸ™‚

  71. Dr LEE

    As for Boastfulness, I never saw it that way, but if thats the way you saw it then I’m sorry. I just intedended to share insight.

    As for the “Swat Team” recommendation, I was actually refferring to crims such as drug and gun related. Swat Teams in response to prostitution is excessive. My problem is with these organizations who use guards that believe they are invincible – I’d like to assemble squads to show these people that “NO – They are Not”

  72. Okay, it seems we’ve brought this to a peaceful resolution. As lawboy says, your contributions are welcome CLM, but please just tone it down a bit.

  73. Ah nut bunnies!

    Anyone happen to download this one as I missed it, its no longer up. I told myself that I should look at it but then I got sick, ugh!

    Just by the comment list alone I can tell this was a good one.

  74. re: lawboy and all others – please reread my post –

    I mention morality because CLM and other discussed it previously.

    Prostitution is too general a subject to simply say good or bad. Obviously when handled properly it’s perfectly wonderful, but I also understand why some are bothered by the negative aspects of the issue.

    This is why I say, once again, that respect for the body and respect for the person are an integral part of the issue, and probably, the only thing that really matters.

  75. and haha, lawboy, I’ve got some very poor friends who enjoy prostitutes in China and Taiwan – these things do *not* require a hefty wallet, although I’m certain plenty of doctors enjoy their fine services as well!

  76. And CLM, please don’t refer to these women (and uh, men are prostitutes too…) as *hosts.*

    These are *people*….

    And good lord boy, you think anti-sodomy laws protected the holy arsehole?

    Well, I suppose this is good and dead, jolly well talk, boys, hope you’re not too hot under the collars πŸ™‚

  77. As I said in my response to CLM above, I think everyone’s tired of this argument by now (although fortunately I didn’t have to force an end to it). Nevertheless, your feminine perspective and insight is always welcome ranacubana!

  78. The bad topic which is always talking about Japanese culture.why? It`s really annoying.I`m not try to help these people but the you guys talking about as Enjo kosai and Prostitution are everywhere as not only Japan.So leave them alone.Last,Becky Yee I never heard this photographer before,and I`ve seen her portfolio it`s nothing as special.I think she`s wasted her time.get a own job and shoot nice photo!

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