Sririta Jensen – Half Thai hottie

Sririta Jensen

She stands at 173cm tall thanks to her half viking heritage of being Danish. Right now in Thailand she is a presenter for Lux shower cream. It’s been a huge rollercoaster ride for her as she used to do soap opera’s on Thai television, nowadays it’s a lot of commercials and catwalks.
Sririta Jensen

Sririta Jensen

A lot more pictures can be found on the Thai Scans website.
Here’s the Lux commercial aired in Thailand:

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  1. In my experience, Eurasian girls almost always seem to fall into one of two categories: absolutely gorgeous (combining the best of both of worlds) or a bland mixture (not having any special character from either part of their heritage). IMHO, this girl falls into the latter category.

  2. i like how she looks. at least in the first picture. wouldnt kick her out of bed. CLM…i think it was mentioned that she is tall because it is rare for asian girls to be that tall. she would be around 5′ 9″ with heels and it always good in heels ; )

  3. lawboy.

    After having travelled, I’d have to say that Nothern Chinese and some Korean girls tend to be closer to 5’8.

    In the first picture, she reminds me of Patricia Tallman or Tea Leoni

  4. On my recent visit to Northern China (Shenyang, Fushun, Dalian) with my wife, I did see some tall women. A few even close to my 5’11” height. My wife breaks the tall northerner mould though. She is 5’2″. It works for me though.

    This woman is not bad looking but nothing amazing.

  5. // comment edited because of long links that messed with the lay-out

    Daffy Duck –

    This girl I was dating named Shi Rui when I was in China was very tall compared to me. I am like 6’7.
    She was from Shandong. Her friend Nolan was also from Shandong and they looked like sisters.

    link 1

    When I was in Hang Zhou, there was a waitress there who saw me and wanted to meet me cause I was the first Black guy she’d ever met. She was also quite tall and VERY PRETTY in my opinion.

    link 2

  6. Dang CLM, you are a big dude! I thought I got stared at a lot in China but I bet nothing compared to you. Did you go into the countryside at all? We went on a car trip through the countryside in the north and stopped to get a drink. A little girl stared at me the entire time. She almost followed me back into the car. That was funny. Thanks for the photos by the way. I have some photos from my trip. Check the link on my nickname.

    Sorry for the off-topicness.

  7. Yeah, when I went to Taiwan I went up to a village in the mountains – the people there rarely if ever see white people. One of the young village girls followed me up the road, and pretty soon all the children in the village were chasing me! An amazing experience.

  8. // To CLM: can you pls preview your comments and edit the long links to a short one. They keep messing up the lay-out. Thanks! Commente edited.

    I noticed a few tall guys in China – mostly White Europeans around 6’7 like me. I also even spotted a couple tall Chinese dudes around 6’5 -6’6.

    Stared At? Man- I went to the city during crowded shopping days and people stared at me like I was on fire. Probably thought I was Shaq – alot of people said stuff like that in whispers.
    “N B A”…”Shaq” It was so awkward.

    Lots of girls there were interested in meeting me which was the only enjoyable part. Almost all of them wanted to be my “language partner” in Fu Dan – it was open season for girlfriends I tell ya.

    If you want to see my entire Shanghai album, it is here:
    link 1

    Also pctures of my $200 a month apartment near FuDan University.
    link 2

  9. Dr Lee

    A Schoolbus of Chinese kids passed me when I was walking back to my Apartment with groceries and they started “cheering”. I walked up to the bus and gave them high 5’s.

  10. Talk about not seeing white people….i lived in Myanmar for 2 years and some of the places i went there, whities are a dime a dozen.

    That brings me to another question…why aren’t there more Burmese girls on this site? Some Burmese girls would have to be some of the best looking Asian girls i have ever seen!

  11. She reminds me nothing of Olivia Munn. I find her much hotter than Sririta. Also, I always had this little suspicion that Olivia had some Asian in her but I wasn’t sure, and according to IMDB, she’s half Chinese. I was watching their coverage of TGS, and she was looking real good in the Japanese robe that she was wearing.

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