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Asian Body Beautiful, from deviantART via WeHeartIt

As promised, I’m continuing my review of online photo bookmarking services with We Heart It (weheartit.com). It took me a while to write this because this site is not what I expected it to be. It’s not even a useful bookmarking site, but there are some nice pictures.When I wrote about 4U Beauty Image Bookmarking (here) DrNo said that it was really “photo stealing.” Weheartit has the same problem. You bookmark an image using a javascript “bookmarklet” that captures the image and the page it was found on. There is no opportunity to edit the URL in order to provide a useful bookmark. Thus, Weheartit is most definitely not a place to find new models, photographers or even the source of interesting photos. For that, vi.sualize.us is clearly the best choice. Most of the “bookmarks” here are to sites like tumbler (I noticed that the official WeHeartIt blog is hosted at tumblr, weheartit.tumblr.com, so there may be some even deeper connection).

But if you just want to look at pictures of asian sirens (or fashion models, or typography, or flowers), it’s great. Every time you click on an image you are offered a choice of similar images. Similar images are apparently identified based on tags, so tagging is important.

WeHeartIt screenshots

This set of images is basically what you get by searching for photos related to the tags asian, girl and breasts. Unfortunately, you can’t just directly search for multiple terms, so the only way to see these sets of related photos is to use related photos as your query. That drawback is typical of the amateur feel to this site. This is most definitely not Google, but they do have tens of thousands of users, and they seem to be very sincere about making it all work better.

In conclusion, WeHeartIt is a lot less useful than vi.sualize.us, but it does have a lot more photos of asian sirens to look at.

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  1. Why not just use google images? Anyway, the idea of Asian-Sirens is not “quantity”.

    Most of us here are Asian female connoisseurs (i went to google to check the spelling) and experts, so the site functions as an opinionated “portal” and “guide”.

    Dr. Lee, did I say it right? hehe.

  2. I completely agree with you.

    I suppose that what I was doing with this post was sharing my disappointment with the failure of these sites to really benefit from the wisdom of crowds, thereby reaffirming Asian Sirens, where the connoisseurs meet.

  3. 2.0 is a disaster. First off, the whole user-generated safe-harbor content loophole thing is a huge negative for the creative content producers and the models.

    And crowds being wise?

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