Cara Skye


Cara Skye, to me, is super adorable. I think her beauty is legitimate, as the few photos I came across that were candid she looked just as pretty, almost as though it was still professional photography. Also, while she has a very typical Vietnamese face, she is actually not Vietnamese.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Filipino
Located: Denver, Colorado













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  1. Hello to everyone here on AS, great site. I’ve been lurking as they say for quite a while.

    In regard to the feature here, the “sameness” moved me to post. I think she’s attractive enough, most the ladies that are featured here are. My taste is quite wide and sometimes not main stream.

    What bores me so much is how non-imaginative the models and or photographers are. These girls are cookie-cutter to me. Import scene…check, club scene…check. Same poses, same hair, same etc…

    Sorry my first post is a rant.

    Given my rant I do still like this site very much and visit almost daily.

  2. I can certainly see where you’re coming from Keyser – this endless parade of import models with the same look and photographed in the same way is boring the hell out of me too.

    Having said that though (and contrary to Travis’ expectations), I think Kara has some potential with a more creative photographer. She certainly has a nice body (unlike most import models these days), and while I’m not sure about her face, I suspect that with the right make-up she could brush up nicely.

  3. One of these days I’m going to start photographing because I’m bored by the same sit-here-look-sexy-hold-boobs pictures that most models/photographers put out there, and why I mainly look at pics from Korea and Japan nowadays because the quality is so much on another level than what’s coming out of America.

  4. typical Viet face. LOL! IMHO, there is no “typical” Viet face. she is cute and I can see why you think she looks Viet. 🙂 I can’t see the 1/2 Japanese in her. she has more of a Southeast Asian look.

  5. Wonder how much of that is actually going on in Denver.Lotta Asians ?…or rare sightings?

  6. Cute girl.

    I kindof get the boredom with the import model look as there are a lot of them (which personally i’m really grateful for), but maybe it’s just being from SoCal but I love the look, kindof dirty and dangerous gets me off.

    What’s boring me is the whole Japanese AV thing, they all look the same to me, don’t have the types of bodies I generally like and I guess they’re my least fave of the asian models (which doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate them too, just less than the others.)

    I’ve been pretty pleased with the lack of posts on them but i’m sure alot of you miss them, i just like seeing girls i haven’t seen before.

  7. hmmm….cute, pretty face…tight body…she doesn’t have much in the front and back…I pretty much agree that she has that typical Vietnamese look from SoCal…look like a typical import model…nothing special…I rather see models without makeup and the hair…Well, to me that’s real beauty…

  8. I don’t know but makeup seem fake to me…it really doesn’t show the real person…I personally don’t wear makeup because I rather want people see the real me instead of them telling me that I’m pretty with the makeup…Sachiko is a good example…and I love her skin!

  9. I think she has a naturalness that differs from the usual import models. I like she has her own boobs and she looks very approachable…

  10. I predict that Arf will like her! I find her very attractive as well, cute and a nice little body. She doesn’t have that bad girl look that so many of the import models have, and that is cool.

    I don’t see the resemblance to Charmane Star, though, but I would like to see Cara nude!

  11. she’s pretty, nice bod. But like what other mentioned… nothing special to separate her from the other “import car” look. Her photos are tool plain too.

  12. “I guess she is fine”…that’s like saying, “I guess she turns me on”. Either she does or she doesn’t. Not really a kinda sorta thing. 🙂

  13. I like looking at her. I would hate to have to fight every freakin’ guy in Denver when we go out though… haha! Not a whole lot of fine Asian Women in Colorado, ya know?!?

  14. Flipn’ you’re in Denver now? Always wait until spring to do serious babe checking, winter coats hide too much.

  15. No in still in San Diego, I lived in Colorado Springs yeeeaaaaarrrrssss ago… haha! But I did like getting them out of their coats. Its like peeling off the rind of an orange and getting to the sweet, tangy, juiciness (is that even a word) underneath.

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