Viv Li


Viv Li is another model made popular primarily through the Tumblr circuit. I feel a little bad for Viv, because I can’t find evidence that she wanted her photos to be made public and yet she’s garnered all of this attention for being stunning, including a feature at Wrockette, which is pretty well known. If she’s not already a model though, she should be, and she’d already have a huge Internet following.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese?
Located: Ontario, Canada








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  1. So that’s who she is! I’ve seen her pic a million times, but never had a name to go with it. I agree with Luke. When you are as hot as her, its not going to stay a secret.

  2. If she didn’t want to her photos to be made public…she shouldn’t have taken gorgeous sexy photos of herself.

    Cutie =)

  3. Looking at these pics, she seems to have had several different photographers. I can’t believe she’d be so naive as not to ask if they’d be made public. Wouldn’t she have to sign some kind of release with the photographers?
    She is quite attractive and deserves to be in the public eye.
    And speaking of sexy photos, nancybui (swoon) have you added any to your portfolio recently?

  4. wow…i live in toronto….where has she been all my life? if i saw her, i’d probably propose on the spot!

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