Krissie Dee


Krissie Dee is kind of an alternative model/budding pornstar. She’s been on a few alt sites especially at, and in adult videos on a website called Burning Angel. I’m not really sure what her ambitions are in the industry, but I do know that she’s got a lot of different colored hair.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: ?
Located: California










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0 thoughts on “Krissie Dee”

  1. She looks fun… but not one you’d respect in the morning. However… for some reason I reckon she’d really be able to pull of the shy librarian look.

    I have no idea why, but i think she’d be absolutely smoking wearing office attire or a uniform of some sort….

  2. That’s OK, she wouldn’t respect me in the morning either after the night I’m imagining right now. Yow!

  3. One thing you can say about the tats (on any model) is that they help date the pics.
    Based on that, I’m liking her latest incarnation best – the last pic and the 4th one – without the blue hair.
    The third pic has me licking my lips though.

  4. I’m not sure why…but all of a sudden I find blue hair hot right now. That third shot above is absolutely yummy. What I would give for a little blue in my life.

  5. She certainly looks better with blue hair than with a blue arrow on her head…….

    (Japanese cartoon reference)

  6. Krissie Dee, Krissie Dee
    In the morning
    Will you still kissie me?

    We spent the night
    Rockin’ and rollin’
    In spasms of delight.

    Little did I know
    When we met
    How far you would go.

    Didn’t matter the position
    Tried them all
    Of our own volition.

    Your fave, I recall
    On top
    My pleasure to forestall

    Til’ you began to moan
    Lost yourself
    In that zone.

    So the night is o’er
    For sure
    My loin will be sore.

  7. Well, Doc – maybe a little different approach. What would you expect? Just off a plane from the Far East…and…as the eminent American philosopher Richard Pryor once said’ “My d**k be so hard it could cut diamonds.”

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