Vietnamese beauty: Dee Tran

Dee Tran (Photography:

Happy Birthday Marco! 🙂 I am a bit pressed for time, but I would not want to go by your birthday without a posting! 😉 So here I present to you a model you probably allready know, but deserves a spot on Asian-Sirens: Vietnamese beauty Dee Tran. There is enough to find about her on the web, so everybody interested in this gorgeous girl, click to More to see some photo’s, facts and links.Some facts:

Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 80
Measurements: 34-24-32
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

On the web:

Dee Tran @
Dee Tran @
Dee Tran @
Dee Tran @
Dee Tran @
Dee Tran @

Dee Tran

Dee Tran

Dee Tran

Dee Tran

Dee Tran

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0 thoughts on “Vietnamese beauty: Dee Tran”

  1. Happy Birthday Marco!

    On the topic of Dee Tran, is she still modeling? I thought I read that she had retired from modeling a year ago or so. I haven’t seen her at any recent events (or event coverage).

  2. Happy birthday Marco! I suspect the party’s at Asian Sirens’ playboy (lowercase) mansion. 😉

    And thanks for the pics of Dee Robin! She’s a truly Vietnamese-looking model too – very nice! A great addition to Vietnamese, er, Asian Sirens. 😉

  3. Happy Birthday Marco!

    I have met Dee Tran a number of times at car shows. She is tiny and petite, but oh so HOT!! Very sweet young lady too!

  4. Wow, that is what they call a great birthday present. When and where can I meet Dee Tran? 😉

    Many thanks for everyone and when I knew that Charisse and her friends would come, I had check this before!

  5. Dee has a few photosets on She also shot a few sets for the now defunct which were great, glad I downloaded them before they went under and she retired! 🙂

  6. Robin, A lot of these “import models” do it for 1 to 3 years and then get bored with it or just decide to focus on other things. Could be university, family, boyfriend, a job, etc. It’s very common to see an import model “here today and gone tomorrow.”

  7. Marco, if I remember correctly, a photographer friend of yours photographed Dee Tran. I forgot his name but he took event photos at the first Asian Sirens Expo. He also took photos of Flo Jalin and many other Southern California models. He moved down from Silicon Valley where he used to work. Does that ring a bell? The only reason I bring him up is that maybe he could introduce you to her! 😉

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