Asian Beauties 2005

Asian Beauties 2005: Carlene Aguilar, Lindi Cistia Prabha, and Chui Chui Ip

While searching for some pictures of the Asian contestants of Miss World 2005 that was held this weekend in China, I found the website Asian Beauties. On the site you will find some small pictures of my favorites Carlene Aguilar (Philippines), Lindi Cistia Prabha (Indonesia), and Chui Chui Ip (Hong Kong).

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  1. Marco, thanks for the pictures.
    I am glad I do not judge because I would go insane just with these three beauties. ;-P
    All three are WINNERS!

  2. I love the Hong Kong contestant’s answer to the question “who would you want to be stuck on a desert island with?”:

    “I would choose Jackie Chan. His kung-fu could protect us from any danger and because he is a celebrity, there would be a mass search for him, therefore increasing the chances of survival.”

    Can’t get any more practical than that, right? Jackie probably gave her a call after hearing that answer, that is if he hasn’t done her already. 😉

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