Vietnamese beauty: Bach Thuy

Bach Thuy (Photography: HaiDong

I present to you: fashion model Bach Thuy from the magazine MOT Vietnam. It’s very difficult to browse through sites in Vietnamese, so I did not find anything more about her. Names in Vietnam are often similar, so I will not risk posting false info. If anybody has more info, please comment.

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  1. hi, I don’t think she’s pretty though. I saw her at my friend’s party in Saigon. She’s from the same village with my grandmother. Im Vietnamese too.

    Anyway, there’s quite a few pictures of her in this website:
    There are many other pretty Vietnamese model, much more beautiful than her in this website, no nudity though.

    In case if you don’t understand vietnamese, check this link

    Hope it will help ya. If you wanna contact me

    I like model pictures too!

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