Magazine ID request

AKASI - For Your Eyes Only

My last posting made me unsure about a magazine I bought in Hong Kong, called AKASI – For Your Eyes Only. The dude that sold it to me said it was a Chinese magazine. But now I think it could be Japanese… I am not sure anymore. Who can identify the characters and help me out with the languague here? :-\

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  1. I’ll ask Sachiko when I can catch her, but I’m pretty sure both magazines are Chinese. It’s just that they often use Japanese models in their advertising – they consider Japanese to be cool and classy. I believe the cover model here is Chinese.

  2. Yep, Lee and luverguy are right – this magazine (and the phone sex ads below) are Chinese. The phone sex ads are pretty funny actually – unfortunately though it is hard to translate them into English (humour is often that way). And what Lee said about them using Japanese models is true too.

  3. I’ll check inside, if I find anything in non-Chinese, I’ll let you know. It’s sort of a souvenir from Hong Kong… so I think I’ll keep it. (But you know what they say: anything is for sale for the right price! ;-))

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