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This pretty young lady is 20 year college student Kelly. She’s a Vietnamese-American girl who frequently posts on her YouTube video blog. Sometimes she’s funny and silly and other times she gives little mini-lectures on her philosophy of life and dating. She does a good job editing her videos and sometimes adds text and graphics. Check out her other videos on her accounts KinkyInPink and StrawberryShy. Here’s another video where she explains why men cheat.

Links for Kelly

Kelly’s KinkyInPink account
Kelly’s StrawberryShy account

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  1. I think she’s pretty cute! Her voice is quite cute too (she still has a Vietnamese accent, not just American). At least she looks like a real Vietnamese girl (which is quite unusual for Vietnamese Americans these days).

  2. “why men cheat?” because we can. 🙂

    why am i listening to a 20 year old kid talk about life’s philosophy? i have underwear that is older than she is. by the way i know where i want to put my penis :)) cute girl

  3. She’s cute!! I love the clip where she describes different definitions of “Asians”. Cute voice like doc said. I’d do her…….ha,ha,h,ah,ah,aha…..

  4. Lee, as far as her accent, I have met American born Vietnamese people who have a slight accent like Kelly’s. I think it’s from speaking Vietnamese at home with their parents and other older relatives.

  5. She sounds like any other american born asian to me. Not sure how to distinguish between the different countries. I also think men cheat because they are always horny. It’s those cute little asian girls like her that drive us to always want more.

  6. She’s really cute, my type of girl. I really love her lips, nice and kissable. Too bad I don’t know what she’s saying because I’m too lazy to turn my speakers on.

  7. guys that you’ve dated cheated on you because you’re not doing what you’re told to do. damn it, submit and follow orders. if we tell you that we want to do it in your butt, then open wide!

  8. doc “vietnamese often have quite luscious lips”

    you are referring to viet women right? for a minute there i thought you were complimenting me :))

    this girl is pretty cute, but in ditzy way…:)

    El…i guess the sexual revelution has not caught up where you live yet huh? 🙂 i find it to be more helpful if you just say please.:)

  9. hey rana….is this for real? she is cute but what is with the attitude for asian guys? how come us yellow brothers cant get a taste of that sashimi?…she is fine:)

  10. lawboy –

    hell if I know, one of my friends posted this and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it 🙂

  11. rana….she is pretty hot. if it’s only true that there are women out there that are this open about sex and hotel accomodations 🙂 and all she wants was english lesson. I speak gooder english. 🙂

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