Annie Cruz and the Tonguing Machine

Annie Cruz

Click the above image to play a three minute crazy video of Asian porn star Annie Cruz on the receiving end of a “power-tonguing machine“. Be sure to watch the whole video because something really unexpected and funny happens to Gary, the guy holding the microphone. This video is an excerpt from the Howard Stern Show and is hosted on CAUTION: Semi-explicit content.
Annie Cruz

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The Howard Stern Show

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0 thoughts on “Annie Cruz and the Tonguing Machine”

  1. Bag the face.That body is FABULOUS however…And how cool would it be if all chix were that responsive?I’m not into most of the stuff on her webby…but clearly the woman likes sex in a lot of ways and is’nt jaded.Gawn’ grrrl!

  2. What do you guys think about these porn stars who “squirt” when they cum? I’m not so sure it’s real. I wonder if it’s really urine squirting out? If it is, that’s a major turn off!

  3. Northman

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think of these porn star squirts.

    WATCH THIS CLIP for example

    Considering how much “fluid” there is, I doubt this could be vagina secretions. I must assume that the orgasmic contraction has caused some type of ureter excitement and that this is urine.

    That machine BTW is fantastic if she wasn’t faking. she had an orgasm in less than 30 seconds. Based on its premise, I would assume, I could build a similar device with my craftsman plug-in electric power drill and some type of lubricated rubber “spinning thing”.

    I think I’m gonna try this on my girlfriend to see it it works.

    This drill is around 4000 RPM LOL

  4. That was a funny clip. As far as the squirting goes, I think its a bunch of bull, since I have never heard of it anywhere besides the Adult Entertainment industry.

  5. Read this, i got it from Found it quite interesting.
    What is female ejaculation?

    Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid from or around the urethra. Again, the fluid is not urine and is usually followed by an extremely powerful orgasm (yes, even more powerful than ours).

    How do I get her to ejaculate?

    If you want her to achieve this amazing feat, then constant stimulation of her G-Spot will usually do the trick. As well, she has to feel comfortable in order to let loose and give in with complete abandon.

    Because many women often experience the urge of ejaculation but hold back because they fear that urine will come gushing out, you’ll have to encourage her to go with that sensation. But be prepared because if she’s not well in tune with her body, she may actually pee all over you. Be understanding if she does, otherwise, she may start peeing on you on purpose.

    hey jack, culation

    Maybe some women will lose control and give you the golden shower, but the majority of women are most likely experiencing a release of fluid from the Skene’s glands. These glands are made from specialized tissue that surrounds the urethra. They’re very similar to the prostate in men and again, produce a fluid that is much like the chemical makeup to that of prostatic fluid.

    And yes, some women may produce greater amounts of fluid in these glands than others, which explains why some women seem to gush while others only blush.

    Again, please keep in mind that not all women will have the capability of ejaculating. Even when it comes to women who do have this gift, it’s not something that takes place every time they experience orgasm.

    As well, the amount of fluid that flows out can go from a few drops to a few tablespoonfuls. Stimulating her G-spot is the way to her ejaculate and I will tell you all about that as we move on (or in, as the case may be). (end quote)

  6. Trust me, squirting is real (even outside the porn industry). I’ve had first hand experience 🙂

  7. Watching a cute girl come on some ridiculous contraption should be a lighthearted romp, but Howard Stern’s cynical and condescending demeanor squeezes all the fun out and leaves only a sticky slimy residue of degradation.

    I feel like taking a shower after each exposure to this guy, whether or not his guests squirt bodily fluids on his flunkies.

  8. HAHA! jdrevenge – Maxim said it right and true –

    Yes, boys, women can ejaculate too! This is today’s lesson in pleasing a woman – find the g-spot and make her comfortable and let the fun begin!

  9. Just a word of advice guys: not all women enjoy this sort of ‘rough’ play, especially Asian women (except perhaps for Japanese!), who usually prefer a ‘softer’ touch in my experience. Proceed with caution. 😉

  10. Agreed Lee. While this stuff can be entertaining to watch, every woman is different and it’s the guy’s responsibility to learn what she prefers. Because…..if you please her, she will please you back!

  11. howard stern also got “THE TICKLE CHAIR” when a sexy model is being strapped in their hands and feet on a wooden chair then he tickles her until she moans loudly..that’s sexy

  12. Are there media advertisements for sex toys etc in Asian countries (I would guess mostly in Japan)? There are zero in N.America, just wondering if it was different over seas.

    And…..if it need another person to work the tongue machine, is it still classified as masturbation? I’m working on my prototype now…only with hockey cards and a bicycle wheel…hey, it’s just a prototype!

  13. Oh man, she squirts and loves anal sex. HOT HOT HOT!!!! I’m suddenly feeling thirsty now. How about this clip of hers: LINK
    Feeling kinda hungry now.

  14. Hmmm…for some reason the words “squirts” and “anal sex” just don’t sound all that appealing when used in the same sentence. 😐

  15. K4K, are you only watching PBS? Of course they don’t put ads for sex toys on outlets that reach kids, who arent gonna pay $80 for a rabbit. Or do you mean mainstream network TV and bus station ads???

    When I was in Hunan they had an ad which suggested a women might be nude to advertise for women’s health and one of the models lost her job and had to apologize…I believe it was mentioned here as well as on the asian sex gazette…

  16. Yeah, like are there print ads in magazines, late night tv ads etc that show up occasionally? Or, is it just a product that sells its self, no need for advert?

    Take the product used in this threads video….how do you market/sell something like that?!?

  17. is this squirting thing works for all women or just some? i have yet to experience this rare event…need more practice i guess 😉

  18. Annie Cruz is one of the most genuine-seeming (it’s impossible to tell) starlets out there. She’s awesome.

  19. Being a filipina, I’m not surprised Annie really enjoys sex a lot. It’s in their culture. It’s hard to find hornier gals, I guess. 🙂

    Squirting, yeah, I’ve seen it for real too and no g-spot was needed. The girl just had that quality. As far as I know, it’s a rare thing in women.

    Thanks asiandreamland, will take time to load but that video is very funny!

  20. I wonder if she can even squirt over a longer distance than some men? I like sex competitions between men and women.

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