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I hope that everyone here at Asian-Sirens enjoyed the holidays and now are welcoming the arrival of 2011. The holidays have kept me busy, but now that they are over, I have time to write again. Victoria is an import model from Louisiana. I thought that someone had written about Victoria already, but I was surprised to not see an article for her in the archives. So let’s get acquainted with this beauty.Stats:

AKA: Victoria May
Age: 22
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 102 lbs
Measurements: 34-25-34
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Location: New Iberia, Lousiana, USA













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0 thoughts on “Victoria Mai”

  1. Much prettier than your average import model, though sadly she still has she somewhat stocky build that seems to go with the territory these days. Good to see an import model letting her natural beauty show though!

  2. Pics 1&2 and the second last are outstanding. It looks as if she may have had a little extra weight in some shots, but she is gorgeous.
    I thought Vanessa May was the violin player.

  3. Now THIS is a NEW YEARS CELEBRATION. She gives off a certain vibe that I really go for.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. She looks like a million bucks to me! You guys are too picky about such weight shots What would you guys do if one of these beautiful young ladies would give you a chance even for one date?

  5. I like the second, the black and white photo, and the one with the necklace photos.

    I think she’s gorgeous for a import model 🙂 pretty hot too 🙂

  6. @WerewolfVm: I’m pretty spoilt with the girls we have down here around Sunnybank. Victoria’s certainly very cute and pretty, but there’s much better here, at least for my taste (I prefer them slimmer).

  7. @Doc..I’m sure there are some stunners in Sunnybank. Um when do we get some proof?
    😉 New Year resolutions and all that. Or should we get kroos to submit some luscious Gympie women? JK
    …and a special HNY to nancy bui (swoon).

  8. She is exceptionally pretty.

    I knew as soon as I saw the first picture where you could see her legs, Doc would have an issue. Truth is, normally so would I.

    But she wears her weight well and has a fabulous face.

  9. She’s my daughter’s age. I don’t have a daughter. I’d probably start lecturing her on staying in school. Unless she corrupted me.

  10. lovely girl. The PHM photographer should be shot for not capturing her beauty.
    I’m getting to appreciate the vietnamese look, after a few visits to the Viet cafes of O.C. where super hot babes in lingeries wait your table… they’re cold and distant, though, and this one is not.

  11. Wow! Magnificent! And I like the shots with the little extra weight even better, personally. Just right!

  12. @ Doc

    I strongly agree with your comment about spoilt with girls around Sunnybank. I have a pretty nice HK girl myself now. You probably seen me around 😛

  13. Dr. Lee as I stated before you should be so lucky to have a date with any of these beautiful ladies. I’ve seen your name here before giving your opinion about every female shown on this site. You must be such a stud to give such criticsm being from S. Cal.

  14. @WerewolfVm.
    Sorry Doc, stealing your thunder here.
    lol Brisbane used to be (still is) called Bris-Vegas. Aways kinda sounded like a wannabe US city IMO.
    Sunnybank does, I admit, sound like it could be a suburb of S. Cal. but no sadly, or happily, for its citizens it too is a part of Brisbane, that’s the capital of Queensland, Australia. Where all the pretty Asian students live and play.
    Doc a stud? hmmm your call Doc, lol

  15. @WerewolfVm: like most people who come on here to have a go at me, you don’t have much idea what you’re talking about. I am nowhere near SoCal, nor do I come from there. I live in Australia, and was born here. And the Sunnybank area has more beautiful Asian girls than any other place I’ve seen – oddly, although most of the girls there are Taiwanese, there’s actually a much higher percentage of babes than in Taiwan itself!

    Another thing my critics have in common is that they think I wouldn’t be able to get a date with any of the women on this site. But they don’t even know me at all, let alone who I can and do date – I don’t think I should have to point out the absurdity of such a position. You don’t even seem to have any idea that I am the manager and webmaster of this site: were it not for my efforts, you wouldn’t be able to see girls like Victoria here at all.

  16. BTW, if Kroos is reading this, I hope you’re okay given all the flooding in Gympie at the moment. The rain in Queensland this year has just been unbelievable – half the state is under water, and it’s only the beginning of the wet season! Luckily I live 150m above sea level, and all those lovely Asian girls around Sunnybank and the Brisbane CBD should be safe (these areas normally only experience minor, localised flash flooding).

  17. Build an Ark, fill it with Asian babes and koalas, and ride out the flooding in style.

    As for Victoria, I can’t see calling her thick. No, she’s not skinny or even svelte, but this is the kind of thing that drives ladies to anorexia. There are a LOT of gradations between skinny and fat.

    @WerewolfVM: Despite my comment, Doc (and the rest of us for the most part) are merely pointing out what we like and dislike about the women featured here. As the vast majority of these women are professional models/actresses etc.; they’ve put themselves out there to be judged on their looks. Asian Sirens does have rules regarding criticisms of the ladies, so for the most part you’ll find the negative comments rather benign, which is cool because professional or not, these ladies still have feelings. Well, I’m not sure about a few of them, but the rest………

  18. @Wingsfan: Brilliant! I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to bring all those lovely Sunnybank girls home with me (instead of one at a time), and you’ve just nailed it. The floods are coming! Quick, hop on my ark! There really is a silver lining in every cloud. 🙂

  19. Oh come on guys, When Noah came to Oz, he only took 2 koalas. They take up space that could be filled with Asian women.
    Brings a whole new dimension to ‘kerb crawling’ though. More like bank cruising.
    Doc..would an ark suit a so-called ‘stud’ like you? hehe I am thinking a cruiser like the millionaire hairdresser Stefan has/had, might pull the birds better, flood or no flood.
    Yeah, kroos take care mate!

  20. @Doc Lee
    Smart Arse Answers:
    #1 No you didn’t mention that.
    #2. And if Noah had a luxury yacht he wouldn’t have wasted time collecting pairs of animals, but for that I guess we ought to be grateful.
    #3 why can’t an ark be called a luxury yacht and vice versa? – they are both big and they float.
    #4 To a damsel in distress (like Victoria here–for the thread ya understand) an ark might be a safer, though less luxurious option, than hitching a ride with a wayfaring stud with a penchant for Asian crumpet (like 99 % of the Asian Sirens featured) and a sleek well-fitted out yacht! this space!

  21. I’m glad no one thought I was making light of the flooding in Queensland — a terrible thing that I’m glad I never had to live through.

    The koalas are for the Asian babes to say “Oh, how cute!” and keep them occupied when they aren’t with the owner of the luxury ark.

    “Ride” out the flood – “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.”

  22. Believe it or not, I actually did attempt to save an Asian siren I know from the flood waters in Brisbane today, but I wasn’t able to reach her. She is actually safe and dry in her apartment, but stranded – I just hope she has enough food and water to ride it out (she says she does). I was able to rescue another Asian siren from the Brisbane floods without any problem though (the water hadn’t reached her apartment).

  23. I read in the paper today that the flooding has become even worse, such a tragedy.

    Still, though — Doc, it must be a real hardship saving all those Asian damsels in distress.

  24. @Wingsfan: yep, it’s been a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. 🙂

    Seriously though, this has turned out to be the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history. Thank goodness my place is okay.

  25. Is your place full of rescued Sunnybank Asian sirens doc now?
    Jokes aside I was amazed to discover that round 2 of the flooding is on. Devastating news. kroos HAS been quiet. Is Gympie under water?

  26. @longtack: actually, Sunnybank was completely unaffected, so I had to restrict myself to the Asian sirens in the CBD. 🙂

    I see kroos just commented in another thread, so I guess he’s okay thankfully.

  27. maybe there should be a thread for discussions on the Australian flooding? I feel badly for those affected but not on topic.

  28. Whatever keeps me returning to the post has got to be good. She is exceptionally pretty, I really like the shape of her head as weird as that may sound.

  29. Yeah, we need pictures of Victoria in scuba gear to stay relevant.

    First one to make a joke about diving is the winner:-) Loser?

  30. You are technically correct redlaw, although a post on the floods would be off-topic as well. 🙂 I do sometimes allow a little off-topic discussion in relation to the members of this community, but it is probably time to get this thread back on topic (as already seems to have happened).

  31. Naked Asian sirens bobbing in the water….

    Is that on topic?

    Naked Victoria Mai bobbing in the water?

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