Anuka is a Mongolian model from Belgium, which I think explains why I was having a hard time understanding why she looks so different than other models. She could also benefit from some better photography, but she is in good shape so I thought I’d let you guys and ladies formulate your own opinions.Stats:

Age: 31
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Mongolian
Located: Belgium






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  1. Great body, but her face lacks any of the characteristics I find attractive about Asian women, and is too masculine looking for my taste.

    BTW, I fixed the broken link to her web site. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t fix the Flash overload. 🙂

  2. I think that the last Mongolian featured here was Agnes & she didn’t look much like any Mongolians I’d seen, either. Perhaps a mix of something. Still hot at 31, too.

    On the other hand, with that body, I’d close my eyes and happily pretend that she hails from Ulan Bator. Also, if the iStudio photo accurately protrays her arboreal skills, then she can drop by in the spring for some trimming.

  3. While I don’t find her attractive the recent variety has been thoroughly enjoyable. For me she looks quite old for someone only 31, especially an Asian lady.

  4. I have to agree – her face looks at least 40+ to me in some of her photos. On the other hand though, her body wouldn’t look out of place on a teenager, so perhaps she’s just had a rough life or something.

    I too am enjoying the variety at the moment!

  5. I love her breasts, legs look nice, face just okay. I wouldn’t even have to be drunk to be interested in her–but she’d probably have to be drunk to be interested in me:-(

  6. I agree that she could benefit from a better photographer. other than that I find her very sexy.

  7. She does have nice boobs from what I can see, pic two, coupled with the fact she is so skinny gave me the impression they were implants. If so it is a very good job.

  8. 2nd pic and especially the last pic are my favorites. Why? Because they soften her nose.
    Maybe that’s what gives her a distinctive look, but it could do with some surgery or a better photographer.
    But nothing wrong with her body at all.
    She is sexy and hot enough!

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