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(photo removed on request of urfame, see comments)

Urfame are a group of models from the Philippines who believe in group communication and whose photographic projects are self contained. They photograph each other, do their own hairstyles and make-up applications. They use the principle of group consensus to decide what kinds of photographic styles they use and strive to represent the aesthetic visual fulfillment of the concept of naturalness.

What a great concept! Read all about it here, or skip the blabla and look at hundreds of photos of great looking girls! They also opened a blog.

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  1. me too! they have that island girl look like tahitian but not too P as doc would say….like LOLA on pacific..dark but hot:)

  2. Man I love Flickr. These chicks are all beautiful, but that chick in the lower left is gorgeous. I need to meet someone like that here in Philly.

    As for Lola, I can’t put into words to describe her right now.

  3. Actually, they’re mostly still a little too ‘P’ for my taste, perhaps because they’re very much another ‘P’ (Philipina, or more correctly Filipina). Am I the only one who feels it isn’t really right to lump women of Polynesian descent together with those of Chinese descent? I adore true Orientals, but Pacific Islanders usually aren’t to my taste at all.

  4. Don’t really know what this story is about…didn’t even bother to read the words. All I know is that the babe in the bottom LH corner is a definite doable hottie! 😛 A solid ’10’ in her own right but a ’20’ compared to rest of her homely Asian posse!

  5. no no K4K..look at her arms..a tad too much padding..i think she has a nice smile but i like the second from the right upper road. she looks thinner…again if you are going to be P..you better look like Lola :))

  6. Dr. Lee, I don’t understand what you meant by Polynesian descent mixed with Chinese descent? If you don’t mind let me clarify some of your comments:
    the correct term is Pilipina (English people say Filipina). Second, Pilipinos/nas are not Pacifc Islanders, if that is what you refer them as, then Japanese, Vietnamese and all other countries in the Pacifc Ocean should also be called Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islanders are Hawaiins, Polynesians, Samoans, etc. Third if you are refering that Filipinos are of Polynesian descent they are not. Filipinos are of Malay, Chinese, and (very few) Spanish descent. Don’t get me wrong I respect your taste in women, I just had to point some things out. 🙂

  7. Are you sure they aren’t of Polynesian descent, at least partially? They certainly look it at least.

    Descent is what I was referring to. Japanese and Vietnamese are of Chinese descent ultimately (so they are true Orientals). Chinese blood has mixed extensively with Philipinos and Malays, yes, but I was under the impression that native Malays and Philipinos were ultimately of Polynesian descent. If I am wrong then I stand corrected!

    P.S. When I talk about Vietnamese above, I am of course talking about the mainstream Vietnamese population. There are many other races of quite different descent in the highlands. Another example of this are the native people of Taiwan, who are Polynesian, even though the people we normally think of as Taiwanese are of Chinese descent.

  8. From what I learned from our history there are three types of ethic group that made Filipinos; the Malay, Igorots (aboriginie), then the Spanish. There was a bridge between Malaysia and Philippines at that time (long long time ago) and migrated to the Philippines. We are also mixed with Chinese.

    I always thought that Taiwanese are Chinese, they do call themselves Taiwan “Republic of China” don’t they?

  9. BTW, Malays are now so dominated by the Chinese bloodline that I would consider them to be Orientals, although their darker skin and stronger features do indicate that Chinese aren’t the only thing in their genes.

    I guess this all comes down to a judgement as to what is the dominant bloodline in a given population, which is of course very subjective and difficult to determine accurately!

  10. Yes, as I said, the people we normally think of as Taiwanese are indeed Chinese. But they have aboriginal peoples in their highlands who are of Polynesian descent, just as Vietnam has aboriginals in their highlands who aren’t of the same descent as the mainstream Vietnamese population.

  11. According to Wikipedia, the native people of the Philipines (and Malaysia) have a very long genetic history distinct from the Chinese (and other races). It is also the same native stock of Thailand, which would also explain their darker skin and more ‘primitive’ features than true Orientals. Hence, I remain of the opinion that these people are not true Orientals, even if they’ve had a lot of Chinese blood mixed in with them since then.

  12. Ah…you were right Taiwanese are Malay and Polynesian descent…interesting. So when you are refering to true Orientals or Asians, are you refering to more Chinese mix?

  13. Yes I am – basically, I mean people who are pretty much purely of Chinese descent. This is the case with the Japanese and the mainstream Vietnamese population (and the mainstream Taiwanese population), but Philipinos have a lot of other stuff in there, as you yourself say.

    Malays are a borderline case, as they have so much Chinese mixed in now that it’s probably the dominant bloodline. Buit they still aren’t pure Orientals.

  14. hey doc…it seems like you used an inordinate amount of “orientals” today in your response….if we can only substitute it with “asian” ; )

  15. Lawboy — dude, I would take a little extra “padding” with a beautiful face over a bone-rack dog any day! At least the girl could always loose the weight…work it off between the sheets, if you will. 😉

  16. I sure do love the primitive features of these native stocks pictured above. Gee Wiz. They may not be ORIENTAL, but they still make me smile.

  17. Queens..the pics on flicker looks a little better than the one above….and guys..it is “asian sirens” not oriental sirens…:)) OS just doesnt have a nice ring to it…damn Crackers…:)))

  18. I really don’t mind so much if they have polynesian bloodlines. They also have quite a bit of spanish blood (not small, I think).

    I don’t mind either the padding arms of that gorgeous chick in blue. You guys can leave her for me, if she is too P and P. 🙂

  19. i guess we all have different tastes…i like the one second from upper right…but cant tell how her body looks…i hate fat arms…looks like two slabs of bacon:)

  20. I feature girls like this on my site. I’m a fan of the natural look and these ladies do a good job of capturing a playful persona as well.

    Big thumbs up to these ladies!

  21. The thing is though, I believe at least a few of these girls have had facial surgery (the first three in the bottom row, especially the second one) – although the other seven girls definitely could be all-natural.

  22. @ Dr. Lee … Maybe you are right. A few of these ladies are a little too “smooth” in the face.

    Till they say otherwise I’m hoping its all natural beauty.

  23. Yeah, the first and the third ones look okay (but they still have that slight ‘oddness’ that suggests facial surgery), but the second one… Well, I’d better not say. 😉

  24. Dr Lee, referring to your statement, “Malays are now so dominated by the Chinese bloodline”, are you saying that some Malays came from Chinese descent? mix with the natives and indian genes, among many other genes. Although i got to say that the Malaysians with Chinese descent are not Malays. They are Chinese Malaysians because they are completely from Chinese descent. Like me, both of my grandparents are from China, my parents and I were born in Malaysia. I have darker skin than my parents and grandparents because of the sun. Many chinese were brought to Malaysia by the British for the labor demand. People always refer the Chinese descent malaysians as Malays. We are not Malays.

  25. I was referring to how much Chinese blood has mixed in with the general Malay population, not Chinese Malays. It is true that real Malays are quite different from pure orientals.

    Anyway, my point above was that true Malays are not true orientals, but that there has been so much mixing with Chinese blood that you could argue that they are now mostly oriental. If I’m wrong about this then please enlighten me, but as far as I know Malaysia is a real ‘melting pot’.

  26. Hello,

    I am Shiroibasketshoes, the Global Spokesperson for UrFame, the group of models featured in the group shot on this asian-sirens.com page.

    Several days ago, I respectfully requested that the administrator of this site please promptly remove the group photo of UrFame, the surrounding writing about UrFame, and the UrFame related comments. Asian Sirens did not ask permission to use the UrFame photo this way, as UrFame’s profile requests:


    Although I know asian-sirens had good intentions about including the links to UrFame’s flickr site and blog, UrFame do not wish their photos to be near explicit content such as the 5 or 6 frontal nude photos on this page. UrFame’s image, styles and goals are of a more wholesome nature.

    So please remove all of this UrFame content from your site immediately.Thank you.

    Global Spokesperson
    for the UrFame Ladies


  27. I just removed the photo.

    I am sorry urfame doesn’t like to be featured on Asian-Sirens. I fail to see the damage. I can only see benefits for urfame.

    And IMHO actions like this will not improve the popularity of urfame…

  28. I think AS was pretty respectful in the reference to urFame. We genuinely enjoyed their work. urFame promotes beauty too, so what’s so wrong with beauty these days, nude or not?

    I can even understand taking down the photo because there are copyright issues (although it could be an issue of fair use too), but taking down writings and comments? There is something referred to as FREE SPEECH, for some that haven’t heard about the concept!

  29. I wasn’t aware of urFrame’s original request. Perhaps we should change the “contact Asian Sirens” address to Robin’s? It can take a Marco a long time to get to his email sometimes. 😉

    And a note to content owners: we will comply with requests to remove images, as that is our responsibility under the law. But any text on Asian Sirens belongs to us, not you (unless we copy your text, which we don’t do without permission), so you have no legal grounds to ask us to remove it.

  30. It’s currently using pMachine, which only allows one recipient. To do what you want, I would need to use my custom sendmail script, which is no problem.

  31. Check out this new disclaimer on their home page:


    If any of you wish to start a group or mailing list, or other public activity online or elsewhere, using our UrFame name and/or any quotations or images of ours, whether original photo images or alterations, we would appreciate very much if you could please get in touch with Shiroibasketshoes our appointed Global Spokesperson before taking any action.

    We are very open minded to reasonable proposals appreciative fans might make, such as something entirely of your own creation, or charity related.

    However, it is important to us that aspects of our site and its integrity do not get compromised, stolen or associated with any elements we avoid, such as pornography or various negative things.

    The internet is quite vast, and once things get loose unintentionally, they can spread eventually to unforeseen areas. We hope the personal creations of ours, as well as of artists everywhere, stay protected.

    All things everyone creates in their lives are special things. One of our special things is this Flickr site, and we hope you enjoy your very own special things, too!


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