Filipina Supermodel Anna Bayle Blogs

Speaking of blogging Filipina models, the first Asian supermodel Anna Bayle started a blog last month.

Like myself, Anna studied at the geekiest school in the Philippines. With the rise of otaku culture, expect the next generation of Asian supermodels to get even geekier.

(Via Putanginamo!com.)

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    Britney Spears is way off-topic for Asian Sirens hotbytes – there’s plenty of other places to see her. Personally, one of the reasons I come to Asian Sirens is to get away from blonde bimbos like her (although sadly, a lot of Asian American models are turning themsleves into blonde bimbos these days!).

    – Dr. Lee

  2. Here we go again: “the first Asian supermodel”. Who says she’s a supermodel and others aren’t? The best definition of a supermodel I’ve seen is “a model who has achieved celebrity status”. The closest thing to an Asian supermodel I can think of is Devon Aoki.

  3. she is pretty and probably tall to be a model. but i dont see anything special about her and her looks. a tad too masculine look for me. why would she want to compare herself to western models…not something you want to emulate…eating disorders and most are coke heads….

  4. Doesn’t do much for me. I question the authenticity of the quotes on the video.

    Tera Patrick has done some modelling and she has certainly approached celebrity status much more so than Bayle. What about Tila Tequila?

    Google Images Results:
    Anna Bayle – 9 (most of them aren’t her)
    Tera Patrick – 2150
    Tila Tequila – 4930
    Naomi Campbell – 23,900
    Cindy Crawford – 26,500

    nuff said…

  5. Agreed.Western runway models are not to be emulated.I do however dig her face…and at some point she hopefully moves onto swimsuit/catalog work…where she fills out and “boobs up”.That would not be a bad thing.

  6. You guys sorta have superstar and supermodel mixed up I think. This girl above is pretty but also very formless. What sticks out on girls like her (really tall, really skinny) are the clothes. If you ever watched America’s next top model you’ll notice most of the girls that get to end there are also pretty unspectacular but they show the clothes off well. But like most of you guys I’d of course take a Sung Hi Lee, Francine Dee, or Felicia Tang anyday and twice on sunday over any “supermodel”.

    Crap! did I just admit I watch America’s Next Top Model? Do I have to turn in my heterosexual papers now?…

  7. Just another primitive looking, native stocked woman. Am I correct? Let’s analyze that one. I wish she was ORIENTAL.

  8. I Like Devon Aoki cause she’s extremely cute but, sometimes I can’t help feeling that whoever the “indursty” props up and says is “the next top model” is just a
    DE FACTO “supermodel” for no reason except – “just because”

    I’ve seen geourgeous Asian women in Asia who I consider to be undiscovered.

    Anna Bayle is pretty but I don’t find her walk to be so spectacular that it seperates her from other Asian women her size.

    Her walk looks like Metal Gear Solid 4’s Gekko

  9. Yeah Tia is hot. I went out with a chick that looked just like her. Identical…but cripe! was she a bigot. Hated everybody except white people. Went off on asians like she wasn’t one and…blacks…whoa! the mouth on this girl almost got me killed everyother day. But she was hot.

  10. CLM…i’ll see your left nut and raise you my right one:) dont want to marry her..just boink her is good enough..she is getting up there with her age though
    DARK…so this chick is ASIAN, yet she is a bigot too?…and hate should introduce her to CLM, he should scare her straight….then send her to me:)

  11. Yeah she was amazing looking she then went and got some big fake boobies and became a stripper. Of course dumped me after the fake boobies. Buuuut even though she was great to look at, the racial slurs were a bit too much for this cracka!

  12. I guess she was defining herself as a supermodel because she had that status in the 80s? Anyway, catwalk models are not my thing. Wayyy too thin and hunger looking.
    Besides shallow, most of the times.

  13. CLM…holysh!t! is that real? dark…you should have introduce your ex to CLM…scare straight:)) those guys should have it mounted on a trophy or something…

  14. I know I’m white and all, but that’s looks silly to me. And I know all the black guys are gonna say i’m just jealous. But I’m really really really not. giddy up partners if you want to.

  15. Common, they are obviously prosthetics – they look like plastic, not human skin! Also, note the unnatural colour, which doesn’t match the skin colour of the guys they’re stuck on or even from shot to shot (it seems they have a few different prosthetics that they use with different paint jobs).

    Long Dong Silver had a far more convincing prosthetic than these guys.

  16. Oh, and one more thing: the vast majority of Asian girls do not like really big dicks, as it’s just too painful for them – even a porn star like Minka says this. So there’s no need to feel inadequate! (And this is probably why CLM needs a 6’4″ Asian girl – normal Asian girls couldn’t take him!)

  17. Trying to bring this conversation back to supermodels, I’m glad this post gives me the chance to mention this DVD of top models from Asia — obviously a project loosely modeled on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a blog item about it.

    You can find some nice excerpts from it on Youtube also:

    One great thing about it is that it proves definitively that Lin Chiling has a spectactular figure, not just a skinny supermodel type, but wonderfully voluptuous and beautifully proportioned. Seems like a smart, decent woman too — although her personality is a little too stereotypically cutesy-Taiwanese for my taste. I’d be happy to see a whole DVD on her though. The bikini was invented for her figure.

  18. thanks ahinama….it was getting a little gay in here….”not that there is anything wrong with that” 🙂

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