Up and coming Elisa Kim

Elisa Kim (Photography: David Bourne)

19 year old Korean Elisa Kim has been modeling for three years now. She has been featured on various model sites allready and on the Alluring Models Calendar 2006, so I figured, time to feature her on Asian Sirens for you guys!Some facts:

Name: Elisa Kim
Date of birth: 1986-03-03
Location: Philadelphia
Ethnicity: Korean
Measurements: 36-25-36 / 91B-69-91
Height: 5’6″ / 168 cm
Weight: 118lbs. / 54 kg
Hair: Orange Brown with Blond Streaks
Eyes: green

Elisa on the web:

Elisa Kim @ groups.yahoo.com
Elisa Kim @ modelgraphy.com
Elisa Kim @ xanga.com
Elisa Kim @ etgmodels.com
Elisa Kim @ sinthesisonline.com

Elisa Kim (Photography: Darby)

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  1. wow, full-blooded korean with green eyes! 😉

    nice body, flat stomach & rather curvy for a k-girl. but she’s somewhat a “butter face” in my opinion. ( a term for a woman with a great body,
    yet whose face is not on par with it – as in in “yeah, she’s hot, ‘but her face’ is just OK”.

  2. no kidding -just for a joy of it, i pester my asian friends/girlfi(r)ends about their eye colour info they list on their driver licences. oddly, i’m gray, my older sis is blue, younger sis is green.

    i saw 2 euro-japanese kids last week-end. both were blond & blue eyed. what are odds of that?

  3. Wow~Hi everybody! I wanted to say hello and thanks for spending some time to look and know a little bit more about me. ;] Keep up with what I have been up to and catch my appearances at various events! I would love to meet you all* Since the pictures you see here are anywhere from 2003 to 2005, I have a new portfolio of pictures coming up, so be on the look out! Also be sure to get your 2006 Alluring Models calendar and NOPI Chic calendars!
    Thanks again.

  4. Hi Elisa,

    You are very beautiful! Your face reminds me a bit of Tia Kai in some of your photos and Tia happens to be one of my favorite models.

    Where is the best place to find out about your upcoming event appearances?

    I did notice one link that Robin forgot is your Xanga journal listed in your Yahoo Group which has details about how to purchase the Alluring Models calendar you mention.

    BTW, you can edit your Asian Sirens profile and link your name to a website.


  5. Hi Elisa, i am from Philly too! , Northeast to be exact, nice to know a local asian talent.GO EAGLES !

  6. Go Eagles! Lol Finally a win, huh hotbytes2000? I hope we do well on Monday night! I am near the Northeat area. What a small world!

    badboy: Have a found a new subscriber to my xanga? Yay* I also edited my name to myspace.com just for ya 😉
    The import season has sadly come to a close over here on the east coast, but you can still catch me at various SinthesisEntertainment events. Come out and party with me and the crew! Just wait til 2006!!

    Robin: Thanks for the update!

  7. Hi Elisa, tks, I will definetely check you out in person at SinthesisEnt events! last but not least – E -A -G – L -E -S… EAGLES !! love them anyway! I miss TO….lol

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