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We all are a bit voyeuristic I think, so webcam sites are goldmines. A tip led me to this page where a real cute 18 year old Asian girl from New-Zealand poses for her webcam. There are also some ‘normal camera’ photo’s on the page. Her cam name is Joy Victoria. There are a total of 32 webcamgirls, all looking quite nice (Jacqui for example), but at my time of arrivel on the site, they all seemed to be offline.To be honest, after Lee’s story I am not sure if I would trust (click this link to see the full-frame site with buttons and all) with my creditcard number! 😉 So I’ll have to do with the still images. Registration is free (so was the affiliate program which I did not join), but I am not sure what you get as a ‘non paying’ registered member… (except for more spam ;-))

Joy Victoria @

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  1. She is quite cute. I think the thing to do with sites like these is to set up a web email address especially for them, so if it starts attracting spam you can just delete it. It seems as though you can ‘chat’ with models for free, but you can’t see them on webcam unless you pay.

  2. Hey there, I’m a camgirl of (Lacie on there – I’m asian too so you might wanna check me out :P), and if you would like to join the site but have doubts about its credibility, I suggest you join the forums for free and talk to other member and the camgirls. I can assure you that everything they say is in the member’s area is actually there, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with something, someone WILL help you. They have great customer service. 🙂

  3. Hm now that I reread it, it sounds pretty much like advertising =/ I just wanted to say you can trust the site with your credit card.. but after reading that story I would sure be suspicious too. Anyway, Joy is gorgeous. 🙂

  4. Hi Lacie, checked your photo’s. You look great. What ethnicity are you? Couldn’t make it out from the photo’s. Are you of mixed blood?

    And just wondering, how did you find your way to Asian-Sirens?

  5. I’m mixed, Indonesian and German. I was searching Google for and this site with Joy’s photo came up, so I’ve been browsing through it a little.. you got some very beautiful girls on here 🙂

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