Unknown Indian Babe


I know that Indian babes may not be the preferred choice here but this unknown model may change some mindsets.



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  1. Okay, I’m sold! She’s pretty fine, and very nicely proportioned. Who is she,and where can I see more of her?

  2. Not big on Indian babes. Probably would’nt make the play if I saw her in a public setting fully clothed.Clearly that would be a mistake.;->

    Of the Central Asian babes…I really dig the PERSIAN girls.C/A BABES could be a separate blog.

  3. Whoever she is, she has a great body. But her face is just okay. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Indian babes featured on here unless there are any objections.

  4. Those are some crackin’ tits.

    These shots have the deliciously dirty ‘pro-am’ feel of having been taken by your buddy, who promised he wouldn’t show them to anybody, yet were in your mailbox first thing the next day.

    I think there’s room for a category of this genre at Asian Sirens.

  5. india is asia and indian women are every bit as exotic and hot as the “east asian” women that are mainly featured here. i say, more indo-babes!

  6. I agree with STRIPES – central asian women have a totally different look and give a totally different vibe.

    I think this discussion has occurred before and I’m pretty sure that the word “Asian” in this context does not refer to the continent (why not russian girls then?) but to what the rest of the world, other than the US, refers to as “oriental”.

  7. Oriental but including the Pacific?

    Yeah, there does seem to be a significant overlap – guys that have a particular attraction to oriental women also tend to have a decent attraction to pacific islanders.

    That overlap does not seem to exist in any great numbers with Indian or arab women.

  8. If I had my way, it would be oriental sirens only, even though ‘oriental’ isn’t politically correct in the US for the most obscure and mysterious of reasons. 😉

  9. The funny thing is that is that I think the the term oriential as a term for a person is only used in American.
    I’ve never heard that term used in Asia.

  10. “Oriental” used to be used in the US but now is considered to be derogatory. Only ok to use it for objects, such as furniture.

    She has a smokin body. Sure, give us more Indians if they are that hot. Plenty of women from Singapore & Indonesia look like that, have Indian blood, so it isn’t a stretch for this site. One thing I dislike about Indian/Paki/Iranian women is that they thicken up so fast. Most by age 25 have such huge waists, bellies. Just one baby and they blow up. Ick.

  11. Hey Robin, you should do a post on that one: she’s really cute!

    As for ‘oriental’, I am aware that it is considered derogatory by Asian Americans, although tellingly it is not by any Asians anywhere else in the world. And it isn’t only used in the US: it was originated as a term for what was then the new world of China etc., as opposed to the occident (the old world). There is no logical reason for anyone to be offended by it, unless they are offended by ‘Asian’ as well!

  12. Lee, out of respect for both Asians and Asian-Americans who find that term offensive, please do not try to justify its use just because YOU do not find it offensive. Is it the role of a moderator to offer their editorial/opinion on these issues without balance?

  13. I guess your participation is the balance? lol

    And Dr. Lee is just trying to rationalize the issue. I’d also like to know since when that started to be offensive and why. Usually there is an explanation and it helps too.

  14. I meant that in a good way, I mean: since you participate and me, and other people, we do the balance. This is the balance of opinions, right? It’s not a monologue here.

  15. That’s right: I express my opinion, and our readers are free to express their’s. As this thread shows, being able to use ‘oriental’ would be very useful in distinguishing the kinds of girls we like around here from non-oriental Asians, such as Indians. And I can see no logical reason why anyone would take offence at such a term. Hence, I would like to know two things: (1) why the hell is ‘oriental’ so offensive to Asian Americans when it’s not offensive to Asians anywhere else? And (2): what can we use in its place? ‘Asian’ is too general for what we like here.

  16. I got to agree with the good doctor. I personally do not use the term oriental but what’s wrong with using the term in distinguishing Asian women? I can think of twenty terms that are more derogatory than oriental that do not require an explanation.

  17. She at 1st glance is an spitting image of Sanja Matice, an Net Model from Germany with Asain ethnics. To compare and to see what I mean she can be found at http://sunmod.com/ and when you compare it looks like her but in her un-natural non make up amatuer photo shoot style!

  18. lamboap wrote ee, out of respect for both Asians and Asian-Americans who find that term offensive, please do not try to justify its use just because YOU do not find it offensive.

    The term ‘oriental’ is only considered offensive in the US. In the rest of the world ‘oriental’ is used everyday – even by prestigious news sources like the BBC.

    In europe, the term “asian” is used for a person that we in the States would call “Middle eastern”. They use the term “oriental” for the people that we would call “asian”.

  19. kaine…i live in the US and i find the word “oriental” offensive. I am sure some where out there the word “negro” is acceptable to refer to africans, but it is still offensive to african american. out of respect to other asian american, i myself would not use the term “oriental” to refer to another asian person…IMHO. dont know how it got started but it is a touchy thing for us yellow guys here in the states:)…one thing doc and i dont agree on but it is not as important as the stuff we do agree on..mainly tits and ass:)

    wow that girl is hot robin..who is she?

  20. tits and ass, cheers to that 🙂
    I will not use the word -o- over here, but i’ll search more for the mystery…

    Because the -n- word seems to be offensive everywhere, but -o- has some distinctions. Odd…

  21. Negro is universally offensive because it was widely used as a derogatory term towards blacks. But oriental isn’t offensive to anyone outside the US because it has never been used as a derogatory term anywhere, including the US. So once again, I just can’t understand why Asian Americans are so offended by it. And if we can’t use it, then we need an alternative word for it – something which is more accurate and specific than ‘Asian’. It’s also strange that LawBoy is happy to call himself ‘yellow’, as this has been widely used in a derogatory way!

  22. “Oriental” is offensive because it implies a euro (west, occidental) centric world, when we all know that much (most?) of the world’s history and achievements have happened in Asia. It belittles that history. Most are ignorant to the true meaning of “oriental” and “occidental”… as an Asian-American myself, I’ve *never* heard any others refer to themselves or others by the word Oriental.

  23. But oriental isn’t offensive to anyone outside the US because it has never been used as a derogatory term anywhere, including the US.
    << Again, with the blanket statements!

    Why can’t you just respect the wishes of those who find the term offensive and refrain from using it without a retort providing another instance of the word.

  24. As I say above, orient and occident are just like Asia and Europe, or east and west. Are you offended by called Asian or eastern? It’s the same thing – it’s just a term for distinguishing different geographic and cultural regions. The only thing that makes it Eurocentric is the fact that it was coined by Europeans – but we coined the word Asia too! Once again, it is exactly the same thing. If you are offended by one, you should also be offended by the other – which means we can’t call you anything!

  25. Dr. Lee, we can agree to disagree, but respectfully, I think you’re missing the point in that who’s to say we measure “east” based on the european “west” when we’re looking at a sphere? (roughly speaking)

  26. Actually, what you say proves my point – all of these terms are equally Eurocentric, because we created them. Yet you are only offended by one of them. This makes no logical sense.

    If there is an Asian American approved term that correlates with oriental (once again, Asian is too general), then I am very happy to use it. But I know of no such term.

  27. I dunno… Asian works for me and all others like me I’ve met. I’m not sure why people would be so insistent on using a term some of the target group might deem offensive, no matter how little “sense” it makes, particularly when people aren’t offended at all by “Asian” *shrug*

  28. Once again, this thread shows the need for such a term: our readers aren’t really interested in Indian girls in general, for example, yet Indian girls are very much Asian. Our readers are mostly interested in what we would call ‘girls of oriental appearance’ – if we were allowed to use such a term! Please give us an alternative.

  29. sbt9 +1 exactly.

    Unbelievable, since my last post..you’ve found opportunity to use a word, I’ve found offensive 3 more times veiled behind a request to what word should be used instead.

    The term Asian works fine for me.

  30. hey doc how about we just call her a hot whench :)…that terms works well for me too…not too sexist i hope….:)

    hey doc…i am not sure refering to asian as “yellow” is offensive. for vietnamese we are proud to be known as yellow skin…really:) ask another viet he will tell you “yellow skin black hair” is what we call ourselves..not offensive at all compare to “riceball” “chink” “slit” “fu man chu”…etc….again lets get back to the real point of why we are here….TITS AND ASS! cheers

  31. sbt9, I think you touched the point, it being because of the colonial and imperialistic associations. When Asia was considered east or oriental from London, as far as I’ve seen through google.

    Random House’s Guide to Sensitive Language states “Other words (e.g., Oriental, colored) are outdated or inaccurate.” This Guide to Sensitive Language suggests the use of “Asian or more specific designation such as Pacific Islander, Chinese American, [or] Korean.

    South East Asian or Pacific Islander seems to be ok, then. 🙂

  32. lamboap wrote The term Asian works fine for me.

    Sorry lamboap, but the ‘asian’ communities in the UK are now objecting to being referred to as ‘Asian’ so now you are going to have to find another term.

    BBC Report – Don’t Call Me Asian

    Do you know see how silly all of this is? The term ‘Oriental’ is only offensive in the US and this being the internet, not everyone who visits this site is American. Dr Lee, I believe, lives in Australia.

    I am curious, since you can no longer use the word ‘asian’ to describe yourself, what term are you going to use?

  33. The fact that lamboap is offended by my use of the ‘o’ word in this thread shows just how ridiculous their offence at this is. I absolutely have not used it in any kind of derogatory way whatsoever – to talk about the use of this word (or an alternative), I obviously have to use it! Are you offended by Wikipedia having an article about the ‘o’ word? It’s exactly the same thing!

    And kaine is right: I am in Australia, and ‘Asian’ is now considered offensive by many in the UK. Plus ‘yellow’ has been widely used as a derogatory term toward Asians all over the world, yet LawBoy says Asian Americans do not find it offensive. How can you be offended by a term which has never been used in a derogatory way toward you, while at the same time proudly adopting one that has? This just makes no sense!

  34. Like I said, it doesn’t really matter whether it makes sense to you or not… Do you think I could walk around saying the “N” word and expect to be excused if I said that it makes no sense, regardless of the context? It’s not for you to say whether it offends or not, or whether it should offend.

  35. Anyway, sorry for cluttering this post… Alas, it’s too easy for us all to argue behind the anonymity of the Internet. My final word is that it offends *me*, and I’d hope that whether or not you understand or can empathize, you’ll respect the fact that *I* don’t like to be called “oriental.” Back to the pretties, all of them 🙂

  36. A few points sbt9:

    1) I never called you oriental! I only used the word in an abstract sense in discussing the use of this term and a potential alternative. Once again, the fact that you perceive what I wrote in this way leads me to think you are seriously over-reacting. Are you going to complain to Wikipedia about writing an article on this word?

    2) I also used the word ‘negro’ above in exactly the same way – I didn’t call anyone a negro, but as it was originally brought up by LawBoy in comparison with ‘oriental’, it had to be discussed in the same way.

    3) Once again, there is a key difference between calling somebody a negro and calling them oriental: ‘negro’ was widely used as a derogatory term towards blacks. And as such, it is universally offensive towards blacks everywhere, not just those in one particular country! Oriental has never been widely used in a derogatory way.

    4) As the article kaine links to above shows, if we avoided every term that was offensive to somebody somewhere, we couldn’t call anybody anything (including Asian). And once again, Asian is too imprecise for what we need here anyway.

    5) When ‘negro’ became unnacceptable, we were given an alternative (black). And so it has been with every other such term in the past. If you don’t want anyone to ever use the ‘o’ word, then you have to give us a satisfactory alternative!

  37. With so many words being blacked out, I guess it will come the time when we better just shut up and watch. I understand the sensitivities, but it’s getting harder, folks! 🙂

    At least I can *watch* the ladies, lol

  38. if you guys are just as enthuse about what to call boobs and kooch 🙂 lets move on to the ladies guys…:)

  39. I has chatted with an friend of mine and this is his comment (who is an british born indian guy):

    He doesn’t mind being called Asians or Indina as long it is not used in the wrong context and it not directly racist motive related issue.

    For example, asking are you Indina? or Asian? is and can be considered offensive because you are asking a direct question about his race when it is clear he is an Indian. But saying something like from your Indian backgroud how you feel about these happening going on in Middle east and Pakistan etc? Asking this is not an indirect racist motive question compared to the first question.. He then went on to say, it like calling black black, some don’t like it and some don’t minds it, white white and so on, it all down to how it is used and how it went across.

    Some take the slightest thing way out of context than it intended to be!

  40. Exactly! To not be able to use these words under any circumstances is just ridiculous; what matters is the intent with which they are used. I don’t think any reasonable person could argue I have any racist intent here.

  41. The whole concept of “race” is an artificial political, social, and cultural one created by humans in the vain attempt to categorize (and possibly oppress & colonize) people. If you go back enough generations we are all “mixed”, and therefore undefineable. In slave days if you even had 1/8 black blood you were black. What “race” one is is usually determined by those in power. Consider the idea of being “white”. In the US that used to mean a protestant from northern or western Europe. Gradually, the idea of whiteness has opened up, but only by the in-group letting those on the outs know when they can be admitted to the white club.

  42. Well said luvjgirls! These words are just convenient terms for distinguishing different social and geographic regions, but at the end of the day, we are all just one people.

    In retrospect I probably should have started a new thread to discuss the ‘oriental’ issue – I didn’t realise it would get so big! Anyway, getting this back to the model in this post, I don’t think she is Sanja Matice.

  43. Dr Lee, I know she not, I did say at 1st glance she looks like Sanja Matice in her un-natural amatuer photoshoot!

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