Asian Girls Video From You Tube

Hey guys, this is a compliation video found on YouTube. It has a variety Asian girls in sexy poses. No nudity allowed on YouTube, but I will say this video probably pushes the limits for their site; especially the girl/girl action near the end. Enjoy!

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  1. Yeah, i wont be surprised if it gets pulled from you tube soon.

    Has anyone ever posted an embedded video from PornoTube here? Maybe I’ll try it one day.

  2. Woah … can someone name all the girls in order? Hahahaha! Lot of hot girls in there I don’t know … o_o

    And btw, what is the name of that song used?

  3. Great stuff. I am going to play that video until it gets deleted. That vid did make me fall in love again with Francine Dee. She’s beautiful but her boobs are too huge. And the song in the background is one of my favorites from when I was little, Me So Horny by 2 Live Crew.

  4. northman you took the words right out my mouth… and i also agree with you candyman i love francine dee but they are a little too big

  5. I think I’m horny now after seeing Francine Dee looking so delicious and stuff. Don’t mind the big boobs at all.

  6. All the movie bits, Francine and the girl on girl bits are from the DVD; Hip-Hop Honeys – Tasty Flavours

  7. I know where to find better videos than that Wylde8! You might want to try your local porn shop. I found tons of Asian Porn when I was on leave back home in Maryland last year. Tons and tons of Vivid videos to choose from. Lots of good asian hardcore.

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