Unknown Chinese Model 4


Unknown! Chinese (probably)! Model!Photos:












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  1. WOW…. She looks FANTASTIC.

    I wonder if her personality matches her loooks? This is definitely a perfect 10 or close to it.

  2. I don’t know if its a nose job but even if it was, she’s still great. Looks too pretty to be Chinese. Probably mixed.

  3. If she is pure Chinese then I’m pretty certain she has a nose job, but if she is mixed then it might be natural. Either way though, it ruins her face for me.

  4. I’m also with Doc. Vacillating between underwhelmed and so-so. Don’t know about her rhinoplasty, but when I’m in China in a couple of weeks I will be looking at everyone’s noses.

  5. Don’t forget that Chinese is just a guess, because she was located on those Chinese body art sites. There really is no way to know for certain what she is without knowing who she is.

  6. I like her. Very nice backside. She does have a different look because of her nose, her cheeks and her eyes. Still sexy though.

  7. Body is nice; but I hate the nose….its like seeing a female version of Pinnocchio…..with an nice rack.

  8. The body lines are amazing so the hot body gets the thumbs up. I always have a soft spot for a naked girl in heels. But hold on. She seems unable or possible unaware that she needs to change her facial expression with each shot. Posing needs work as well. Looks hot but lacks and imagination so dbldipper seems to be right on with the so-so on the total package. Uh, did anyone actually look at the nose?

  9. She is very nice looking and the body is very sexy. I like the nose because it differentiate her from other Chinese girls, making her kind of exotic. And it matches her face so it should be natural. She look like a nude Chinese model I posted on http://sexyinternationalsex.blogspot.com/ a few months ago. Anyone know what Allen is and its website? There might be a profile of her on its site.

  10. Exceptional body and I *love* her nose. I find it a bit amusing that any girl who has a large nose is automatically accused of nasal surgery. While it may (or not) be the case with Miss Unknown #4, I think her nose sets her apart from the standard fare. Also, I don’t get the “masculine” face comment.

    Ironically, I’d like to see her with some clothes on. LOL

  11. She has a nose? Oh yeah..I see now. It’s hard to get above the neck.
    As far as the comments about nose jobs, I’m sure I have seen that kind of nose before – on ordinary women, knowing they haven’t had surgery.

    And I am definitely with arf on her gorgeous rounded arse!
    Shapely, and I love the hair curling down her back.

  12. …ordinary ‘Chinese’ women I meant..she reminds me a lot of an assistant teacher I had once whose nose and features were very similar.

  13. I could stare at picture number 7 all night. Oh wait, I just did:-)

    I really don’t understand the complaints about her nose

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