Jiang Huijie


Jiang Huijie has been modeling for several years. She was in the Top 20 of the “Miss World China” competition. I may have spelled her name wrong, but that’s how it translated. Maybe you can Translate it Better.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’9
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Shanghai








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  1. too stereotype !

    model from china seems to be like that (surgery come to the far east : china, korea, japan) to be a model abolutly at what prices ???

  2. I have to agree – she just screams “fashion model”. Still, many Chinese fashion models are actually very unattractive, which isn’t the case here: at least this girl seems to be basically pretty.

  3. yes !

    but its incredible : for exemple in france : 60 millions inhabitants & maybe 30 millions or less potential models
    in china : 1,50 billions inhabitants & about half (600 millions potential models)

    you understand what i mean…

    anyway photos, make up & everything do a lot (75 % of the package)

  4. It’s really subtle but in a couple of those shots she has a touch of the masculine about her. I’m talking about photo 2 specifically. Looks like one of those fixed, communist , wave my red book at Mao kind of faces.

  5. I like her very much. I think she rather attractive and has that “universal” East Asian facial feature set which I tend to think is something good in general. However I have serious issues regarding her fashion sense.

  6. Chairman Mao would approve…I’d love to work in some dimly lit factory with her for 80 hours a week for $1 an hour…

    I like her smirk! She reminds me a little of the woman in the movie “Kung Fu Hustle”, who had a slightly cross-eyed look…

  7. Jiang Hui Jie is pretty..but also pretty ordinary IMO.
    The shocking pink tights..reminded me of the other day when I saw a woman wearing almost that same colour under a short dress with high heels, doing her shopping. Long black curly hair under a white beret. A Chinese Yoko Ono?
    She certainly looked different.
    LOL@awa’s comment. Yes, EAT UP girl!

    And French, maybe she escaped that factory. But I’m sure you would find a suitable replacement to work near.

  8. She is slim maybe because she is a young (fast metabolism) Asian (eating habit) girl. My wife used to eat ice-cream for dinner, chocolate for snack. And she was very slim.

  9. Tail-End-Charley says: Travis has presented the membership with some challenges of late, beginning with the “tasty” and gravatating to this lovely young model, lacking (in the western eye)of sex appeal…despite her form.

  10. Half the population of France and China have model potential? Whatchoo talkin’ bout, placeboy?

  11. Another tall model. How about crossing her with a male Chinese basketball player to see what they get? Oh, wait. That’s been done before.

  12. wingsfan19 : it is an exemple to show the proportion of population between china & France (here we are talking about women in general)

  13. placeboy: So what you’re trying to say is that China has a LOT more females than France (or any other country, for that matter), and consequently a LOT more potential models. Just think how much better China’s model potential would be if their families didn’t prefer having sons.

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