Unknown Chinese Model 2


Here is yet another unknown Chinese model from one of these awesome artsy sites. The photography quality is not quite as good, but the poses are quite nice and the model is, of course, pretty as usual.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?









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  1. cute but something wrong with her imo. i don’t see any pics to show this but i feel that her teeth will be bad

  2. I’ve never seen perfect tits on a Chinese girl unless they were implants, or, she’d been pregnant. I say they are fake.

  3. I am not against boob jobs if they bear some resemblence to reality. There certainly are cases, rare though they may be and most seeming to come from Japan, when fakes work.

    Of course this woman’s breasts seem to defy gravity. Of course Travis is right. I care if they are fake when they look really fake, as these do. These are not really obnoxious, but not very esthetically pleasing.

    And I assure you that here are countless thousands of non-implanted, non-pregnant Chinese girls in the world with “perfect tits.”

    This girl is cute.

  4. Absolutely positively fake, and that’s what I like about ’em – natural breasts do not defy gravity, especially as they get older. I very much like the rest of this girl too.

    The pics with the sky in the background are absolutely, positively fake as well – the Chinese seem to be fond of these.

  5. I guess it would be safer to say they were fake (its at least a more photogenic boob job than some others), but its not completely impossible for a woman to have unnaturally perky breasts (unfortunately I can’t say the same for myself, being a chick). Either way, she’s lovely. Hope someone can find a name for her 🙂

  6. In the final blue picture, as she gazes skyward, her left breast shows slight rippling on the lower inner edge indicative of saline implants.

    That said, her proportions are great, and it appears to be a good symmetrical boob job, though living in LA, on occasion, I have historically not discriminated against the “cookie monster”s I’ve met. 😉

  7. I think she’s quite pretty, but I’m partial to the Chinese girl look. Her body is very nice and her boob job is better than most I’ve seen here in that it fits her natural figure. To me, nothing looks sillier than an Asian girl with an ultra petite body with narrow shoulders, and two melons sticking out where it looks like she’s about to fall forward from the extra weight.

    knifepoint, though you’re right about these breasts, I assure you that there are Chinese women with absolutely perfect breasts. When I lived in Shanghai, I had a girlfriend with the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen; surprised the hell out of me when I first saw them because she dressed conservatively and as is normal there, rarely dated. The funny thing about her figure was that in the States she’d have a literally perfect body while over there she was considered “fat” because she was 5’7″ and wore a size 4. Anything over a size 2 there was considered overweight. Since then she’s lost weight and is now a size 2 which to me is a crime. 🙁

  8. Alright, they’re probably fake. But I, having a particular aversion to boob jobs, can admit they look nice, at least in these photos.

  9. This girl is really cute, plastic and all. They fit her overall shape and don’t look out of place, even though they are obviously hand made:)

    There are plenty of Chinese women with perfect breasts that aren’t fake though. And that’s true whether you find really large or small breasts perfect. It’s kindof like saying asian women have no butts. There are plenty who do, and obviously plenty who don’t.

  10. Her name is Yu-Hui, very well known locally in China. You may find her pics in almost every adult sites in Chinese.

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