Janine is a model with only a first name found on Creampie Thais. I am wild about Janine, especially this first photo, though I know she is not for everyone. Still, to me she is yum. Here is a video of her doing her thing.Stats:

Age: 21 (?)
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Bangkok











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  1. Her boob job certainly isn’t the best. but I have to agree that apart from that she is pretty hot. She doesn’t look very Thai to my eyes (which is a plus for me) – actually she looks mixed, or even latina.

  2. Isn’t that whole ‘creampie’ thing very woman-unfriendly?! Not to mention dangerous? Sex with no condom with (underage?) girls in Pattaya! Not sure if Asian-Sirens should be promoting that kinda thing…

  3. Nice legs and ass, don’t care much for the rest of her. For me, she’s one of those girls who should be sexy but just… isn’t.

  4. If she is taking birth control pills or injections, the “creampie” thing is every bit as “dangerous” for the man as it is for the woman. Another example of feminism having won, with that kind of thinking, only being concerned with the safety of women.

    Really bad boob job, yes. But to me, there’s no such thing as a “good” one.

  5. This girl is really my type as far as what I like in real life, except for the fact that pic five shows bit of snaggletooth. Other than that and a below average boob job, I think she’s very sexy.

    Since when did AS become the sex police? Creampie is like a thousand other sites we get girls from.

  6. I dont think unsafe sex is as dangerous for a man as for a woman. I have read somewhere that a man can easily infect a woman with HIV (duh) but viceversa is more difficult.

    Of course AS is not the sex police, and it’s not possible to check where all photos we are placing are coming from and if the models are treated fair. But with the above site I think it’s ‘safe’ to say there may be some things not entirely ‘right’.

    But agreed, Janine is hot!

  7. I agree, she’s the hottest there. Janine is beyond ‘yum’, she’s just up there! Great body, great tan and the boob job is okay to me, never mind the small stuff. 🙂

    Unfortunately, so many girls agree to unsafe sex, and there’s nothing AS can do about it. I also agree it’s more dangerious for women.

    I want to believe there are no underage girls on that site, that’s illegal. Just, probably, girls that look younger to their real age. I don’t visit crempiesthais often but Janine could get me there sometimes.

  8. Janine has been the source of endless speculation about who she is and where people can get more pics/vids of her on freeones.com

    I think she’s gorgeous and can’t get enough of her. Contrary to most of the previous posters, I don’t think her boob job is that bad. It looks worse in the first pic than any other pic I remember seeing so I think its a little unfair to judge her off first impressions from seeing that pic.

  9. Guys, check the video. She has an awful smile, with very crooked teeth. Granted everything else is top notch, but her full smile is a complete turn off.

  10. “Her breasts remind me of Cookie Monster’s eyes.”

    Wonderful analogy. Well done. Thanks, jdrevenge.

    …especially to the extent that the left nipple is pointing straight out and the right one angles up towards the sky.

  11. One nipple is higher than the other nipple. OH God, I would love to paint her chest blue to get that Cookie Monster look.

    I’m craving for some cookies right now.

  12. Her boob job isn’t the best in the world, but I’ve seen worse. She is still hot regardless.

    Any unprotected sex is risky, but these girls have the same level of risk as any other performer in adult entertainment. No one says anything about JAV actresses who have sex without protection and do way more than these girls do, but this subject always comes up with Thai girls.

    And I am sure that CPT does some sort of testing because you don’t know where these girls been at or who’ve they been with. Plus I am sure that the actor doesn’t want to catch anything as well. If they don’t, then that would be real stupid.

  13. Oh my!…where has this girl been all my life. At about a minute into the video above, my jaw dropped after seeing her perfect ass. It’s now in my fav’s for later viewing. Thanks Travis.

  14. I’d pay for her dental work. Hell, I’d pay to redo her boob job. BTW, I completely agree with the Doc that she looks more Latina than Thai (not that that is a bad thing). Overall, this is one sexy young (sigh) lady!

  15. Damb Great Fire Wall of China… Every link from her Google search is blocked by it.

    I like what has been posted, and while I agree, not typical Asian, still damb hot.

  16. Robin –

    I can’t stand the unprotected sex niche, for that reason. But if we were going to exclude sites that exploit these girls, we’d have to exclude essentially every Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese site in existence. They all take advantage of these girls, underpay them, and put them at risk for STDs.

    If this was not an adult site, I would agree with you 100%. But because it is an adult site, we don’t have a lot of options. Very few countries aren’t exploiting these women somehow.

  17. This Thai babe is hot!…and very much typically Thai!

    Latina???? Really?

    This Thai babe looks nothing like a latina…at all.

    Is there really a problem when it comes to recognizing the difference between an asian babe from a latina?

    Regardless, on this site it seems that “Latina” is the catch-all category cluelessly attached to those girls who do not fit the limited experience of those posters who mistakenly say the asian babe looks “latina”.

  18. Hey guys, sorry I have been so busy to contribute. And when I do get time to come around, I just lurk in the shadows.

    To start, yeah, she is pretty damned hot. Not big on chicks with the snaggletoof thing going on (you know what might go in there right?!), but yeah, nice.

    That being said – *clears throat*


    Not again? I mean really? I would like to direct your attention to this thread:


    When you get done reading that (if you bother), before you try to flame me for relenting on my argument in THAT thread, I will get that out of the way by saying I did not want to go off on any person or individual without doing my own research.

    And following on that thought, I would like to congratulate Candyman, you’ve earned it:

    Enjoy your designation for the day!

    And an honorable mention to daznlover, thanks for playing.

    Really, I know you guys (and gals?) will spit fire and say I am trying to burn you. Or maybe that I have no idea what the heck I am talking about, but c’mon, you know better.

    You could say I am taking the piss, joking with the guys, or whatever. You all know that I am a cool with all y’all and don’t go looking for fights.

    So where does that leave us?

    Oh yeah, if you think AS or any individual on this site is try to play ‘sex police’, you are taking a rather immature view on the discussion; Robin and the Doc started this enterprise, and they certainly have every right to question – in a philosophical way – whether this is the type of material that should be presented. In fact, you should count your luck that they are nice enough and concerned enough with the community that you are even asked or presented with the discussion. Most sites the owners would just spike it and not tell you why.

    Now, the girls. You really think you can compare JAV to what is essentially an amateur industry in Thailand built by whore mongers?


  19. Apples and oranges boys. A real industry versus a sex industry built on prostitution. C’mon, gimme a real argument in this case.

    (Oh, another thought – why aren’t these bastions of western culture and healthy video producers plying their trade in Japan and nutting some Japanese hottie? Hmm, can’t imagine why not, you?)

    And finally health. For those of you making some of the arguments in here, wow. (others I commend – yes, it is easier for a male to pass HIV to a female than vice versa; as me why, I will tell you).

    I worry that some of you are at about the point of coming to Asia, and after having unprotected sex, dipping your schlong in cobra blood, and then simply making sure you have a dish of tiger’s penis the next day. Then it will all be fine, right?

    You think these girls are tested? Ha! Rarely if ever unless they are working on a shoot for professionals (think, ‘Mr Chew’, and Hustler). As to the men, I know in some particular cases that the bastard making the video was infected and could care less. Asian Apple Seed? CPT? Hmmm, I would never image!

    Also if you understood some thing about [the average] HIV test, you would know that getting your bargirl to stop and take a 100B test means nothing (bonus points to the person smart enough to say why – and no, I am not talking about fake tests – although there is plenty of that too).

    So you like Janine huh? That CPT bangs without protection? And think she’s health conscience? On birth control (HA!)? I tell you what, why don’t you fly down here to Thailand and I will take you to meet Janine (no crap, really), only requirement is that you have to have unprotected sex with her. (Guess I should make you prove your healthy first..?)


  20. Lastly, the people that will jump forward to defend and say, ‘Hey, be nice! CPT is just making what people want! Hell it is almost art!’ I am giving my screen the finger right now because I know most of you have some type of affiliate gig going on with them or others like them anyway.

    Finally, I hate to rain on your parade, but AS has never been – at least to my knowledge – a ‘porn site’. It is a site of an adult nature for those loving Asian beauty to share, discuss and interact on that topic. So, my good man Travis, don’t try to justify your work, oh, I mean ‘posts’, by saying otherwise. In fact was it not you Travis that for a long time posted very laid back, to too risque photos, saying that it was for the beauty and not for the titillation? Well, Janine might be beautiful, but you can keep your CPT girls. Because, oh wait, you said it perfectly in your last post: ‘sites that exploit these girls,’ I guess that about sums it up huh?

    On a closing note to all, I am not trying to start fights, pick on people or whatever. If you know me at all, you’d know that. Now, if like me you so love, admire and care for these girls as an AS reader/contributor, wouldn’t you want to find ways to not to promote the exploitation of them?

    Rant finished, carry on.

  21. To elaborate, this is me:

    “But if we were going to exclude sites that exploit these girls, we’d have to exclude essentially every Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese site in existence.”

    This is you:

    “I will stick to my now somewhat tattered argument if only to agree, concur and state that all forms of pornography are exploitive, it is just a matter of at what level.”

    This is me:

    “If this was not an adult site, I would agree with you 100%. But because it is an adult site, we don’t have a lot of options.”

    This is you:

    “Finally, I hate to rain on your parade, but AS has never been – at least to my knowledge – a ‘porn site’. It is a site of an adult nature for those loving Asian beauty to share, discuss and interact on that topic.”

    But if you really want to have fun, this is you:

    “So you like Janine huh? That CPT bangs without protection? And think she’s health conscience? On birth control (HA!)? I tell you what, why don’t you fly down here to Thailand and I will take you to meet Janine (no crap, really), only requirement is that you have to have unprotected sex with her. (Guess I should make you prove your healthy first..?)”

    And this is ALSO you:

    “So I would like to first apologize to http://www.CreamPieThais.com … I have since been assured that they – and other sites – do indeed test their performers before each production, I was very happy to learn this and that had led me the concern over health issues. In the same vein is the issue of pregnancy, I have rarely encountered Thai women on birth control so I felt this was an issue, but apparently not as I was also informed.”

    Not to mention that the only people that even mentioned this discussion for more than a sentence in this thread were Robin, myself, and Candyman, making this entire rant of yours particularly long and obnoxious.


    The HIV virus cannot be contracted unless one of the partners involved in sexual activity has it. Most porn industries are required by law to test their models/actresses. This way you can dumb 10 of em in the room to fuck and no one walks away with AIDS.

    Yes, you are correct that men can infect women with HIV easier than vice versa. This is because the woman’s exposed surface area is nearly 100% and semen carries the virus. Thrusting of the penis can cause vagina/anal tears making the infection easier.

    In order for a man to contract HIV from a woman, he’d have to have open sores and come in contact with vaginal blood.

    That’s why homos get HIV easier. The anus is easy to tear during sex and the semen infects the tears.

    I personaly LOVE unprotected sex niche sites. In order to not get burned you need to take your partner to a doctor, get both of you checked out before hand and then do your best never to fuck anyone else.

    Thing is, new viruses like HPV and Herpes can spread from simple contact like kisses on the face or even the infected person’s clothing.

    Humans are basically targets and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even menangitis can be contracted from door knobs. Hepatitis from water fountains.

  23. Wait….

    I said this:

    “it is an adult site”

    And you said:

    “It is a site of an adult nature for those loving Asian beauty to share, discuss and interact on that topic. So, my good man Travis, don’t try to justify your work, oh, I mean ‘posts’, by saying otherwise.”

    Huh… it’s almost like I didn’t do that at all. Oh wow! It’s exactly like I didn’t do that at all! But hey, check it out… YOU made a post on a model from CPT because you thought she was pretty… and hey! So did I! That’s amazing! It’s almost like we did the exact same thing! CrAzY!

  24. knifepoint – while I think Sparrow appears to have lost his mind, you should know that there is very little chance that the websites based in Thailand test their models. Very, very little. Maybe CPT does (according to the Sparrow from the earlier post – not the crazy drunk Sparrow that decided to post here today), but most of these websites absolutely do not unless they are US or UK based.

  25. Alright, I think I’m going to have to step in here.

    1) Bill, please don’t call our contributors a dumbass no matter what, okay?

    2) According to my sources (which are reliable), pretty much everything Bill says here is true – the information he received that they did testing was in fact false, and his original opinion (which he has expressed again here) is actually correct.

    3) I don’t think that’s any reason not to feature girls from these sites. Who knows, perhaps a little more recognition of them as models could lead them to better things? Whatever the case, everyone is free to express their opinion on these types of sites if they keep it civil. Indeed, such discussion may be enlightening for some – if we make one of our readers think twice before they have unprotected sex, that’s a good thing.

    4) I don’t think Bill is acting crazy or drunk or anything – his writing is far too cohesive for that. This is just a long-standing hobby horse of his.

    5) Not all porn or adult stuff is exploitive at all. However, creampie certainly is (for the guy too).

  26. Wow, rants galore!

    My guess is that bar girls talk among themselves and try what works for other bar girls. And I’d suspect that bar girls who make a video get customers looking for them because of the video, so increased business and the ability to make more money. Therefore, other bar girls want to make their own video to increase business. After all, this is their profession and their goal is to maximize their earnings while they can.

    So they get exploited because they can see the personal financial gain. That makes Bill correct, they’re being exploited. That makes others correct who say that they choose to be exploited so they are just as much a part of the system as the video producers.

    Do they get paid well? If you factor in the additional business they pick up from the exposure (literally) they receive, the overall profit is much higher than the initial payment.

    In the end, it’s a sleazy business that taints everyone working in it, but it’s not going away anymore than prostitution will. By looking at pretty girls on this site, no one is forced to buy CPT videos or help them profit in any way, so I think that part of it is overblown.

  27. OK, I’m gonna get flamed, I just know it but I gotta speak.
    Yo Candyman, I got to reply to this. You wrote:
    “And I am sure that CPT does some sort of testing because you don’t know where these girls been at or who’ve they been with”.
    Whoa, wisdom my brother,
    CPT has featured many of the gals from a well known Pattaya Agogo being drilled with no raincoat. It’s a rent a pussy, Agogo parlor in Pattaya. You can shag any girl that works there for $50 or less. Now you know where many CPT girls are from but unless you were with them for the last 40 minutes, you don’t know who they have been with. Testing? Keep that big Spliff lit. Travis is right, all sites are exploitive but I gotta say, CPT raises the bar. I think Janine is hot too but I hate that she and many other local rentahotties are playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. And for your additional info, girls I have asked about their appearances in these dripping sagas explained to me ( in tears) they were told that the videos are only being shown in Japan. No Thai girl wants her family to see her being shagged on the Internet. And they are not doing it to increase their sales. They want the 5-10 thousand Baht on the spot and for that much money they will believe almost anything. Another fat Jamaican Spliff please for my speculative brother who thinks they are marketing geniuses trying to get more shags per day via video stardom 🙂 LOL

  28. Right, as I said. CPT probably doesn’t do any safety precautions. But on an adult site (excuse me – site that features adult material, because apparently there is a difference), if we were to not feature women on websites that exploit women, websites in essentially every country in Asia would be out.

  29. @WILLIAM

    Thanks for the honorable mention, but I’m really not worthy of that mighty priviledge. 🙂

    Maybe I wasn’t so clear, but I wrote ‘I want to believe’ as in ‘I know I’m being a naive optimist at saying this, but I wish never in the existence of porn sites have they ever used a minor’. It’s like the X-Files you know? ‘I want to believe’… 🙂

    I really don’t wanna think about minors posing as adults, in CPT or some other similar site, because it’s just sad, although I’m not surprised if it happens. On the other hand, I know that asian many girls around 18 years old, just look like younger, sometimes. The thing is: I can’t prove they are all over 18, but you can’t prove either that some girls aren’t 18 although they may seem younger. So, we will never know.

    Usually, I tend to stay away from those sites. Let’s also bear in mind that some girls possibly forge false documents to get a model photo-shoot for some site, so who is to blame there? Respectable sites will not accept doubtful documents. CPT? Have no idea.

    Now, for the issue of unprotected sex and HIV.

    Let’s all be clear about this: a regular HIV test will miss any HIV infection contracted a few weeks ago. So, the test is useless for sex workers. To this day, I really don’t know why they are still taken into account for sex workers, they are totally useless, I repeat. Any bar girl can get a clean, valid HIV test and be already infected and ready to infect others.

    That said, any guy who works for a site or any client of these bar girls is just crazy or stupid, if they have unprotected sex. Forget tests. Get a condom always, no matter what.

    Lastly, the issue of exploitation. It’s true these sites can mess up a girl, whose family is gonna find her on the internet. But apart from that, what’s more potentially damaging? One photoshoot for a porn site? Or dozens of clients per week, some of them even demanding unprotected sex?

  30. And let’s not forget that bar girls also exploit back, many times and they are really specialists at doing so (it’s kind of an industry). Not uncommon for a bargirl to have 2 or 3 ‘boyfriends’ back in USA, milking them for a monthly ‘help’, while working in a bar, but swearing eternal love and a new ‘virtuous’ life as a library worker (or similar).

    I’m not condoning AAS or CPT at all, but let’s just get down to the situation of bar girls in Thailand. It’s a long time, prostitution problem and the girls exploit back to. There could be an end to all that but will prostitution cease to exist?
    William, let me know if you have a prediction: in how many years will all the sex exploitation (on the spot) end?

    Life is sad, but not having food on the table for their families, is even worse. Those bargirls already decided on that, long time ago.

    For me, I respect them as someone who wasn’t blessed with our western luck, but I know many of them won’t have a nice outcome in life. I just wished the exploitation won’t go to extremes, but prostitution for bar girls means those girls are talked by their clients into doing all kinds of shit. Long before sites exist.

    Just saying, sites didn’t bring this on girls out of the blue. They are doing on camera whatever they already did on local joints, for the right amount.

  31. William I understand what you mean about giving headlines for sites that base their existance on exploitation.

    And to be clear, I agree that porn is one thing, exploitation of uneducated girls is another and we could still feature some girls and avoid the promoting the exploitation.

  32. I wonder if more models would post here if it wasn’t for the critical comments from the members here. If an asian girl has fake boobs then villagers with pitch forks and torches come out

  33. Yeah, the animosity toward boob jobs around here is seriously over the top – and in a lot of cases, I strongly suspect it’s insincere. It seems to be some kind of badge of honour or something to say that only the real thing is good enough, no matter what.

  34. i don’t have a nose fetish, but that has to be the perfect nose i’ve ever seen. As for her butt, perfection. For those of you who hate fake boob, japanese-american girls with tatts then don’t check out Larissa at my myspace page

  35. Let’s get back to what’s important, which is that hilarious “cookie monster” analogy and the fact that imperfect implants or not, she’s a pretty fine specimen of womanhood.

    btw, I don’t personally think Playboy is porn, but many/most would disagree. By that standard, this is definitely an adult porn site, it’s classier than most but it is what it is. Also exploitation is horrible, but it would be physically impossible to know which are which in many cases. I’ve been to Thailand a few times, and although I’ve never physically been with a bar girl, I’ve talked with a number of them. Most of them make difficult choices to be there, but they can make more money comparatively to office jobs etc. than you can imagine. I’m not condoning anything, but as long as it’s not against the woman’s will I’m okay with people doing what they want with their bodies. One of the reasons I’ve never gone to an asian massage parlor here in LA is that I believe that many of the girls there are doing it against their will which really disturbs me. Since I can’t truly know, I just stay away (well that and my wife would kill me:))

  36. “They are doing on camera whatever they already did on local joints, for the right amount.” Hello daznlover. Nice post. Agreed.
    I think you you have a good point but I would like to add that when these gals shag for Mom and Dad they think they will be lucky and not get into health trouble. The CPT “actor” is a loaded gun having had UPS with over a hundred hard core hookers. He is not your typical holiday sex tourist posing minimal risk. And he is spreading the love to others like a human petri dish. Personally this concept ruins the joy of my seeing a hottie like Janine but then some folks could care less as long as they get to see tits.

  37. On a more humorous note:
    slackering wrote:
    “btw, I don’t personally think Playboy is porn, but many/most would disagree”.
    Yo Slackering, True dat! I was initially really proud of having shot covers for Playboy until my power attorney friend introduced me at a big party as the Porn King. I wanted to whack him but he would have sued me. Many mainstream folks think Playboy is porn too. I was a fan of Playboy from birth so I am biased and they pay on time.

  38. This is quite the reunion thread!

    Doc, (and Candyman, and daznlover): The dumb— comment (and the honorable mention) was meant in jest. Sorry if offensive. Just figured you guys have known me long enough to know when I am ‘taking the piss’, out of ya. But point taken Doc, I will try to avoid calling people dumb—es. At least for the balance of this post. 🙂

    Gotta say though, daznlover, you did it again, are you attention whoring to me? But yeah you got it perfectly right as to why the usual HIV tests perform by most medical establishments throughout the world won’t catch new infections. Well done ol’ boy!

    And knifepoint – also well done on correctly explaining why women more easily become infected than men.

    Dazn – Your question about when will exploitation stop? Unfortunately, never. I mean I am sitting here at a desk being exploited right now when I should be earning far more! 🙂

    Seriously though, I personally do not believe that any type of sexual awakening, revolution or whatever – even on some sci-fi future level – will ever end the exploitation in the realm of sex. It is one of those things that is just in mankind’s nature.

    Then I want to thank *most* of the posters after me. In many ways I feel that they helped to clarify my base contentions, (no, I was not drunk). 🙂

    I do not consider Playboy porn, it is adult material. I do consider (western) Penthouse porn. It is a matter of ‘raising the bar’, as said.

    And let’s see where that bar is: I am pretty sure that a model who shows up to do a Playboy or Penthouse shoot is less likely to contract the HIV virus than the CPT models. So, are Playboy models being exploited at the same level as CPT girls? Hmmm… Exploited for nudie pics does not equal exploited for nudie pics/vids that might leave the model with HIV.

    And Travi ol’ boy, like I said (but you ignored), you used to only post models (“real” models), from some Asian modeling site, tame Playboy style stuff. You seem to use the designation of ‘porn’ when it suits you (and your clients).

    But keep reeling over there Travi, you might just pull something in someday (besides your affiliate checks).

    Oh, and when I am drunk and crazy – you’ll know it! 🙂

  39. Ah, I get you – You’re talking about when I was doing models from modelmayhem. I received over 10 different angry emails from models telling me to take them off, and I only created maybe 20-30 posts (33%!) so I gave up on that.

    However, not once did I ever say I would “only post non-porn models” nor did I, at any point, use the word porn in this post. I also never said I wouldn’t feature models from porn sites. In fact, the 3rd model I ever posted was from a Thai porn site. Stop making up arguments that don’t exist.

  40. I have noticed that about you and arguing Travi, it’s like:

    I said: “It’s is not cool.”

    And then you said: “Nuh-uh!”

    Then I was like: “It’s totally not cool, man.”

    And were all: “Nuh-uh!!”

    So I said: “Well, not cool for me.”

    And you said: “Mommy’s boy!”

    🙂 Just having fun. Keep on trucking there buddy! And I enjoy a good debate too.

  41. I think it is genetic. My dad is a big fan of it too, as was his dad. They would often be seen creating arguments out of agreements, simply to have something to yell about.

  42. “That movie was good because of how the great actors managed to portray that great script.”

    “Nay! The movie was good because the great script managed to bring out greatness in the great actors!”


  43. It’s an interesting notion that Playboy can be considered “adult material” (as opposed to porn) at this point in time. When Playboy was launched so many years ago it was the very definition of “porn”.

    I expect our opinions on “exploitation” have changed throughout the years as well…

    … food for thought. 😉

  44. Hi Seve,
    Good point you make that Playboy was old school porn. Maybe that’s why my more conservative friends give me so much grief. On the subject of exploitation, Playboy and Penthouse models are not being exploited at all. They are being paid and paid well. The work is easy, fun, good money and leads to many other good things. And there is no unique health risk in the work-place other then the occasional model overbaord when we rent a yacht.
    In California we can’t even shoot a model if we don’t carry studio liability insurance to cover them. That ain’t exploitation at all. But CPT would be another story.

  45. How’s it going these days, Adam?

    Bill, I still haven’t gotten around to finishing your book! School is being… school. It’s first to finish on my leisure list, though.

  46. @ Adam Yurman: Thanks for the explanation. As you said, I was speculating and in this case, speculating incorrectly. It seems the only additional income was for shooting the vid.

  47. Howdy Adam and William.

    I do agree that knowingly spreading HIV is beyond acceptable and not comparable to photoshoots or even sex with the ‘typical holiday sex tourist’. It’s sad that those girls aren’t being helped and educated (NGO’s or the like) to be on the safe side of sex all the time. That’s the least, because sex will go on, no matter what.

    I do wonder why that possible HIV spreading still happens, with the story open out there.

  48. Going back to Janine, I do love her nose a lot. Good point HelloRobert! 🙂

    Janine is such a hottie, would be really unfortunate if her health gets affected (and the other girls too). Let’s not forget we discussed the death of 2 models here on AS this past week. And HIV is about life and death (there are no available HIV drugs there in Thailand to save those girls).

  49. @ Hakka Guy
    Your speculation about models using exposure in videos and or from photoshoots to promote themselves for profit is correct and does indeed apply to the Asian American models I shoot. They make posters of work we have done together and place it behind themselves at shows everwhere they go. Thai gals who have been in CPT will deny that it is them in the video. When you bring up the unmitigatable evidence of the “Hoshi” Tat on her arm you recognize from the money shot, you get tears. They do not want to be promoted. I have watched a few vids to see what they are really doing and I have no problem with wet messy porn, I just know too much about the risks with Agogo girls and the price they are paying.

  50. Hey JD, nice to see ya. Yeah, no worries of course, I know you are busy with your studies. But I do look forward to hearing what you have to say about it when you do finish it! 🙂

    In terms of everything else here, I think that it has been aired. I am sure we will find a way to launch into a similar debate soon of course.

    Adam helped as usual! 😉

    If I seem crazy and sauced up sometimes on such subjects it is simply because after all the reporting, talking with the girls and studying the subject/industry (yeah, you can study the industry – and not in the way you are thinking), it can be very frustrating and even infuriating to see what can happen to the girls.

    We all love Asian girls (women) and that is why we are here on AS right? Well, hopefully if one of my rants and debates makes anyone consider the possible cost of certain practices, then good.

    Cheers dazn, Adam, JD and Travi… And everybody else too!

  51. Ha! Just read most of these comments here, and all I can say is: good to see everyone is still alive and kicking! And glad you could join us Adam! 🙂 I think it’s a good thing this discussion takes place. It makes us think about the porn-industry (in Asia).

  52. Everytime I see this thread, I get to think this girl Janine is really above average for a bar girl. Some dental work and she would rock out there even more.

  53. How many of you know for a FACT…not “sources” but a FACT that these se. asian sites do not test these girls?? Not me, not any of you do…because were not there, shooting the girls ourselves. Until then, its not fact but an opinion.

    And why is it no one ever talks about the HIV risks with Asian American women working in porn?? Or Jav Porn??

    It just seems like a lot of you have some sort of vendetta against these se asian sites…

  54. I DO agree that having unprotected sex with all these bargirls isnt the smartest idea, in fact its straight out stupid. But to think these guys arent testing each girl they shoot would make these guys pretty much on a suicide mission! agree? disagree?

  55. Hello allasianreviews.
    Your posted the question:
    How many of you know for a FACT…not “sources” but a FACT that these se. asian sites do not test these girls??

    I know for a fact. I know at least, 5 of the girls
    in the CPT and asianappleseed vids.
    I shoot ads for some of the clubs they work in.
    I talk with them often.

    Answer to your question:
    No testing for CPT or asianappleseed porn videos. The guy pays a barfine for them at the club, takes them to shoot a few minutes later.

    Hope that helps make the matter clearer for you.

  56. And yes, those guys are on a suicide mission – people will do anything for money (and in this case, sex too). Never underestimate people’s stupidity, particularly when it comes to men and their penises (and money on top of that).

  57. allasianreviews asks about:
    Asian American women working in porn??

    it’s a law in the USA that all adult content producers involving sexual contact must keep fresh medical records (results for STDs), of every participant in all video shooting sessions. The law is strictly enforced and you can read plenty about that on the internet. You can not even fax a copy over, it has to be turned in on real paper. In Thailand they have no laws about testing because porn is totally illegal anyway. Ask dear Nong Nat.

    I respect that you make your living as a Cream Pie Thai and Suck Dolls affiliate but your inference that people are making stuff up to smear your clients is , quite frankly, a bit amature for a guy as advanced as you are with writing and publishing. BTW, Nice website. Wish I had those design and graphics skills.

    Yes, your boys are on a suicide mission. They just think that someone else will get the bullet, not them, like guys on a battlefield. Trouble is, the girls get hit first.

  58. Hi Adam, thanks for the compliments about the site:)

    I was informed differently about their shooting and testing methods, especially creampiethais. but who knows you may be right, especially since you have talked to some of the girls. It just seems so unlikely that these guys would risk their lives so foolishly for a buck.

    Ive been to Thailand a few times, i have reservations about even doing a bargirl with a condom let alone bareback.

  59. Hi allasianreviews,
    They told you they do testing? OK, Understood.
    If I owned a porn conglomerate with dozens of big brand names, I’d tell our press release writers we gave the girls denrtal plans 🙂

    You seem to like like cold hard reasoning I see in your previous post. Riddle me this. If a gogo dancer has sex every day with one or two Viagra Popping tourists, your boy comes along, tests her on Monday and then does a video on Tue., day bareback, does that make it safe? But they don’t even do that. They call a girl down from the stage and go shoot her. I think this site would be better branded as a relality TV series, “The most dangerous job in the world”.

  60. AllAsianReviws, howdy.

    Nice to see you again. But, you are wrong and carrying misguided perceptions on testing and productions. Sorry.

    “How many of you know for a FACT…not “sources” but a FACT that these se. asian sites do not test these girls?? Not me…”

    One – me. And, if I can say more, Mr Yurman. So 2, but not you. This is not based on waking off on the internet; but meeting, knowing and talking to the girls, first person. Sometimes tears, sometimes displaying a level of ignorance that is saddening.

    HIV tests? US, Japan vs. SE Asia (amateur), productions? Christ, didn’t you read this thread before posting? I ain’t gonna rant – Dazn you’ve proven yourself already – why not tell AAR why the HIC tests – if they were to happen at all (which they don’t), are ineffective. Hint: What type of tests are required of actors? Hint 2: PPM.

    AAR, I am glad you have had the opportunity to visit a ‘few’ times, but some of us actually live here and our jobs, work, or research onto such matters (yes, 1-on-1 with source), gives us insight.

    Finally, ‘what fool would do it without testing?’ (Paraphrased, sorry, lazy.) What about a ‘fool’ who knows he is HIV positive already? Not much to lose then eh?

    Yeah, really.

  61. Oh, and until you have stayed for days along side the bed of a [Thai] girl whose HIV condition has degraded to AIDS, sat in [the required] group meetings where they discussed their future [to collect their aint-viral drugs], or tried to comfort a young, beautiful woman who screamed and cried in horror at the future she had wanted and now felt was lost; don’t talk to me about your knowledge on HIV/AIDS in SE Asia.

    If you want to know ask, but don’t package ill-founded and unsubstantiated arguments in the mean time.

    Much love to all! 🙂

  62. Where’s this going. Does someone want a medal or something. Or maybe just a little recognition or kudos. It’s a big big world out there and we all know prostitution could very well suck for those who don’t wrap it up. That’s all that really matters. Hope that isn’t ill founded or something.

  63. Hi Arf,

    Your logic sounds ill to me. If someone uploads a hot looking Asian hooker who gets snuffed at the end of the clip will that make your pants wet too? Is everthing in the “Big World” fine for you? Will you bark like a dog and say shes hot when she dies? I think maybe so afer reading your ill post.

  64. Hey arf, go read everything carefully. You will see the logic of the discussion: girls probably having their future taken away.

    William, do I notice a close experience with AIDS-infected friends of yours? I had a friend who died of cancer and I know how painful it is, to see someone facing death at the end of the road.

  65. AAR I explained up there that common HIV tests are really innefective for sex workers. Be informed, man. It’s a dangerous world out there.

  66. Ohhh come on now, that’s not what I said. I’m not into death and despair. These girls know the risks involved when working at a go-go bar downtown Pattaya. All I was saying is, it just sounds like someones trying to all of a sudden make us all feel bad for looking at these girls just because they are Thai and work at a bar on walking street. The last thing I ever want to see or hear, is one of them contracting HIV and certainly don’t want to see a girl or anyone for that matter getting snuffed. Not sure how that got into the equation. So no I will not be barking like a dog.

  67. Cream Boy has been dipping the meat puppet into infected girls on camera for your pleasure.
    Yeah, that’s right, everyone in “Downtown Pattaya” knows exactly what I am talking about.
    I won’t mention the club or the girl out of respect for the law and decency but now hopefully you will understand that his cinematic gems are a lot closer to death shorts then you thought.
    But then since he is on a death mission himself I guess you think it’s OK he makes nice porn for you on his way down. The girls have no idea what the risks are. they can’t even read.

  68. Nope…not OK in my book. Maybe something needs to be done. I have no idea…but like I said, I’m not into death and despair or suffering.

  69. There’s a ton of pics and vids out there of unprotected sex with Asians and non-Asians as well and i don’t think it’s going to go away. As long as we aren’t paying for the sites, what should we do/ Condom — download, bareback no? I’m not trying to make light of this — it’s just that I don’t see it going away. Glad all my bar hopping was back when AIDS didn’t really affect hetero sex (and no, I don’t mean it’s OK for gays to get infected with it).

  70. jdrevenge — as big a bastard as this guy is, suborning murder even in jest isn’t a good thing. Remember, some anti-abortion protesters often make the same argument.

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