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For someone like me that loves Chinese women, suddenly discovering all of these Chinese models on websites like MetCN and more is nothing short of outstanding. The only problem is that the Chinese do it differently. These are not “adult websites” the same way they are in the United States. These are “body art” websites that use nude models. As a result, the model is considered less important, and is often not named in the gallery in favor of more abstract titles such as “Away From the Noise.”Because of this, sometimes I will find a model I find beautiful, and have absolutely no way of finding out who the model is. It won’t be anywhere on the website, and the gallery itself may be exclusive to the site as well (meaning that I won’t find the same photos on another site, so I cannot find the model name elsewhere).

Still, I want to feature them, so I’m going to have to occasionally throw in a model I do not recognize with no name and only one gallery. I don’t think you all mind, but I have done my best to get the names of all of these women and I’m a little annoyed that I can’t find out who they are. Oh well.









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  1. Beautiful photos! I really like the Chinese art stuff – it’s real art, as opposed to porn like most “art nude” site these days with their endless pussy close-ups (e.g. Met “Art”).

    Still, I use the term “photo” with some trepidation, as these are clearly Photoshop collages. It is quite obvious that the model is superimposed on the background, especially in the third pic.

  2. Indeed – I was thinking the same thing. Though I did not notice the photoshopping at first glance, I will say that the Chinese appear to be outstanding at turning attractive women into stunning women in their photos. I have no doubt that these women are quite pretty in real life, but with the added benefits of this type of phenomenal photo editing, these images are some of the best I’ve seen, and I can’t seem to stop looking at them. Her skin looks flawless – but even better, it looks naturally flawless, as though it was not edited at all. It’s really quite good stuff, and I’m glad that I found them so that I can keep featuring them on here.

  3. You’re right Doc…that third pic is *horrible* (from a Photoshop standpoint). That said, the last shot on the stairs I find gorgeous. 🙂

  4. stunning, both the art and the model…
    about #3, it’s harsh strobe lighting that creates the shadow edge, not bad Ptshp skills

    Thanks Travis!
    can’t wait for more true finds like that…

  5. I disagree on the photoshopping. I dont think they are collages but even if they are, I like em. She is lovely.

  6. Take another look at the third pic in particular – the shadow behind the model is completely unnatural. They’re certainly collages, but I like ’em too – a lot!

    I thought you were supposed to be an expert on photography. 😉

  7. I am no expert on anything. I try not to irritate you anymore, Dr. Lee. It is hard to see from these images but I agree the shadow is quite distinct. Definitely some post processing going on but I cant determine if it is an overlay. I will click through the galleries and see it in Hi res. Mostly to look at her beautiful skin but I will check out the light edges too.

  8. Another give away is that the model is much more in focus (front to back) than the pole immediately behind her (some of which would have been in the same focal plane as parts of her body if it were a real photo). Her hair in particular looks very obviously cut out, and much sharper than the pole it is supposed to be pressed against. You really can’t see this?

    Oh yes – her skin is entirely artificial too, although as Travis says, very well done. I can see now why you don’t appreciate realism in photography. 😉

  9. Wow, doc. I guess you hold a grudge. I havent made a comment on photography in almost 2 years. I see what you are saying. I didnt examine them and the galleries are not super hires like other met-art ones i’ve seen. I will defer to your expertise on these matters.

  10. Sorry redlaw, just teasing. 🙂 And there’s a reason these photos not super high res (to their credit, Met Art’s photos have quite minimal post processing).

  11. I’ve enjoyed the commentary on photoshop techniques since it’s a subject I know practically nothing about.

    One thing I noticed a lot in both China and Taiwan is the number of women who actually had flawless skin. Even women well into middle age had fabulous skin that was almost like a baby, though they had aged in their face.

    I would think there’d be models that needed little to no touch up in that regard though in the world of photography, that might not be possible. I realize some do it more than others, but are all model photos edited to create such artificial effects?

    Regardless of how they were created, these are wonderful photos. Thanks, Travis!

  12. Outstanding find, Travis. This woman has a very transcendent beauty, IMO.

    If she has been featured here before, she is worth a second look, to be sure. I hope someone knows who she is.

    As for the discussion of photoshopping, my initial response is, “who cares?”. But to add my 2 cents, I have seen photos I was certain were photoshopped (much more obvious than these), but discovered they were not.

  13. STANDBY ALL ‘DELETE’ STATIONS..the TROUBLEMAKER IS BACK: GEEZE…you (so-called) photo experts quibble over photographic details! Are we talking about ‘female beauty’ or ‘photographic skill’ at A-S???
    This Chinese model is…photoshop or no…an IDEAL of the ‘female form’!! Can’t it just be THAT??

  14. @Hakka G, et.al.: I know not of Taiwan ladies…I do know…the women of Cheng du, Sichuan (my beautiful spouse being one) TREASURE their fair skin…allowed by the cloudy and humid climate there. She becomes VERY upset when the sun darkens her complexion. Such a CONTRAST with the ‘idealized’ suntanned western beauties!!

  15. @ Nighthawk: There’s an expression in China that talks about different areas, for instance, go to Beijing to learn about politics, go to Guangzhou to learn about food, go to Shanghai to learn about business, etc. but the last one is to go to Chengdu to find a wife. 🙂

  16. Shanghai is a good place to find beautiful models. A lot of the famous catwalk models use Shanghai as their base. They are really really tall!!!!

  17. Beautiful model. The retouching on the first photo is superb. The third photo has disastrous lighting which the retoucher tried to accommodate but failed.

  18. Wow, no one complained about her small breasts!! You’d think they would have photoshopped in some bigger ones:-) Truly, truly lovely.

  19. @ daznlover: I agree with eezee23; the best looking women are in Shanghai and the best looking women in Shanghai are usually from Zhejiang province, at least for my taste. Check it out in the summer when many of the girls wear those short short denim shorts… best legs in the world!

    @ Wingsfan19: I think no one’s complained about her small breasts because they fit her figure and they’re well shaped. Reminds me of the old expression, “More than a mouthful is wasteful”. 🙂

  20. Just checked photo 3 and I’m happy to report that this is clearly NOT a photoshopped photo.

    View and enlarge the original picture, don’t let anyone’s amateur eyes fool you, and notice the shadows and her long hair peeking out from her back up close.

    The abrupt shadows are easily the result of the lighting setup.

  21. Ted, those photos posted are of You Xuan, who has her own post just a few places before this. Also, you clearly have something against Chinese women, and all of these women look exactly like their nationalities. Why you think otherwise is beyond me.

  22. TedS – you’ve just destroyed whatever remote sliver of credibility you may have had (not that your earlier comments garnered much). Besides what I’ve already described, the combination of the shadow under her right arm and above her left arm – without any shadow under her left armpit – is physically impossible. I think you also need to see a few more Chinese women before posting any more comments about what their actual ethnicity is, or who is hotter than whom.

  23. Hakka Guy: I think her perky breasts are cute, it’s just usually we have several here who complain about small-breasted women.

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