Try your luck!


I would not want to live there, but congratulations to this beautiful lady who will be living somewhere in the good old US of A soon. Would you like to join her? Try your luck!

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  1. I work in a related business, and I call bullshit (not that anyone here was fooled).

    Hang on a sec. Ah, here it is:

    “The USAFIS Organization is a privately held company and is not an official US agency. We are not affiliated with any official US government department.” (And yet it says “Official US Government Program” right on the ad…)

    She is cute, though. πŸ™‚

  2. The green card lottery must be one of the msot bizarre political concepts ever. Devote all that time, energy and money to keeping people out, then do this! I know it’s to ‘balance’ the US migrant intake, but assuming that’s actually necessary at all, there must be a more logically consistent way than this.

  3. Curtis: the lottery is condoned and funded by the US government, but executed by a private company. Bizarre like Lee sais. It sounds like a scam or bs, but it’s an official way into the USA.

  4. I never knew that they had a lottery for green cards. If you come from a country that hasn’t sent more than 50,000 immigrants in the past 5 years and meet the other requirements, then you could win a green card.

    This is weird because immigration is now the hot button issue. Not because that it is a real problem but because it’s an election year. I just wish that something would have been done about immigration in 2001. Why wait until 2006 to start talking about it? It reminds me of how gay marriage became the hot button issue in 2004 because Bush was up for reelection.

    The lottery gives people from other countries the chance to live and work in the U.S., provided that they actually know about the lottery and have an internet connection. What about those who don’t have access to the internet? That isn’t fair to them. All I want is something to be seriously done about immigration in the U.S.

  5. Plenty of _official_ warnings about sites like this:
    “Please Note: There have been instances of fraudulent websites posing as official U.S. Government sites. Some companies posing as the U.S. Government have sought money in order to “complete” lottery entry forms. There is no charge to download and complete the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form.”

    Diversity Visa Lottery:Read the Rules, Avoid the Rip-Offs

  6. I see the same ad, but in Thai language, on some websites I visit. They are clever, using geolocation to serve ads in the local language. And since I access the internet from Thailand they serve it in Thai.

  7. that site is absolutely bogus. there’s no such lottery.

    2006 is NOT an election year same way 2004 was. all we have to pick are a few governors & representatives.

    illegal immigration became “hot” because it is completely out of control. not sure how we devoted “dall that time, energy and money to keeping people out” yet we ended up with at least 10% of population of mexico living in american basements & working here tax-free. while i have to pay through my taxes for their medical costs & free education of their kids.

    ps. a friendly advise to all my AS friends – please be more skeptical about those dire stories you read about current situation in US. ( (der spiegel, the guardian, le monde & SMH are bird cage liners). our economy grows about 3% per year, unemployment is 4.7%, nobody is baptised against their will, those who oppose Iraq war are heroes of the Left, far from being persecuted by evil Republican Christians fundamentalists. abortion is legal, gays are gay, not stoned to death, our movie directors can make movies w/o fear of being slaughtered in public, cartoonist draw w/o fear of being beheaded, our politicians don’t need body guards, our “youths” don’t riot & burn cars for weeks. and i can still buy playboy from my paki muslim news stand guy!

    20 years late, i’m happy my parents took me out of europe, which imore & more resembles ‘titanic”.

  8. Nik2, as unbelievable as it may seem, there IS a green card lottery! I’m surprised that our US readers don’t seem to know about this.

  9. What a load of shit…

    The Green Card Lottery program for 2007 ended last November. But the timed counter on the site made it seem like there are only minutes left!!

  10. If all else fails, blame the liberals! πŸ˜‰

    It is quite funny to see how seemingly hot under the collar this post has made some people – I guess immigration really is a ‘hot button issue’. Although I am surprised by how little many Americans seem to know about their own country’s immigration policies, given the amount of ignorance surrounding this issue in general I guess I shouldn’t be. Here in Australia, the Howard government has capitalised on ignorance of this issue (along with terrorist hysteria) to stay in power, by giving the impresssion of being tough on immigration while at the same time actually increasing it!

  11. Dr., another cheap shot at the US. Think many Europeans could name obscure immigration rules in their countries? I’ll bet you. And you’re claim of Fearmongering could just as easily be cast at Liberals – they say “ooh, evil Howard and Bush are going to turn their countries into George Orwell’s worst nightmare!’ Laughable.

    The Immigration issue is huge here because the Mexicans coming to the US still think they own much of the Southwestern US and have no intention of assimilating like the Europeans and Asians who came in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They use our services, don’t pay taxes, then send the money back home. They do work hard, but it’s still illegal. America is more conservative than most people think. Don’t believe everything you hear on CNN International – it doesn’t represent the majority here in the US.

  12. I suggest you re-read my post WestCoast. I cite how the ignorance of the Australian people about immigration has been used by our government to their advantage; I’m saying that people are ignorant about this issue throughout the world. How is this a cheap shot at the US?

    On the other hand, I am still surprised that many Americans don’t know about the green card lottery. It is hardly an ‘obscure’ immigration policy, and is well known outside of the US. I am also amused by how you always like to ‘blame the liberals’ for whatever you think is wrong with your country, while at the same time taking criticism of the Bush administration as criticism of America in general. Being able to freely criticise the government is one of the most fundamental rights of free speech. It is not un-American – it is in fact very pro-American.

  13. Mexicans coming to the US still think they own much of the Southwestern US and have no intention of assimilating like the Europeans and Asians
    Um… Asians and Mexicans simply look too different to be able to “fully” immersed into the culture in most areas of America, no? When you look at a Mexico, legal or not, do you not automatically make the assumption that he must be in the US illegally? That’s racial profiling. And America is full of it. Not that it doesn’t happen in other countries. But that’s just the way it is… I don’t want to sugarcoat something it ain’t!

    They use our services, don’t pay taxes, then send the money back home.
    Every time they buy something from a store, they pay sales tax, no? (Unless they are in Oregon or a state of that sort)

    They do drain public resources to an extend. But have you spoken to any law enforcement or public service agencies to see who their “worst” offenders are in terms of public service abuse? I’d say the illegal immigrants take up far less resources than you’d imagined. They are far too afraid of being caught than to use those services. The worst offenders, check out your local homeless shelters.

    Here’s something to get you started:

  14. Cosmos, i wish we had only a sales tax imposed upon us. illegals work for “cash-only”, w/o paying federal, state & municipal taxes. they dont pay for social security, nor they pay for medicare/medicaid insurance ( i’m forced to pay for them , but i’m not eligible to partake). in many states, schools are maintained by local real estate taxes. in some poor districts, thanks to teachers’ unions & incompetent bureacracy, it costs $120000 to keep a kid in school. (and mexicans are rather prolific, hehe). i have to chip in $1400 a year for local schools, although i’ve no children. illegals are often eligible for welfare & food stamps too. not a shabby living IMHO – no taxes, free education & medical services, welfare & food subsidies, which leave themfree to send billions to mexico. (and it’s still a black hole). US needs indian computer programmers, filipino nurses, polish architects etc. not mexican ditch diggers. heck, we’ll take any refugees from france, UK & the netherlands, who won’t be willing to live there, once europe turns muslim.

    Doc, why would americans care about green card lottery? they’re citizens already. by the way it’s considerably easier to move in here being sponsored by a citizen than participating in such lottery.

    one more thing: mexico treats their own illegals & those like hondurans & guatemalans who just move up north, with cruelty . a few days ago, some illegal guatemalans were killed by mexican police. haw dared they to compete with mexicans for american jobs!

  15. This is a complicated issue. I still feel that this should have been handled years ago, a good time would have been after 9/11. These politicians could have taken care of port security and immigration right then and there. Why are we just now talking about it in 2006 when so many politicians are up for reelection?

    I’m convinced that this problem is so complicated that whatever plan these politicians come up with won’t solve it. You can’t fix immigration without dealing with the reasons that Mexicans jump the border and that businesses are willing to break the law to hire them. America is partly to blame for the economic strife in Mexico, so we need to build up their economy to get more Mexicans working and investing into their own country. We also have to take care of rising healthcare and insurance costs that make businesses seek out illegals to work so they can avoid these costs. You also have to close the loopholes that allow illegals to take advantage of the system. You also have to punish businesses that break the law.

    Remember that it’s an election year. Politicians will talk the talk until after they win. More than likely, nothing will be done about this issue. Just like gay marriage and port security.

  16. Nik2: Hmm… so let’s assume all 11 million of these “undocumented” workers are gone tomorrow (7 million of which are actively working, according to Newsweek), what would you propose to solve the labor shortage in those low-paying jobs? In some industries, they make up 30% of the labor force (such as in agricultural). Furthermore, don’t underestimate the power of sales taxes. Where do you think the economy would be without 11 million people paying for sales taxes? And let’s not forget the economic impact of those 11 million low-wage people either… without them, your 69-cent-an-orange could go up to $1.50 easily… And other related costs will also rise as a result.

    I am not saying them being here is right… but I think Candyman has it right that U.S. should go to the root of the problem and solve the issues there. U.S. politicians have a history of jumping the guns by “passionately” debating whatever is HOT today to get them elected. Solving problems at their source is a much more difficult job and takes more intelligence.

    Man… this sucks… why have we gone so political here…

    Admins, more nudes please… They will wash all the worries away…

  17. they’re not “undocumented”. they’re ILLEGAL.
    i lost some documents last week, but i was still a citizen.

    i’m not against immigrants who want to make a living in US(hey, i’m one of them too) BUT we need to control the flow. simple economics dictate that the ample supply of cheap & unskilled labour drives wages down. meatpacking used to be a $15 per hr industry. now it’s an $9 business, as desperate immigrants will take less & less paying jobs. their employers save money, but real upkeep of such labour is passed onto population at large, like myself.

    fixing mexico is a must. they are in a limbo – too poor to compete with canada & us, but too expensive to get deals that go to china & indonesia. building a border wall is necessary – containment of a problem is a first step. when mexican ruling classes become unable to export their own poverty north ( a neat social safety valve), maybe something positive will happen?
    i believe a clique of 400 families owns most of mexico, which makes me wish communism upon them…

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