Natt Chanapa @

Natt Chanapa @

We have written about Thai actress and fashion model Natt Chanapa before, but don’t forget the extensive galleries offers! 69 photos available as we speak.

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  1. Her breasts look even bigger here than before! I still can’t see any clear evidence that they’re fake (the growth may be natural), so she either has one of the most natural looking boob jobs I’ve ever seen, or she’s an absolute natural wonder!

  2. They are not my favourite type of breasts (fake or real), but I guess that isn’t a ‘big’ surprise πŸ˜‰ Everything else is great sbout her!

  3. Well asiansweetheart, you seem to be one of the very few people I’ve come across who can reliably spot plastic surgery, so if you think they’re natural, then I guess they probably are. Amazing!

    As for Robin saying he doesn’t like them, well… πŸ˜‰

  4. The breasts are natural. I seen a vid of her banging some dude and they fall naturally whereas fake boobies will not because they’re fake.

    Don’t forget to check out the forum @ ScanLover. That’s where myself and others have been uploading pics of this beauty. I haven’t uploaded anything in a while because I have been really busy trying not to fail my class, but inevitably, I will fail and have to take the course over again. There was a thread on her in the forum a long time ago, but I guess after a while, the thread gets deleted and the best pics go onto the main site.

  5. As I say in my Breast Surgery 101 article, the right type of implant can look amzingly life-like in this respect. However, once again I can’t see any evidence that Natt isn’t natural from the photos I’ve seen. Hopefully Zam can come to the rescue with a video for me to check out! πŸ˜‰

  6. Can anyone tell me if is still under construction?Can’t seen to access that website anymore.

  7. Well all I have to say Natt looks amazing. The boobs look big on her, but I believe it is natural.

  8. Frankly, I think Natt looks knocked up in this picture. I would say about 16-20 weeks. The shape and fullness of her breasts and the unusually puffy nipples (for her) make me think that. Her stomach is covered and looks to be a bit popped out. I would bet a few baht that I am right. She is either pregnant in this pic or had been some time in the recent past prior.

    She is really an amazing beauty. Although there are many that are more glamourous and sleek, she is one of the most aluring and provocative thai models I have seen. Even her early pictures have a connected quality about them.

    She isnt my typical type… I prefer petite vietnamese girls… but I sure do like looking at her. πŸ™‚

    More Natt, anytime.

  9. Yeaaah… Nong Natt is nice… I would like to just take a moment to point out the story behind her glorious, glory (don’t worry, there are pics) from our site, which was in fact the first English language site to report on Nong Natt… I need to thank my wife for that by the way who helped me to translate the Thai newspapers… πŸ™‚

    Okay, so here is the run-down, here is the exclusive story that we ran on August 4, 2004:

    Thai actress face summons over porn film

    We followed that up on February 15, 2005:

    Kesarin to answer porn video charges

    Then we had the joy of breaking the story that there was a SECOND Nong Natt porn video just the next day – did the existence of the second tape prompt her decision to answer the charges? We may never know, but on February 16, 2005, we reported:

    Of Thai porn and politics: Natt Chanapa pornography scandal, Act II

    Finally, the saga came to its end, but not without fanfare, as Natt finally answered the porn charges – with her ‘girlfriend’ (I thnk we need photos!?!?), in our August 1, 2005 report:

    Natt Chanapa answers porn charges

    I hope our work is useful to you Nong Natt followers. Most of our reporting, in English anyway, was exclusive in nature.

    Best to all! πŸ™‚

    William Sparrow

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