Trouble getting married?

…to an Asian woman? Don’t worry; the Internet will help you out! No need for lonely evenings anymore! Go to and just type “vietnam dating” (fill out your preferred country/nationality!). You will probably need to register (and pay some cash!), but hey who cares when true love is for sale! 😉

I took a quick peek at Lot’s of info on how to make a good impression on your future wife. Check it out and add a girl to your cart. No worries, ‘you can always remove her later’. And you may want to send her some flowers first 😉

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  1. Damn – what a shame I’m already taken! 😉

    Knowing quite a few Vietnamese women myself, I’d say the advice on this site is pretty accurate. I had to laugh about the advice on not telling a woman you ‘love her’ or ‘she’s the one’ based only on a photo. I think this is true of (decent) women in general, and I think all men meeting women over the internet would do well to remember this!

  2. Did you guys know that in the Philippines there’s also a place where you can actually BUY your wife? Yep! Saw it on the Filipino Channel couple of months ago. Crazy huh?

  3. Yes Cha, that is crazy!

    In general, I don’t have a problem with the concept of these Asian match-making services. But frequently the problem is both the man and woman jump in too fast without having a long enough “getting to know each other” period. That can spell disaster later on in some cases.

    Even worse is when an innocent and trusting young Asian woman is taken to a western country where she is abused and treated like a slave. Very sad that there are some men out there like this.

    Lots of guys haven’t learned that if you treat an Asian lady with sincere caring and respect you will usually get it back 10 fold! 🙂

    But I have seen many successful marriages through these agencis too, so I can’t say it’s a totally bad idea. I just hope that both sides know what they are getting into before taking the leap!

  4. Well, I don’t know about this concept… not my cup of tea. But: ‘Add to Cart’?! That is sooo disrespectful! They could at least have taken the trouble, to customize the shopping tool a bit more! They also put in the ‘Send Flower’ and ‘Send Gift’ buttons!

  5. And then there is the opposite case of nice guys getting taken by black hearted women from Asia or Russia. Plenty of those cases around. The risks of the “mail order bride” scene are not one sided.

  6. Good point AsianSweetheart! I forgot to mention that some men have been lured into bad relationships too. I think in these cases it’s usually an easy way for the woman to get quick legal status in a western country. And yeah, someone always gets hurt no matter who’s fault it is. Very sad.

  7. Yeah, I don’t have anything in my MySpace profile (I only have one so I can access the pics of the cute models featured there), but I’ve receievd a few messages from “Russian women” telling me how much they love me after seeing my profile! 😉

  8. Lee, many years ago I had a similar thing happen to me. I had a profile on a personals site where I said “….seeking Asian lady”. And I was surprised to get responses from Russian ladies. Then I realized, Russia is part of Asia! Of course I know that, but it was still unexpected. 🙂

  9. Still, at least that was a personals site. MySpace isn’t (although a lot of people seem to use it that way!), and as I said there is nothing in my profile!

  10. Love spam is one of the biggest scams on the internet in some places. In Thailand, which is where I am, hordes of bar girls, who work as prostitutes at night, spend their afternoons at the internet shops prowling for victims at the free personals sites and chat rooms.

    They aren’t looking for a husband or a ticket to the west. They usually just try to get the guys they contact to send them money. The usual routine is to befriend a guy then reveal some dire emergency requiring a tidy some to resolve. The “emergencies” are pretty predictable and rather amusing.

  11. I used to work with a guy who fell for this. Everybody was telling him it was a scam, but he still believed her. Needless to say we were right – and this guy wasn’t very smart. 😉

  12. It happens often. But that doesn’t mean all the online meeting places are full of scammers. The free sites have a high percentage, that’s for sure. That’s where the scammers can have multiple accounts and don’t have to reveal any information about themselves.

    The sites that require a fee and actually do some screening of the members have fewer scammers. Like mine! No automated signup – ladies have to complete a written application, sign and mail it to me and then I speak with them. No bar girls make it – I can spot them instantly.

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