Mika Tan candid photos at Crazy Horse strip club

Akira Lane and Mika Tan

Since the previous entry was about strip clubs, I figured that this would be an appropriate followup. As was mentioned in the comments for this past article on Mika Tan, Mika’s roadie at the Crazy Horse strip club in San Francisco was Akira Lane and she mentioned taking some candid photos. Akira sent them to me so without further ado I share them with you. Thank you Akira!

To see the other candid photos, click on

Mika Tan getting dressed

Akira Lane and Mika Tan

Mika Tan and others on Asian Explosion poster

Akira wrote this in response to a comment I made about being impressed by Mika’s outfits in the candid photos above:

“Mika has elaborate costumes. There is one of her in Betty Boop and she puts 5 feet of string pearls up her cootchie as part of her gig. You missed it, her show was wild. Definitely had a great time being her roadie.”

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  1. Thanks Badboy! I heard about these pics, but had not seen them until now. Reminds me of the old song, “Girls just wanna have fun!”

  2. here’s a bit of info for u folks. Mika Tan’s real name is ************ (moderator note: no posting of model’s real name allowed). She grew up on Guam and is a Class of ** graduate of ********** High School in Guam. She worked at a jewelry store there called “Gift Marketing” and was a college student at the Univ. of Guam. She starred in a few plays as a member of the University’s Theatre troupe. She aspired to be a regular actress but found f*cking to be her calling. How do I know all this? I went to high school with her and actually dated her for a couple months. She was smart, a member of the Debate Club, and a senior class officer. She wasn’t a sex maniac when we were together. Guess she grew into it.

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