‘Topless’ dancers shock Japanese TV viewers

TV viewers in Japan were shocked over new years by what appeared to be a full-scale wardrobe malfunction of the Janet Jackson variety. Dancers clad in skin-colored bodysuits stunned TV viewers as they appeared topless and nearly nude during a televised music special featuring singer DJ OZMA, Reuters reported.The girls were wearing flesh-colored suits with skimpy bikini bottoms and feathered head-dresses. The appearance prompted numerous phone calls from viewers to complain.

“The dancers were wearing body suits, but we apologize for any misunderstanding,” a presenter said onstage toward the end of the 57th annual “Red and White Song Contest.”

“I guess it looked a bit too real,” local media quoted DJ OZMA as telling reporters after the show, which regularly tops the ratings charts on New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Source: Google News

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0 thoughts on “‘Topless’ dancers shock Japanese TV viewers”

  1. Part of me was hoping that it was true and normal. However I cold tell when I saw it even with the compression but I guess people will be shocked and triekd by almost anything.

    By the way, this is the funniest thing I’e seen in a while. Thanks


  2. That was AWESOME! I always (well not always) watch telemundo hoping something like that will occur. Just wish it was clearer and the song didn’t suck so bad. Ah well breast beggers can’t be choosers.

  3. I had actually heard about this on the news, but couldn’t find any more references or footage. Thanks!

    I just hope now the japanese will not get too conservative over this. Oh no, not the japanese, please. They are the last land of the free! 🙂

  4. And since this is similar to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe, I can’t resist posting this link to FCCFU and I suggest you hear the quicktime anthem on the homepage (if you don’t have quicktime, hit the Downloads page there, to hear the mp3 version).

    While you listen, follow the lyrics on the FCCFU homepage. It’s very meaningful.

  5. It looks like YouTube took that video down. Does anyone else have a copy?

    In the past at least toplessness on Japanese TV was not a big deal.

  6. Yes I watched this live. It was quite hilarious.
    Even funnier about 30 minutes later into the program when the announcer says something like this: “some viewers have called in to us and asked ‘weren’t they naked’, but we can tell you that they were all wearing body suits so they weren’t naked”.
    Though most japanese are used to see boobs everyday, so I reckon they recover from the shock way faster then the tousands of Americans scarred for life after seeing Janet Jackson at Superbowl

  7. Yeah, I watched this on New Year’s Eve and the in-laws’ place and we were all kinda like, “Huh? Are they doing what I think they’re doing?” The big hubbub isn’t so much that they appeared naked, but that it was on NHK, which would be the equivalent of something like this happening on PBS in the states.

  8. He already apologized via his record company but both NHK and he got they both wanted, publicity! and to make sure people will tune in again next year

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