Andrea Teo

Andrea Teo

Andrea Teo (23), an SIM Business student, was one of the finalists of the 2006 Miss Singapore Universe pageant. She now is one of the 20 finalists in this year’s New Face contest by Singapore’s only afternoon tabloid The New Paper. Some clips and links in

Andrea Teo on the web

Andrea Teo @ (her blog)
Andrea Teo @ (video)
Andrea Teo @ (photos)
Andrea Teo @ (covergirl article)
Miss Singapore Universe 2006 pageant photos @

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  1. beautiful face…but could stand to eat a few meals. her various outfits are barely clinging on.

  2. She has some nice hips, not too skinny for me! Actually charming in her shy way.

    But in her blog she wants to loose 2kg. Common Andrea, get over it, you’re looking fine πŸ˜‰

  3. I think she’s quite fetching. The video of her walking on the beach was nice. Beautiful lips…

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