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One day I will go to Japan, but untill then I will have to do with photo’s, video’s and stories from other travellers. And now there also is this blog: Tokyo Undressed. Great photography (some pornographic) by a guy named Rikki Kasso. I am not sure if he is the photographer (the subtitle of the blog is “A concept series project by Rikki Kasso”), but you really should visit the blog. All images (of Japanese girls posing naked) are on one long page, but the wait is worth it.

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  1. Can’t get in. God damn Chinese government filters! I guess ‘Tokyo’ and ‘undressed’ are two of the watch words along with ‘f@long’ and ‘G0ng’.

  2. Great pics! There are a lot of good looking young ladies in Tokyo to photograph – you just have to ride the subway system to see them. They look great in simple tops, jeans, and sexy shoes without even trying too hard.

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