Tired of Silicone? Take a “Natural Beauty” Break with Candy

photography: Adam Yurman

A tip from photographer Adam Yurman: Candy. You can find more photos of her at PacificBeauty.com.

Another photo in

photography: Adam Yurman

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0 thoughts on “Tired of Silicone? Take a “Natural Beauty” Break with Candy”

  1. Tired of silicone? Yes, no matter where they put it. She might not have silicone in her tits, but definitely in her nose…

  2. Although I’m not as certain as infoberg, it certainly does look as though she may have had a nose job.

    Apart from that, this girl is a little too ‘bimbo’ looking for my tatse. I’m not saying she actually is a bimbo, but she certainly looks that way in these photos. I know most of our readers don’t care about this though – indeed, it seems to be something an advantage for many people! I guess it makes them look a little easier to deal with. 😉

  3. That tattoe sucks. Would be much hotter without it. Why do they put them right next to the breast. If you have to have one put it just above the ass.

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