May Ling Su

May Ling Su

Multi-talented Internet exhibitionist (to sum up with only two words) May Ling Su’s images and videos may leave little to the imagination, but she definitely has an imagination of her own. You’ll see what I mean when you visit her Myspace or any one of her several websites. The main one being here (with links to all the others.) The above photo is from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ photo book; XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits, which was featured here.
May Ling Su

May Ling Su
May Ling’s annual “birthday nude” photo from 2005. See all since 1999 here.

May Ling Su
3-2007 EDIT: Signed photo May Ling was gracious enough to send me as a token of appreciation for her entry here. Something [u]rarely[/u] received

3-2014 EDIT: Keeping in loose touch with May Ling over the last few years, I recently caught up with her for this follow-up interview.

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0 thoughts on “May Ling Su”

  1. ^She has. I believe she keeps it shaved these days.
    And she’s a cutie. She just hasn’t gone for that plastic, heavily made-up look that most of the girls featured here have.
    Not that I’m knocking that look. To each his own.

  2. hey CEC….you are each his own…i can respect that…i guess i am superficial and like the plastic make up look… ; )….

  3. sorry, I’m tired to hear always the same
    retro opinions about retro bushes. she is
    many times sexier than all these shaved
    and uniform plastic dolls of all these cheap
    glamour magzines around. didn’t you know
    guys, the bush is back, don’t sleep.

  4. i guess we all have different taste but i just cant:)….she is not ugly but i guess i am use to seeing someone like Thitima..who is not too made up and still natural looking. this girl is too hippy looking for me. i guess it would be worse if she kept her arm pits hair too…now that is a big no no…

    afreak….Bush is lameduck..:))

  5. I think I love her bush just fine and think she is pretty hot. I was turned on by some of her stories on her site there also. Sorry if that’s a bit too much info for everyone. But it happens sometime.

  6. the reason for most japanese being not shaved is simply this: japanese have a quite
    natural relation to their bodies, they are proud of their hair (including downstairs), and they
    feel even ashame to be bald as a child or a granny. having no hair is sign of sickness or old age. vive le japonais, I like them most.

  7. new…you mean you have to say the magic word? i dont want them bald like a child or granny….just a trim around the hedges. otherwise some beautiful are just too wooly bully for me…i guess newworks doesnt like the untrimed lawn either 🙂

  8. After four years (and looking better than ever), May Ling still showed her gracious appreciation for being featured here by sending me this photo.

  9. That’s actually a really great photo: the pose, the facial expression, the composition – I feel it has a real artistic quality to it. Thanks May Ling, and a very belated welcome to Asian Sirens!

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