Tina Yuzuki – naughty tease

Hope you all enjoy this naughty clip of her. I find this 20 year old av idol not only sexy but she is definately a cutie. She’s half Japanese & half Portugese; apparently a lethal combination by the looks of it.

Lots of information about her is available on Wikipedia.

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0 thoughts on “Tina Yuzuki – naughty tease”

  1. That’s the exact same way I put toothpaste in my mouth when brushing my teeth. What a coincidence. I think we were meant for each other.

  2. Pretty hot! It’s obvious she enjoys the taste of the toothpaste. *end of comment* 🙂

    Very cute indeed, nice mix. Too bad these girls only write japanese blogs, unreadable.

  3. I know for a fact I don’t look even half as sexy as she does. She’s all yummy and stuff, that’s for sure.

  4. Tina Yuzuki – 柚木ティナ
    DOB : October 29, 1986
    Place of Birth : Tokyo, Japan
    Body Measurement : 84-58-83 (cm)
    Height : 154cm
    Ethnicity : Japanese/Portuguese

    Tina is one of the hottest idols around, and has released a number of high quality videos including –

    Max Girls
    Passion Hot and Wet
    Sports Girl
    Refreshing Health Beauty
    Welcome to Max Cafe
    Gosuloli Collection
    The Secret Of Younger Sister
    Lewd Mouth
    Dramatic Love
    Make My Dream
    Talk to Her
    Feel So Good
    Hot Wind

    You can find more Tina Yuzuki Galleries in the Japanese Idols Directory

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